Why Brands Never Succeed in Digital Marketing?

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Michael Lopez

24th February 2020

Michael Lopez

Technology today has integrated into our lives more than ever before as we own smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even conversational Artificial Intelligence devices such as ‘Alexa from Amazon’ and ‘Google Home’. With so many people around the world online, it is essential for businesses, whether small or big, to be online as well. The fact that the online presence of brands prevails to grow with time, the way we make online purchases will also continue to advance.

Digital marketing can be considered an umbrella term for all the online marketing efforts a company makes. Startups and big business names in the industry leverage digital marketing channels like social media platforms, search engines, websites, emails, and online ads for carrying out their marketing motives. No matter if you want to create awareness of your brand which just came into the market or are an existing brand wanting people to know about your newly launched product, digital marketing is all you need to get ahead of the game!

While there might be brands giving their sales a boost with proper digital marketing strategies, there also are ones that fail entirely or at least feel that digital marketing is not working for them. In this blog, we will try to explore a few reasons why some brands never succeed in digital marketing, but before that, let us see what exactly digital marketing is and why it is so vital in today’s high-paced tech environment?

What is Digital Marketing? Why is it so Important?


Almost every small business out there has a dedicated target audience that is active on specific digital channels such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. Even if you are a small food joint selling burgers and fries, having an excellent social media presence can help you get reviews, maintain a clean profile on food apps and get more brand mentions, which commonly is called PTAT. So, it basically is all about building a base and increasing visibility that is directly proportional to your success as a brand.

Digital marketing, thus, assists you in creating, scaling up, and sustaining your business’s online presence across relevant platforms so that you can have an excellent online reputation. Large companies and brands with more massive potential customer bases use digital marketing to standing out in the competitive world, while newbies are trying their best to utilize it for bringing awareness to their newly created brands. They have to hit the road and break into the market before they can start worrying about competing with existing companies.

Since people no more check newspapers or look at billboards when walking down the street as they would rather be seen staring at their smartphones, it is crucial to invest in digital marketing techniques and strategies. And, it does make sense, after all, that is how companies or brands reach us today.

5 Reasons Why Companies Fail at Digital Marketing


Though the popularity of digital marketing continues to defy the odds, yet many of those digital marketing strategies and campaigns fail in no time, causing severe issues to the brand like costing forms money, time, and a lot of emotional disturbance.

Digital marketing is a complex term, it actually is an umbrella term, as mentioned above, encompassing different techniques designed to grasp customer attention and double the sales. While the complexity of this industry is to its credit, the set of techniques enhance creativity and experimentation – the same complexity can be a little problematic for those engaging in digital marketing campaigns for the very first time. Or let’s be honest, not only are startups having a hard time while handling digital marketing strategies, but also large companies are failing at it through and through.

Where there is complexity, there also is confusion, and with uncertainty, blunders tend to be made. To make sure your future digital marketing strategies deliver amazing results, we have gathered a list of biggest digital marketing mistakes, so that you know precisely what to avoid. Sounds such a relief, right? We thought so! Let us start then.

Below are the top five reasons why companies, both big and small, flop at digital marketing:

Too Broad A Focus!


For the brand that is new to digital marketing, this concept might seem similar to the traditional advertising approaches such as TV, radio, print media and billboards, with the only noticeable difference being that the advertisements are placed online. This comparison is though quite fair; however, it fails to bring to surface one of the most significant advantages of digital marketing: the ability to focus on advertising. The conventional media is not targeted to a particular group of people, the idea to make sure the ad is seen by as many viewers as possible so that the chances of resulting sales are high.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, works best when potential customers are specifically targeted, no matter it is based on their age, interests, or ethnicity. In short, one of the main reasons why businesses fail with their digital marketing techniques is that they do not know who their target audience is. And if companies have no idea of who their target audience is, there also are no chances of them figuring out their needs and wants.

Make sure to explore who your potential customers are so that there won’t be any digital marketing failures to encounter.

Lack of Experience:


Lack of experience is another marketing killer, and most of the newbies especially, fail because of this reason. Companies do not seem willing to seek proper training and guidance to their marketing employees, resulting in a colossal waste of money, energy, and time. The fact that digital marketing is becoming more and more advanced and sophisticated day by day, making it almost unbearable to do it half-heartedly, it is now a challenge to survive in a highly competitive milieu. Moreover, digital marketing is in a constant state of change, and marketers need to keep track of every trend in the market and adjust the strategies on a recurrent basis.

Make sure to find out a marketing firm or a group of freelancers that can perform an ad test for your business, preferably one that has a record of success stories and experiences. This will give a chance for your company to dip its toes in the digital marketing industry without getting into a lengthy contract that does not see ever to end. Such tests are great to predict the success of your brand on your desired digital platform, giving you a chance to get an accurate starting point for more prominent campaigns.

Poor Quality of Content:


Quality of content in Digital marketing

While each part of the digital marketing strategy you have for your brand is effectively promoting your online business, some elements or components are more important than others. For instance, the content you generate on any digital platform is inarguably the most crucial part of your digital marketing efforts. It is the content that will not only help you create trust and affiliation with your potential customers but also act as a fuel to other marketing techniques and strategies.

What most companies often forget or neglect is merely the fact that you are not only competing against other advertisers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram but also are competing against their content. If you are able to come up with creative content, you can easily cut through the noise and capture the attention of the targeted audience in a flash. This is why, content is called the Stop the Thumb or STT, which means something that stops you to scroll past and actually read whatever is written.

If you still haven’t thought about how the content for your social media platforms can be made better, creative, and unique, take a step back and reconsider investing in this. The result will undoubtedly be magical, so give it a try.

Having Unrealistic Expectations and Goals:


To do List - Digital Marketing

Having proper planned digital marketing strategies does not at all mean you are setting goals that are unrealistic and unpractical. Make sure to list down some realistic goals that you are hoping to accomplish so that you know what your focus is. Do not expect to reach the top latter in one day because it clearly is not an overnight success you can achieve. Keep in mind that it is sporadic that a marketing technique or campaign reaches success right out of the gate. Give it some time! Maybe, a few weeks or could take up to two-three months. A/B Testing helps a dozen times than not!

It is crucial to accept and believe that the initial testing is not done to increase revenues but to make people aware of your brand. In the beginning stages of your digital marketing campaign, the only thing you need to do is focus on your KPIs (key performance indicators) rather than the ROI (return of investment). Once you have made a bunch of satisfied customers who know and trust you, it would be much easier to work on doubling the sales. Patience is the key, after all!



A lot of people do not realize that a digital business environment is more dynamic than the usual business environment. You cannot rely on rigid digital marketing strategies with fixed tactics that do not work in the competitive market out there. As much you do not like to get out of your comfort zone or resist change, in other words, the more you are expected to modify them constantly. You cannot set goals and then stick to the same strategy for years and even months as there will always be something new to get abreast of. Make a habit of researching in general. Not only what is unique in the market, but also who is new. You will have to modify your tactics to fit in the ever-changing digital marketing environment, and there is no alternative for that.

Of course, that would seem scary and uncomfortable at first, but keep in mind that there is no other option, so why not make the most of this change or adjustment. If you do not have a clear idea of how digital marketing tools work, seek help from others. Instead of avoiding it, try to get yourself educated as there are tons of tutorials and helpful articles on the internet.  Even knowing a few basics of digital marketing techniques can ease the fear of the unknown for you and unlock new doors of opportunities, so at least give it a try.

Can We Help??

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