Utility of 2D Animation Vs. Visuals of 3D Animation: What Is Best For Brands?

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Cynthia Moreno

6th May 2020

Cynthia Moreno

If you zero in on Animation, a whole new world of opportunities will transpire before your very eyes.

Needless to say that animation is one of the most effective ways of content distribution. The reason behind its rising success is flexibility.  Graphics and special effects allow you to put your vision into practice and introduce your ideas in a broader context.

With Animations, you create content that is more engaging, more memorable, and MORE POPULAR!

Storytelling and advertising have never been more transfixing.

Video animation not only increases conversion and exposure but pushes the brand’s limits beyond your wildest dreams.

Animation challenges the status quo and changes the entire game. Perhaps that is the reason why 85% of businesses use video animations as a marketing tool .

What are the benefits of video computer graphics?

Apart from increasing the conversion rate by 80% and generating 300% more traffic , the animation industry is engaging and compelling. This gives video graphics the ability to disseminate information in a more gripping and captivating manner.

The statistics and benefits speak for themselves and are enough to persuade anyone that animation is a wonder that needs to be utilized. However, graphics and special effects come in various forms and styles, and choosing between them is no easy task.

While there are numerous styles, 2D and 3D animation reign over the rest, with each having their benefits, they fit perfectly for different requirements.

So how exactly do you find out which style is the best fit for your business needs?

What Is 2D Animation?

2D stands for two dimensional

“2D” stands for two dimensional, refers to the kind of ‘flat’ graphics you watched in some of the most famous Disney classics and cartoons as a kid.

Designers create a series of static icons,images, and characters in the two-dimensional format. The 2D animators then give it the illusion of movement to make the video more lifelike.

2D animatronics are energetic, entertaining to watch, and backed with years of experience. This style of animation is reliable and fulfills the promises to deliver every time.

2D animation services first became prevalent in the shape of cartoons and movies. However, with significant advancements, the style has become a popular demand in the world of digital marketing.

What Is 3D Animation?

3D animation creates characters in three dimensions with more realistic movements

3D animation creates characters in three dimensions with more realistic movements and realistic surroundings. The final product from thins style is catchy, realistic, and detail-oriented.

3D animation brings life to objects, swinging with the ability to pack a powerful punch, smashing all limitations and boundaries.

The immersive and engaging style provides a distinctive twist on traditional concepts and bridges the gap between the possible and the impossible. 3D animation enables brands to challenge norms with their marketing efforts.


2D Vs. 3D Animation:

Which Style Rules the animation World?

It is an oft-debated question when it comes to computer graphics and special effects. Deciding between the two and ruling one a victor is a difficult thing to do, especially when each style of animation bears its advantages and rewards.

So, how on earth do you pick a winner in the battle of 2D vs. 3D animation? Well, it all depends on what you are fighting for!

To make your decision easier, we made a list of factors to help you choose between 2D and 3D animation:

By Industry

2D animationservices are best for Corporate Videos, Beginner’s Guide Videos

Source: YouTube

2D animation services are best for Corporate Videos, Beginner’s Guide Videos, Creative Arts, Marketing & Advertisement, Entertainment, Education, Corporate, Websites, Explainer Videos, Kid’s Stories, Kids Books, and Engineering Designs.

On the other end, if you are dealing with Retail, Medical, Gaming, In Scientific Visualization, Marketing & Advertisement, Entertainment, 3D animation is your best bet.

By Turnover Time

The most appreciated benefit of 2D animation is its short production time. So if your concern is turnaround time, go with 2D animation services.

This style is quickly producible, editable, and deliverable within due time. However, if you have the luxury of ample time with you, 3D is a great option.

By Costs

When compared with the costs associated with 3D animation, 2D animation is found to be more inexpensive and cost-friendly. If you are working under a small budget and require the work in a matter of days, 2D animation services are your only option.

3D animation, on the other hand, requires more resource-heavy software and hardware. Moreover, it is a lengthier creation process and requires a bigger financial and time outlay. Therefore, 3D animation is a better fit for complex advertisements with a larger budget and ample time.

By Flexibility

3D animation is the obvious winner in this factor

Source: Webneel.com

3D animation is the obvious winner in this factor. The graphics and special effects in three-dimension are far more flexible as compared to those in only two dimensions.

3D animation offers great motion flexibility and gives the animator the ability to rotate the design 360-degree. This allows for endless opportunities for realistic movements. The tiniest bit of details like shadows and reflections are exhibited in full range to create realistic appeal.

By Quality

Quality is subjective. It is viewed from different perspectives by every eye, reasoned with different influential factors. To declare one style better than the other is difficult, given the fact that everyone has their take on which is better.

So, here is a generalized approach to highlight the winning factors amongst the two styles. If you are looking for a detailed realism, 3D offers better quality in that area.

On the contrary, if you want your imagination to run wild and are looking for ethereal visuals, 2D animation services are right up your alley.

In the end, they both offer efficient quality, if done right.

By Visual Impression

3D animations, being realistic, are far more impressive as compared to 2D animations. However, most people also prefer 2D animation not only because they offer a nostalgic interest, but because they are colorful and more vibrant.

3D animations, then again, are more lifelike. Many popular animated movies like Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph, etc., are all shining examples of the visualization allure it can create.

By Ease & Simplicity

Due to its simplicity and familiarity, 2D animation is popular to use when spreading complex information. The light and colorful simulations make complicated information easy to understand and grasp.

2D animation services are therefore used for simple projects that want to simplify communication and deliver messages the right way.

By Texture

The biggest factor that weighs down 2D animation is its flat and unimpressive texture. Even after shading, it fails to look lifelike.

3D animation,on the other hand, allows the animator to fill up the characters and models with texture. With this style, create realistic models that fit seamlessly to the video content.

By Realistic Appeal

As we have repeated on and on again

Source: IMDb

As we have repeated on and on again, 3D animation creates a realistic appeal. If you want your characters, objects, and surroundings to look as lifelike as possible, 3D animation is your best bet.

With the three dimensional approach, it adds depth to the characters, which makes them look more genuine and convincing.

By Concept

This point discusses the subjective aspect of the entire debate. 2D vs. 3D animation cannot be represented without thinking of the three most influential factors:

  • Goals and Purpose
  • Target Audience
  • Creative Vision

Before you decide on a style, think about your vision and what you want to achieve. Align your goals with your audience, and you’ll find your answer.

If your concept leads to a more simplistic, cost-friendly, colorful video that needs to be produced quickly, your answer is 2D animation.

But if you want the exact opposite, with a less cost-friendliness, more production, and a touch of realism, go with 3D animation.

By naming the main ideas, you want to highlight, defining the target audience – their personalities, preferences, perception, you can land on a style that will fit with your brand and marketing strategy.

Quite anticlimactic, we know. But that is the case

And The Winner Is…

Drum roll, please!


Quite anticlimactic, we know. But that is the case.

We have analyzed the two different styles thoroughly and concluded that they’re both winners. Each style reigns over its area, market, and industry, and thus, there is no clear winner.

Where 2D animation hits you with a nostalgic appeal, 3D animation is a marvel of the technological advancements that people now adore.

With the drastic rise in the field of animatronics, we expect both 2D and 3D animation to stay and grow side by side.

Make Remarkable Visual Impression!


Computer graphics are a hot consumer demand with more than 85% preferring videos over anything else. Therefore, it is only smart to utilize its benefits, whether in the form of 2D or 3D animation.

Once you explore the world of graphic motions and special effects and you’ll find that it can throw a punch, if used correctly.

However, if you are still confused between the two, here’s a quick solution:

MIX The Utility of 2D Animation with the Visuals of 3D Animation!

Get that sleek, vibrant, and distinguishing edge by using the best fragments of the two styles. This is a new approach quickly gaining attention in the world of animatronics.

Remember that this approach will bring satisfying results only when used correctly.

Think holistic. Make sure all parts work perfectly together. This way, you are more likely to end up with your dream video that stands out of the crowd and steals the show!

If you want to create any sort of animation for your upcoming project at budget-friendly rates, get in touch with us today! From creating an excellent storyboard to producing the most compelling animated video, we are the best in town for all  animation services.

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