Ultimate Guide To Web Design: Explaining Web Aesthetics & Web Functionality

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Cynthia Moreno

31st July 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Since the early 90s – when sitesburst onto the scene, we started hearing a lot about these two aspects and which is more significant than the other. A lot of web design experts declare aesthetics or the form as the important part of the two while some think otherwise.

In modern times, the real challenge is to balance the two, as all leading web design professionals are of the view that both factors complement each other. None of the two surpasses the other elements of design.


Form redefines function


Yes,it stands true in the current era of advancement. Suppose you have a site that catches everyone’s attention – thanks to its aesthetics – but if it doesn’t serve the audience when it comes to functionality, it’s a failure.

A decade ago, even the best web design agencies believed in the notion, ‘form follows function.’ Times have changed and experts have reinvented the form or aesthetics resulting a change in functionality.

In these fast times to digitization and changing interests, web design and development companies are constantly under the pressure of raising the aesthetics bar to make the navigation seamless and user-friendly. They do it by incorporating multimedia effects/content on the website or use the endless scroll.

What does it mean? The form, or simply put – Aesthetics – of a website have actually redefined the functionality. Simply saying, both work in tandem and you cannot achieve one without paying attention to the other.

Aesthetics vs. Functionality

Let’s now discuss in detail these two important ingredients of web design, how do they benefit your website and what drawbacks are associated with them

Let’s now discuss in detail these two important ingredients of web design, how do they benefit your website and what drawbacks are associated with them.



Legendary Steve Jobs said, “Good design is about how something works, not about how it looks or feels.” Frankly speaking, no one, on the face of the earth, would dare to argue with Steve,who based ona great design, made the world’s most valuable brand.

Still,many web designers are vying to attract people via aesthetics over functionality. Talking from a realistic viewpoint, many leading web design agencies have succeeded in using this approach.

Benefits of Web Aesthetics and Form


1.      Web Design creates immediate interest


Competition is tough, a plethora of sites are competing to gain the attention of the same audiences. To succeed on this frontier, focus on impeccable web design,which creates a wow factor.

According to research , users take less than 0.05 seconds (50 ms) to decide whether they want to stay on your website or leave. During this short tenure, only the impressive aesthetics can pull them towards it otherwise, they will leave.

As a web design company or individual, you must present them with images, typography, and gradients, etc that are high in resolution and encourage them to stay on the website.

2.      Show off


If your website can portray your imagination and aesthetic sense, especially if you are related to a creative industry, job well done. People expect it from you and it is the perfect platform to show off your talent. The creative features you incorporate in your website can convey your capabilities to your audience.

3.      Stand out from the crowd


Having an ordinary site with good functionality but with nothing special (aesthetically) won’t do any good to your client. Their clients want something different on their website and you have to focus on a mix of branding factors, marketing tricks, and your creativity to make the site luring for the users.

This is how you differentiate yourself from the rest and create an online presence for your client that is worth remembering. People love to stay on sites that offer something different, something extra.

4.      Aesthetics build relationship


Want to develop a relationship with your audience? Create a visually appealing website and you are there. It’s just like the storefront of your physical business if it is well decorated and interesting passersby are more likely to enter. And once they enter, you are closer to making a sale.

Cons of Website Aesthetics


Focusing too much on aesthetics and using high definition imagery can go against you as well.


1.      It can affect the page loading speed


The faster your site more satisfied your customers are. Google and other search engines clearly state that a website’s loading speed directly impacts the number of visitors staying on it. Sites that are burdened with useless videos and high-resolution images become slower.

This is what visitors dislike. They are likely to bounce from your site on your competitor’s website. Be considerate of large videos and heavy imagery in your web design.

2.      Can over complicate


Abnegate from over complicating and thinking that your visitors will understand whatever you incorporate in your website. Be simple in your approach and you will reap the rewards. This is what every leading web design agency in the US does. And you should too, if you want to make a name for yourself in the web design field.

3.      Your audience’s hardware may not support everything


You need to be smart enough to understand that not everyone enjoys the luxury of the latest machines. Your audiences may belong to different countries and different classes, so their hardware may restrict them from viewing the latest animations or running transitions. This can affect their user-experience.

If some elements don’t function on their system, they may not understand what to do and won’t get complete information. This will result in them leaving your website without a second thought.

4.      Can be a distracting factor


Too much focus on the aesthetics of your site will not only affect your budget but may also distract the visitors from the goal. You don’t want them to get lost in a piece of mystifying creativity that they are unable to debunk.

You want to give them a clear path where they come, spend some useful time getting information regarding a product/service or buying it rather than getting lost in something that distracts them.




Sites based on functionality rather than aesthetics have their own set of benefits, which sets them apart from web designs that are visually appealing and complex. It isn’t a doubt that detailed designing sets sites apart from the pack and focusing on functionality will serve you better if you want your website to be usable and accessible.

Benefits of web functionality


1.      You will enjoy conversions


According to top web design experts all around the world, if you want web pages that convert visitors into buyers, keep them simple and functional. Fewer design elements will mean no confusion for the users. You will be able to catch their attention towards the important aspects on your page, which are likely to be the call-to-actions (CTAs).

2.      Your site is easy to navigate


Sometimes your users get lost amongst the eye-catching images and extraordinary animations. They don’t know how your website functions. This is where navigation, an important factor of functionality,plays an important role.

Good navigation makes access to information easy, smooth and quick. It guides them from the moment they enter your site into your site till they purchase something from you. If you want to become the best web design company, providing easy navigation is what you will have to focus on.

3.      Faster loading


If your website loads faster than others, you are more likely to lead the competition because more and more people will love your website. It is an important aspect of user experience and people don’t like browsing slower loading pages.

If your pages take more than 3 seconds, you need to work on it. In case it takes 4-5 seconds to load, 20% of viewers have already left your site and landed on some other website. If you can create a site that loads fast, search engines will love it and reward you in the form of higher rankings.

4.      Mobile friendly


Sites notice most of their traffic from mobile phones. This point should be enough for any web designer to make a site that works equally well on a smartphone as it does on a PC. Good web design in the current times means that it caters perfectly to mobile users.

Visually attractive designs may not serve the small screen users; however, functional design will definitely do it. This means functional designs will attract traffic from all kinds of users browsing from all screen sizes.

5.      Easy to update


Functional sites are easy to update as compared to visually complex sites loaded with heaps of animations and unnecessary imagery. Current times demand that your web design is constantly updated owing to the fresh content, new offers, promotions and continuously changing prices, etc.

This is why most businesses choose functional sites. It saves their budget and makes their life easy.

Cons of Website Functionality


Similar to aesthetics, website functionality can have some disadvantages, which can turn out to be detrimental for your web design and ultimately,the business.

1.      You will miss out on the wow factor


If you focus too much on functionality and don’t heed to the form, you end up with another boring and lifeless website. People will not get attracted to the web design. Providers of e-commerce web design services are aware of the fact that incorporating a few visual design elements in the site will attract the youth.

2.      Just another business website


If you are not ready to risk a few design elements into your site, you are losing an opportunity to set yourself apart from the huge crowd vying for users’ attention. Playing it bold rather than a mundane design will make your website prominent.

3.      Web development and web design team won’t enjoy


If you are not ready to experiment with the visuals of your web design and just focus on the functionality, you are stopping your team from demonstrating their creative skills. They won’t enjoy working on your project if you don’t let their creative juices flow.

Boring web design will create a picture of your brand, product/service in your audiences’ minds, which may not be fruitful for your business. Give your team some liberty to work so that they provide you the best.



A combination of web aesthetics and web functionality is extremely important when it comes to successful web design in the modern era.

  • Aesthetics or visual appeal makes your website beautiful and foster’s lasting relationships with your audiences. Moreover, it also enables you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.
  • It is also important to strengthen your functional base so that your web design conquers all bases, including simplicity, usability and accessibility.

Web designers and businesses must understand that to create a lucrative web design that wins peoples’ hearts as well as succeeds on the SEO frontier, form and function go hand in hand.

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