Uptown Logo Design Exclusive: How We Execute The Perfect Designs At Affordable Prices

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Shannon Robinson

12th January 2021

Shannon Robinson

Whether you are just starting a business, already own one, or running a medium-sized company, whatever you do regarding your branding, your first aim will be to save money or get it done at the most affordable prices. And frankly speaking, this is what you should do as a business owner. Keep your expenses in check.

It is an understood fact that for all new businesses whether you are just trying your luck or are already in the market, saving every buck is inevitable and the need of the time. So, if you are after an affordable logo design or want your web design to be pixel perfect, Uptown Logo Design is at your service. By hiring us, you will benefit from quality with affordability. And this is a guarantee.

When we say we are the most cost-effective logo design providers, that never means we compromise on the quality one bit. We are blessed to have a team of top-notch designers who have a God-gifted talent and love for designs and never come up with something ordinary. We always execute the perfect designs having all the elements required for a wonderful logo and web design.

How do we execute incredible designs without costing you too much?


Let’s now tell you how we create astounding and affordable logo design which has become our specialty.

We start off by spending hours on the Internet


You must also be aware that all great ideas come from inspiration. If you are not aware of what people have been doing in a particular niche and what customer’s like, you are unlikely to produce something that makes its mark.

We take refuge in Google as it has made out tasks or making an affordable logo design much easy and free of fuss. Moreover, it doesn’t cost a thing and serves us better than anything. For instance, if someone asks us to make a toy shop logo, we start by going through thousands of toy shops and companies for inspiration.

On the other hand, if we have a client who wants a decent logo for their law firm, we will see how other top law companies have been representing their companies and then go in-depth to see the intricacies involved in a certain logo.

There is nothing to be shy of when it comes to seeing closely what others did. This way, our logo designers are shown a clear path of what they are going to do next.

We also dive into Dribble


Making quality and at the same time, an affordable logo design is not easy as it seems. All bases have to be covered. This stands true for Uptown Logo Designs. We never let go of any platform where we can find exceptional work of talented people. Dribble is another platform where we can go through heaps of masterpieces related to design and branding elements like logos.

The designs you will see here are mind-blowing. Our logo designers are avid fans of Dribble. This is a secret tip that we are disclosing with you. don’t tell it to your clients.

We conduct team meetings


team meetings

As Uptown Logo Designs is a team of design nerds, we believe nothing is possible without teamwork. This is the reason why all our designers gather to have lengthy meetings where every expert gives their feedback and ideas. Out of the box, ideas are always welcome here and we never reject any idea from any individual, be it the interns or junior design artists.

This combination of experience and exuberance allows us to have a number of ideas and points from where we can expand and develop such a logo design that perfectly portrays your business just the way you want it. This environment of gathering and working as a family has helped us establish ourselves as one of the top affordable logo design companies. It also sets us apart from other logo design companies in the USA.

We are quick to grasp new ideas


Do you always eat the same food, listen to the same song time and again or read a book again after finishing it once? Definitely not! The same goes on with logo designing. We never get stuck in one idea, theme, typography, color combination, and shapes. To survive in this ever-competitive world, you must be ready to adapt and grasp new ideas. And this is where Uptown Logo Designs is special.

We never remain in our comfort zones and think that innovation will come automatically. We jump to different sources and try to feed our minds with different things that can inspire us and provide information. Our design gurus are great observers and once a certain client approaches us, we are focused on providing them with the best.

We the logo designers read something that we haven’t read already, talk to other people from other companies to gain knowledge, read the influencers’ blogs and do something different if the project demands us this thing. Well, watching horror movies instead of comedy flicks is one example I can think of.

Our minds are programmed in a way that if we feed them the same thing over and over again, they will churn out the same thing every time. So, breaking the monotony is what we believe in.

Before design, we sketch


sketching - affordable logo design

Drawing dozens of sketches or spending hours in front of the laptops and converting ideas onto the canvas is one thing that we never mind.  A lot of other companies have overlooked sketching that it has become a secondary thing. But not with Uptown Logo Design. We still consider it the main part of logo designing.

I advise young designers to invest in their paper and pencil skills before moving to Photoshop and Illustrator. We never go straight to the mouse and laptop. A proper procedure is followed for designing something immaculate for you so that it serves you in your branding.

Once I or any other designer is done with a sketch on paper, the sketch is then approved by our lead designer. The next step is moving to a preferred software. This not only saves time but we also have set the right base for an attitudinizing design that rocks.

We get rest to freshen our mind and body


You must have heard the famous saying, “rest is best for the test.” We think that making a logo design for any business is nothing less than a test of skill, artistic mind, innovation, and character of a designer. This is why we give our designers ample time to rest. we believe in steady progress instead of rushing into things.

Our designers are always given time to rest and think before they are ready to perform at their best. A designer who doesn’t get enough sleep, or has some problems at home is surely going to make something that doesn’t fit in the needs of a brand who have contacted us with high hopes of an exceptional and affordable logo design.

We also tell our team not to work more than 8 hours a day and always have some time for themselves where they can listen to their favorite music, watch a movie, socialize, use social media, read a book. At our office, we have the facility of a power nap right after lunch. Resting a while after lunch has worked wonders for us. It allowed us to focus better and produce awesome results for our clients.

Focusing on the client’s needs


Whether you already know it or learn it the hard way, clear and concise communication with the client is a must. When a project comes our way, we never get started right away. In fact, we fix a meeting with them to discuss everything. We clearly listen to what exactly they want from us. Their business type, their specialty, the size of their business are some of the things that we are always interested to know.

On the other hand, we convey all the things to them in a clear and non-technical language so that they don’t find any difficulty in grasping our points. Our communication is always simple and what we can do for them. During the meeting, we also show them some mock-ups that we did for them based on their knowledge we could gather (if the meeting is after a few days after the project came, as this gives us ample time).

We also tell them which logos will serve them better like 3D ones or the minimalistic and flat logos that are trending right now. During the meeting, we also get to know their theme, color preference, and things like these that help us in the long run.

We make sure to provide you and other clients exactly what you demand and expect of us. We are always on top of our game when designing logos and never shy away from any challenge that comes our way.

We provide our clients with a choice


After the completion of an affordable logo design, when it comes to the presentation, we show them two or more logo designs to choose from. Let me explain my point, if you have created only one logo, you are giving yourself a small chance. Because either the client will say yes or no. Even if they say no, they may not be satisfied as they didn’t have any other choice.

On the other hand, if they say a no, all your hard work has come to nothing and you will have to make a new one. This is where Uptown Logo Designs is different. If our client has got an option to select from, they will be happy to select the one that attracts them more and which according to them best describes their business and operations.

Even if they ask us to make changes, we are in a better position to do it.

Final words


When it comes to logos, small and medium businesses always want to have buy quality at the most affordable rates. And if this is the case, you’ve got no other place to go except Uptown Logo designs. We specialize in making all sorts of logos, be it the trendy flat or minimalistic ones, 3D ones, or the shiny ones for any business. Our affordable logo designs with fast turnaround times will amaze you. Contact us now!


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