What are the world’s most iconic logos – How Simplistic Logos Became History

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Shannon Robinson

12th November 2019

Shannon Robinson

A logo is the first introduction your business has to your customers. If your logo is well designed, then you can easily lure your customers to your brand. Logos are a simple way to generate revenue and increase your clients. It establishes an identity of the values, beliefs, and products of your organization. If you were diagnosed with a critical disease, would you go to a mediocre doctor or the best? You would choose the best for yourself! Similarly, your customers would be inclined towards you if your logo design is iconic. Additionally, your logo is the first impression of your business.

History of Logos

For many years, humans have been using logos for identifying and differentiating themselves by using signs. The history of logos dates back to the ancient family crests. Early versions of logos were developed in the Middle Ages, where shops used them to represent what they did. However, modern logo designs were developed in the early 1900s, which led to the evolution of mass printing. Before their use for branding and industrialization, they were used as visual languages. Visuals were used to represent words and sounds. In ancient Egypt, they deliberated the ethical, cultural, political and religious information through the use of visuals.

It was when the printing press had started, that logos were used for the identity of the work that it was based on. Logos had depicted the ownership of a brand. The industrial revolution had further evolved the logo landscape where color paradigms were starting to be applied. Companies began to realize the importance of logo for marketing their products and also to communicate the effectiveness of their brand.

What do experts have to say?

Experts have focused that logos are a basis for a brand to entice their customers for making a purchase. Imagine yourself as a marketing manager of a renown firm. How do you think the company got its reputation? It is not only the quality products and services provided by your organization. The logo plays a part as well in creating a prominent reputation of the company. Experts have recommended that if you want an iconic logo, it should stand apart and depicts novelty. An iconic logo expresses your originality and the effort you put in designing it. Logo gurus have proclaimed that the aesthetics of your logo should be inspiring and develops an understanding of your brand.

Logo professionals have made it imperative for your logo to be unique and professional. They recommend the logo to be a combination of simplicity and quirkiness. Not sure what the world’s iconic logos are? Here we will provide you with the most iconic logos that are used by brands who have established a firm reputation in the business environment. Just by viewing their iconic logos, you would be able to recognize their products and services. This depicts the strong credibility they have developed in the minds of their consumers.

Iconic Logos

The best logos in the world are some of the most iconic images. Companies with iconic logos have established their reputation so much that they can be easily recognizable without their name present. The list of the iconic logos comprises of the best firms, which probably are your favorites and highly identifiable.


Iconic Logo Design

Who does not know about this prestigious car company? One must be living under a rock not to know what this is! Mercedes Benz is a symbol for class and luxury that brings a sense of empowerment in the minds of the consumer. The iconic logo has been displayed without the company’s name on many of its vehicles. With decades of presence in the automotive industry, the company has established a firm reputation and can tap into the minds of its customers. The iconic logo of the company comprises of the star, which has its meaning.

So, what does the star mean? If you notice the three pongs on the star, you can observe that it depicts dominions over the land, sea, and the air. The reason that it makes the logo so iconic is that each of these are the segments of the automotive industry. Unlike other companies, the emblem of Mercedes displays the element of elegance. It is what the brand is based upon and targets that particular audience.

What lesson do you learn from the logo? The sharp edges of the Mercedes logo evoke a feeling of luxury. The sleek design shows the brand’s personality. Had been the logo thick and bold, would it have been elegant?

Walt Disney fonts

Iconic Logo Design

A well-known company known for being the king of the entertainment industry has a logo that precedes its reputation. Walt Disney had made multiple changes on its logo. The first logo of the company was one of its prominent character Mickey Mouse. It represented the technological advancements and unique design that the company was making in that era. The logo then went under further transformation and made use of a text, ‘Walt Disney Pictures’, for its logo. Without any delay, the company then further changed its logo, which you see is the modern logo.

The current iconic logo of Disney is one of the best logos with an impressive detail to things. Not only does it display the splendid castle of Cinderella, but you could observe the balconies and windows. Similar to the iconic logo, it is the entrance of Disney’s theme park which serves as an advertisement to Disneyworld and Disneyland. The complexity in Disney’s logo establishes a highly unique and memorable image. Another iconic design you see on the logo is the shooting star. It generates a sensation of wishes becoming true and miracles.


Iconic Logo Design

Flipkart has used its logo to show the brand’s aggressive nature. The new iconic logo represents the companies shift in focus towards its mobile application. Letter ‘F’ in the logos merely is denoting the speed and playfulness. The logo is true to the brand’s value and mission which is to provide fast services to its customers.



Throughout the years, Apple has made several changes to its logo. The first Apple logo was an apple that was hanging from a tree with Newton sitting underneath it. It simplified the company’s logo to a literal apple. As time went by, the logo further evolved in color and design. The purpose of the rainbow color design in the vintage logo was to align it with their color display computer. So why did Apple make a shift from a colorful logo to a plain flat chrome design? Apple’s mission and vision is to develop stylish products that are technologically advanced.

What does that chunk on the Apple show? It is actually a pun, which is a bite out of the apple. The bite is actually represented as a byte. Experts at Apple regard it as a metaphor that means of knowledge that users get when they purchase Apple products. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
The purpose of the iconic Apple logo is to match the traits of its products. Apple products are always intelligent and sleek which the logo perfectly communicates. The simplicity and striking design of the Apple logo means it is universally recognized and easy to remember.

Iconic Logo Design

Google has used a standard font to display its name. The company has recently changed the coloring of the logo and has shaded the lettering differently. Google has followed a very simple approach to its design. The logo is a basis for the company to boost its accessibility to the masses. If you observe the iconic logo, you may see the primary colors that have been used. Google has showed-off its mission of being innovative by coloring the letter ‘l’ as a green. The company represents itself as a company that does not follow rules.

On every special event, if you log on to Google, you may observe different iconic logos. It is a spectacular way to depict that the company stands with the global community. However, the Google logo teaches us that space and coloring does make an iconic logo. It is not necessary that you change your logo every week, it just gives you a chance to stay relevant to your customers.

Iconic Logo Design

Like Apple and Google, Nike can boast that its logo is easily recognizable. The Nike ‘Swoosh’ is unforgettable. Even if you don’t play sports, you’d still recognize it. Initially the logo was accompanied with a text, however, it got removed later. Nike in Greek mythology, is referred to victory. This had inspired to come up with an iconic logo. What do you feel when you glance at the Nike logo? Energy? Power? Strength? This is exactly what the company wants you feel through its iconic logo.

What have you exactly learned from the logo? Nike has used a shape to communicate the value of its brand. The logo is a clear representation of movement and speed. After viewing the Nike logo, you can understand that minimal or no usage of text can also make your logo iconic.
These iconic logos belong to companies that are easily recognized by their logos. It is the identity and success they have created in the minds of their customers which is why they are admired. If you observe that what these logos have in common are the right colors, shapes and lettering. The brands have tried to keep them as simple as possible which has made them relatively extraordinary. If you use these techniques you can develop an iconic logo of your own. Your customers do need to know your value and products. They do not need to put their attention to your logo but should also feel your logo. Using an eye-catching design can create an indispensable reputation and tackle your competition.

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