Zara Just Revamped Their Logo & Internet Is Not Having Any Of It!

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Dawn Santos

7th February 2019

Dawn Santos

Logo revamps for luxury and well-known brands has always triggered a certain level of dismay among the audience. The tendency to reject change is simply a human nature but ever since the social media took over the industry publication, the collective expression of aversion has amplified.

Zara just launched their revamped logo, and the change has striped the fans and customers off of their comfort zone, and as they say change can be scary, it was proved in the form of millions of tweets!

Silvia Sgoutti claimed it was a “Fail Rebrand” while others questioned if it was “kerned by a Robot?”

New logo has attracted criticism from not just the fashion fans but from renowned designers, who called the logo “claustrophobic”.

While others were full of sarcasm…

Or straight out negative!

Eric Spiekermann, the German typographer, who was a part of transforming unfinished Bauhaus designs into fonts, claimed the design as “The worst piece of type I’ve seen in years”.

So, this is what Spanish retailer brand underwent with their logo.

Zara Just Revamped Their Logo & Internet Is Not Having Any Of It

Previous Logo was designed back in 2010 to represent minimalism, and now it’s only the second time the logo has been tampered with in the history of 45 years.

New logo eradicated the generous gaps in between the letters and push the letters up close which makes the letters seem to overlap and merge together, which people have defined as “Sans-Serification”, since it seems it has followed the lead of other high*end fashion brands in implementing the sans font. It seems to add texture, curved accents have been added to the letters Z and R.

Zara Just Revamped Their Logo & Internet Is Not Having Any Of It

The revamp has been designed by Agency Baron & Baron, by the French designer Fabien Baron, who also happens to be the current artistic director. The new logo is a representation of the signature look of Baron which also reflects in the other logos designed by him such as the logo of Harper’s Bazaar.

Baron has been a part of creative designing for high end luxury brands such as Dior and Maison Margiela. Possibly the revamps hints that the brand aims to establish its roots amongst the high-end fashion houses.

According to critiques, logo is designed to last a decade or more, after that the change in the design is inevitable. Which stands true, since ZARA is not the only brand that has seen change in their brand identity.

Luxury fashion brand, Celine, revamped their logo to remove the accent from their logo in September 2018, to create a minimal, simplified and balanced design. The revamp is the reminiscence of the original logo that existed in 1960s.

While Burberry, the British Luxury Fashion house launched their revamped monogram in August 2018. In collaboration with Peter Saville, which has more texture and inspired by the initials of the brand’s founder Thomas Burberry.

Now, was all the hype worth it for the brand? Would the brand go back to the original logo or stay put with the new logo till the fire simmers down and everyone eventually falls in love with what the new logo has to offer?

Each to their own, everyone has a unique perception to the new logo design.

I believe what makes the logo stand apart is the nonconventional curvier serif wordmark, brand has embraced the curvier font unlike the du jour formula of the industry.

Which is a strong statement itself.

For one, it could be a implementing that ZARA is turning into a high-end luxury fashion brand or the beginning of one of the year’s hottest typography trends!

In short, I believe, no matter what the critiques or the fashion fans fling towards the company, the designers and brands are always ready for the critique given the social trends. The internet remains full of outrage regardless it’s deserved or not.

Zara is certainly among the brands that is resilient enough to withstand the few days of internet trolling and come out a winner.

Which side are you on? Do you like the new logo or are you amongst the whining ones? Drop your point of view down below and let know what you think of the revamped logo design!

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