What to name your design business

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Shannon Robinson

20th December 2019

Shannon Robinson

How to Pick a Unique Design Business Name?

In this highly digitized world, where global competition is at each other’s throats, your business` name is what sets you apart. It is what you use to sell your offerings and most importantly, it is the only element of your business by which your client remembers your presence in the industry.

Whether you are opting for a web design studio or a logo design agency, from advertisement to your business pitches, virtually, every undertaking involved with your design business will be spearheaded by your business` name.

So, with no pressure whatsoever, how will you manage to think of a business` name, that under ideal circumstances, lasts with the business for an eternity, is creative, grasps the attention of the target market, and aligns impeccably well with what the brand does?

Business name-generator tools might somewhat get you there, but getting something solid for your dream web design agency will require more than just names generated by AI. It will require ingenuity, creativeness, inspiration and finesse. Through this blog, we will ascertain that you bring all of these to the table when naming the business of your dreams.

Here is a list of the most imperative elements that you need to take on the agenda prior to naming your design business.

Know Your Business Inside Out

Logo Design

Naming your design business is more about understanding the philosophy behind it, and less about how well it identifies with the latest trends.

Kiva Confections was named keeping in mind the following philosophy:

“The Kiva name came from the the word ‘kiva,’ which is a a sacred Native American chamber, a place where healing, community and even transformation can occur. It is with this holy landscape in mind that Kiva Confections was born.”

Kiva Confections

Joel Gascoigne, CEO of Buffer describes his experience naming his brand in the following words:

“I used to try to be very clever about naming my startup… [Now], simply think about a real word that describes the service or a key feature of the service the startup will provide. This is how I arrived at the name Buffer.”

Joel Gascoigne, Buffer CEO

As a matter of fact, business-centric names have been reported to have higher chances of engaging the audience. Since the name themselves give away the first impression, it is highly recommended by branding professionals to name web design studios and logo design agencies in a manner that they connect well with the way the business operates.

Take a minute, sit back, relax, and think of all the reasons why the brand has come into being; what are its USPs? What does it offer? What does the business value? In brevity, ask yourself what is the company all about?

Once having all the answers at your disposal, write down, on a piece of paper, all the relevant aspects of your business that you believe can help you name your web/logo design agency.

Examine the Industry and The Competition

Logo Design

Despite knowing how you want your brand to be, it is always a good idea to go through all the relevant material available at the web that gives you an understanding about what works with the target audience and what doesn’t.

Analyze your surroundings, especially the competitors. Even those that failed to make an impact – Understand what they did wrong. Scrutinize the leaders; learn from them – Understand what they do that makes them so special And keeping all that in mind, delete all that you feel was unnecessary on the piece of paper that you just worked upon, and add all that you think can help you chalk out a unique and a creative name for your logo/web design studio.

Things to Consider Prior To Naming Your Design Business

Once enough data has been garnered via researching, before moving towards conjecturing your business` name, keep the following ideas in your mind.

Keep the Name Fluent and Pronounceable

One of the meekest, yet the gravest mistakes, made by a number of entrepreneurs in this stage is that in order to sound unique, they give their professional design businesses names that are not easy to pronounce.

We understand that a unique name does elevate your chances of getting better business, but something that the audience cannot relate to, let alone understand, is a major turn off, and is highly NOT recommended!

Despite the fact that majority of us don’t even comprehend the meaning of brand`s names such as Nike, Weebly, Google, Samsung, etc., but still relate to them, is primarily due to the fact that these names have a flow to them and are easy to enunciate.

Turn on Your Spellcheck (Figuratively)

We know that naming your design business starting something with Grafix does sound tempting, but believe us, it is not worth it. Not only such names sound unprofessional, but the difficulty in spelling them out can irk your clients, especially when communicating via email or when clients are searching for your URL.

The best strategy in this regard is to pick up names that are catholic, and understandable all over the globe. UptownLogoDesign, DesignsForAll, LogoWorld, LogoMania, DesignServices, are far more professional than GrafixbyShawn and DesignxForAll.

Think a while before finalizing the spelling of the name, and if necessary, do turn the spell-checker on!

Start Jotting Down the Names For Design Business

Logo Design

With considerable protocols in place and your paper ready by your side, start to jot down the names as they pop in your head.

Make sure the names that you write are brandable, marketable, easy to spell and pronounce, and most importantly, resonate what your business does and how it does so.

Check Availability of The Name

Perhaps the most important question in naming a design business – “Is the creative name that just popped in my head available to be used?” If not asked by all, is asked by majority of the entrepreneurs when entering in their particular industries.

If not the first entrant in the industry (which is the case here), there is a great probability that domain and the name, is being used by a competitor.

In order to check the availability of the name and the domain, you can use Namechk. It is an easy-to-use tool that showcases not only whether the domain is available, but also if such an account is being used at any social media platform.

Eliminate Alternative Names

If you have followed the entire blog, we are certain that you have at least 3 names available, of which one is going to be the final name of your web/logo design business.

But how to pick one when all are looking equally good? Start testing!

Ask your peers and even unknown individuals, “which name aligns the best with your business` operations and its values?” Keep the sample size down to 5 individuals in each case to avoid biasness.

It Is Time…

The process is undoubtedly arduous. However, this is the only chance where you get to make your “everlasting” first impressions. Let’s make sure you get it right!

With all set and done, analyze the results of your tests and sleep on it. Wake up the next morning, and choose the name for your logo/web design business.

Though this process is done, the work has just begun. Start working on your website/portfolio as it is the face of your design business` offerings. Starting as low as $199, we can set up your portfolio in no time. Feel free to contact us to get the process started in no time.

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