Understanding Millennial and Branding

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John Price

24th July 2018

John Price

One size don’t fit all. Make it a foundation on which your branding strategy relies on.

Especially when it comes to branding for millennials, which happens to be largest market right now, holding the annual spending of about $600 billion. Yes… that’s massive!

Unfairly, millennial have been labeled as the self-absorbed, over-privileged and untrustworthy of brands. Which is actually not true, millennial’s are a diverse group of people, if you want them to love your brand, you need to strategies your branding accordingly.

Who Are Millennial?

To present your brand smartly to the millennial, you firstly need to understand who they are.

Anyone born between 1981 and 1996, ages 22-37 in 2018 are millennial.

You see, most of the consumer market right now consist of millennial. They are a diverse group consisting of both generation before and after the technological innovations.

To understand how to market effectively to this vast market, firstly understand, there is no single ideal millennial customer to which all other can be compared.

They’re Digital: They have seen the technology evolve or grew up using it. They are not afraid of incorporating technology in their everyday life, be it shopping, reviewing, exchanging or holding conversations among others.

They’re Meaningful: They like to be a part of experience, and hold more value for a brand they can relate to on a deeper level. Something they understand and can rely on. If your brand has a meaning to it and act like an open book to your millennial clients, you are bound to build credible clients.

They’re Opinionated and Consumers: Millennials like a brand they can be a part of, where their voices will be heard and something which makes them feel like they matter. Allowing them a platform where their product reviews will matter, where they can collaborate with brands or can engage through the branded materials or activities. It gives them a sense of community connection and allows better relation with brands.

They’re Social: 84% of millennials are on social media platforms, all of them follow at least 5 brands on different social media platforms. This makes social selling and building strong brand affinity an invaluable tool to add to your branding strategy.

What Do Millennial Expect From a Brand?

Millennial are smart, they don’t make a purchase on a whim, especially from a new brand. But they are always willing to indulge in newer things. Once you have captured their interest they are going to find out more about you before forming a relationship with your brand.

This tech savvy generation turns to all platforms that can provide credible information about your brand, it could be online networks to ask for recommendation or opinions among others. 40% of the millennial returns to the brand they trust and have had the good experience with.

What can you incorporate in your branding strategy to make an impact on the millennial consumers?


Incorporate genuine care for your customer, present them branding tools that represent your care and assist in improving brand recognition. 49% of millennial agree they prefer human interaction when they visit a business whether physically or virtually.

Valuable Offers

Personalized and enticing promotions is key to keep your customers coming back to you. 95% of millennial agree that they prefer continuous promotions and offers specially on different occasions.

Seamless Experience

Generally the most tech savvy lot, they prefer a lasting connection with a brand. Even if they cannot visit your stores physically, make it accessible through the digital world. Create interactive websites, connect with audience using social platforms.

For millennial, shopping is more about fun rather than a necessity. The purchase is half of the fun they enjoy and other half consist of how well they can connect with your brand, enjoy it with other people and have an engaging and interactive relationship with your brand.

To understand further what you can do to incorporate better branding strategy to market your brand to millennial, get in touch with the branding experts at Uptown Logo Design.

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