WHAT LOGO SIZE IS BEST? Standard Logo Sizes for Websites and Social Media

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Cynthia Moreno

20th January 2020

Cynthia Moreno

A logo is the most important part of the brand and has a considerable impact on the way the target audience perceives it. Not only is it the face of your brand that represents you in the crowd by differentiating you from others, but also does it make you look more professional and proficient. So, it won’t be erroneous to say that the success of your brand highly relies on how well have you crafted your logo. It is, therefore, of chief importance to invest in a logo design that not only catches customer attention with beautiful, edgy colors and trendy designs but also does the job of representing you in the best possible way.

While it might seem that coming up with the perfect and up-to-the-minute logo is just a matter of seconds, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and of course, expert opinion to keep it looking crisp. The fact that your logo design is the first encounter of your brand with your potential customers which will go a long way, several things need to be taken into account. When you start embarking on your branding journey, you might wonder what size would be most suitable for your logo design. Well, it varies!

Let’s see how…

When it comes to the standard size of a logo design, then it depends on which platform you are getting it made for or where it will be uploaded. For instance, if it has to go on a YouTube, then the standard profile picture photo size has to be 800 pixels x 800 pixels. And, if you want a logo design for your website or want to use it as your email signature, then it cannot exceed 100 pixels of height. This means there are particular dimensions for different contexts, whether it is your website or Facebook and Twitter, that are to be taken care of when crafting an emblem for your brand.

If this has started to get confusing and dull, then don’t worry, we have all the guidelines that will assist you in getting the correct image dimension. I am sure you do not want to miss out the chance to show your target audience what you are worthy of, so let us get started!

Below are the guidelines you must know before creating an iconic logo design for your website and social media platforms.

The Basics of Logo Sizing

Keep in mind that whether you want your logo design on a business card, a brochure, or on a digital billboard ad, it has to be scalable. Now this means that a logo that looks perfect on your Facebook page will not also look the same on a giant billboard. It is, therefore, very crucial to have different logo variations so that you can comfortably put up the logo for every application according to the requirement.

Here are a few logo sizing basics for your ease.

Logos are always measured in pixels (For example, 800 px by 800 px)

You have to have vector files

Having horizontal, square, and vertical variations will help you place your logo into different platforms

Try to use a PNG file for displaying your logo online that is no more than 200KB

Logo Size for Website

In this tech-savvy world, a website is a critical part of any business, big or small, IT-related, or a fashion brand. It is the place where people can learn and find out the most about you and the services you offer, while also gauging if they are interested in buying your products. You merely have seconds to impress your viewers, so it is imperative to have the proper size and dimensions before you paste the logo on your website.

When it comes to the best logo size for a website, it depends on how and where it is going to be displayed on the screen. The most common areas where the logo design is usually displayed are in the header and the favicon, which is the small icon right after the address bar.

Logo Design in Header Area of the Website:

You might have noticed that in most of the website’s logo design is displayed on the left-hand side of the top navbar. This benefits the brand by being present on all the pages of the website. The logo size for the header area of your website, along with the positioning, will all depend on the theme and website builder you are using.

The average height of a website logo should be between 20 pixels and 30 pixels, while the width will depend on how lengthy the brand name is.

Logo Design in Favicon Area of the Website:

Favicon is the small icon right next to the website address or the title on the browser tab. It allows your business to be present in the search bar so that customers can tab back and forth between your website and others. These images are only seen as the icons representing the brand because they are too small to read any text.

The standard size for the favicon area of your browser is 16 pixels by 16 pixels.

Logo Size and Dimensions for Social Media Platforms

We live in a digital era where social media has completely taken over the world. It is one of the most effective and prominent marketing tools one can use to build brand loyalty and brand affinity. Whether you are a startup and are looking for ways to upsurge your brand awareness or are already winning over the customers with your epic products, being active on social media is very important. And the first thing you need for this is an iconic logo design that does justice to your amazing products.

When getting a logo designed for your social media pages, keep in mind that there are different applications to be considered. For instance, you might display the logo design as the profile picture, the cover photo, or an actual image post.

The profile picture tends to either be circular or square, while image posts can be square, horizontal, and sometimes vertical depending upon the style you opt for.

Here are the logo dimensions for all the social media platforms.

Logo Dimension for Facebook:

Profile photo when square: 160 by 160 pixels
Cover photo: 1640 by 624 pixels

Logo Dimension for Instagram:

Profile photo when circular: 110 by 110 pixels

Logo Dimension for YouTube:

Profile photo (circular): 800 x 800px
Thumbnail photo: 1280 x 720px
Cover photo: 2560 x 1440px

Logo Dimension for Twitter:

Profile photo for circular: 400 by 400 pixels.
Cover photo: 1500 by 1500 pixels

Logo Dimension for LinkedIn:

Profile photo for circular: 400 by 400 pixels.
Cover photo: 646 by 220 pixels.

Logo Dimension for Google+:

Profile photo for circular: 250 by 250 pixels.
Cover photo: 2120 by 1192 pixels.

Logo Dimension for Pinterest:

Profile photo for circular: 165 by 165 pixels.

Want an Iconic Logo For your Business?

We understand that logo design can be a daunting process, especially when you have to craft a logo separately for all your social media platforms along with the website. However, with Uptown Logo Design, you not only will get the perfect logo that looks alluring in every platform it is displayed but also can save your costs as the rates are quite affordable.

Get an iconic logo now and stand out amongst your competitors!

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