Top Fonts to Use for Logo Designing in 2020

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Cynthia Moreno

28th January 2020

Cynthia Moreno

The year 2020 is full of new opportunities! People trying out new things, and are setting new trends that will be followed on. Experts are becoming more and more creative in their field, including logo designers in the scene as well. A few years back, logo designing in branding was not valued as much, but as people became more literate, they realized its worth. Today, each individual is well aware of the importance of logo designing; however, you will see quite a lot of discussion on the color combinations and color psychology in logo ‘deZining.’ Still, people rarely acknowledge the importance of typeface or fonts in these designs.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Importance of fonts in Logo Designing

When you plan to create a logo design for any brand, the first and the most essential point you must take into consideration is the personality of the brand. A logo design, being the face and identity of a brand, has the power to attract and repel consumers. However, having quite some competitors, a logo design is the only entity that would make a brand stand out in the crowd. To achieve a level of distinction, you have to choose the right font for it and a specific color combination.

Following are some points explaining why typeface font is a crucial part of logo designing:

For Successful Branding

Every company needs branding, and for this purpose, typography plays an enormous role in provoking emotions and feelings, eventually leading to create credibility and image for the brand. An appropriate use of the font in your logo design helps in gaining the attention of people that are willing to know more about the services and products of the company. Hence, typography helps convey trust and reliability that allows the brand to grow.

Successful Branding

For Conveying the Right Message

It is a no brainer that using the wrong font will entirely ruin your logo design. Indeed, it is a crucial and challenging task to choose from a wide variety of fonts. However, a little but thorough research can save you significant time.

Selecting an inappropriate font for your logo design that opposes the personality trait of the brand, it is going to convey an opposite message to its targeted audience.

For example, if we were to design a logo for a Hospital, and we use the Chiller font, then there is no way that we get to inspire the audience. For a successful logo design, a font must go parallel with its brand personality.

For Portraying Uniqueness

Every brand needs to portray itself unique to attract its targeted audience. To depict a brand unique from its competitors, a professional logo designer knows that using a proper font has its own importance.

Choosing a font that is simple yet elegant to reflect iconic logo design will never fail to grab the audience.

For Grabbing Immediate Attention

Every brand will appreciate it if the logo design that is crafted for their company grabs immediate attention from its targeted audience, successfully. Though it seems like a very tough task, but through using some creativity and expertise skills, you can always create a logo design that will successfully grab its audience’s attention. Only remember two things:-

Mix the right color combination with proper typeface based on the brand personality, 2., and you will end up with the perfect blend of ingredients to pull over the market!

To Give a Professional Image to Your Brand

Last but not least, typeface always succeeds in giving the right vibe to the right audience. There are innumerable fonts available today, but always remember to use a typeface that depicts a little sense of professionalism; these vibes will tell your customer that you are loyal with them and will build a trustworthy brand-client relationship!

Professional Image to Your Brand

Top Fonts to Use for Logo Designing

There is no doubt that when people look at the logo of a brand, the first thing which attracts them is the usage of color, but the thing which keeps consumers’ attention intact is the correct usage of fonts. Scroll down to read about the top fonts that will trend for logo designing in 2020.

Juvenile fonts

Fable Bug Simple Font

Fable Bug Simple Font

The most popular font for kids in 2020 will be fable bug font. Fable bug font depicts magic theme. It is the kind of font that is best used for magic and wizard’s logo design and website. If your site is dedicated to children and you want to attract them by giving vibes of magician, then Fable Bug font is just for you!

Kikuri Typeface

Kikuri Typeface

The best typeface that will reflect creativity in your website in 2020 will be Kikuri font. This playful font includes smoothly rounded letters that stand out because of their asymmetrical design. It also consists of all types of letter and numbers. Plus, the font is perfect for depicting uniqueness, along with enjoyment and creativity. Those websites that want to give their viewers a unique feel must go for Kikuri typeface.

Limit Corner Typeface

Limit Corner Typeface

Limit Corner belongs to the family of Serif. This new and elegant typeface is inspired by Victorian and classic style, which is perfect for giving old times ambiance. Some of its features include; all caps typeface, containing sleek and strong letters, over 50 stylized alternatives that offer an infinite opportunity to create and customize logo designs, headlines, classic shop, movie title, t-shirt, posters, label, greeting card, letterhead, product packaging, labeling, badges, book cover, and so much more.

Furthermore, it includes a complete character set from A-Z, numerals & punctuations, and multilingual characters.

MM Cruella

MM Cruella Font

MM Cruella font has a display consisting of round and large counters that are combined with the rounded terminals that give characters very fluid and warm look. In 2020 this typeface is going to make the best usage for informal writing like magazine headlines, catalogs, posters, branding, and packaging.

Karma Font

Karma Creative Font

Karma is another creative font that will rock in 2020. Consisting of unique and outstanding geometric lines, styled perfectly to match the trends of recent and retro 90s design. Its clean, block-style design is where the designers fall. The Karma font is used for monogram logo designs; like in, Beauty, Luxury, Fashion, Jewelry, Corporate business, etc.

Michalina – Modern Calligraphy Font

Michalina Modern Calligraphy Font

In 2020 Michalina will be the universal font for designing invitation and greeting cards, social media, and book covers. This beautiful and elegant looking typeface ‘Michalina’ has got you covered in 2020.

Fonts Depicting Seriousness and Professionalism


Arial Font

Arial is probably one of the most popular fonts, belonging from the family of Sans Serif Fonts, and will cater to remain on top in 2020 as well. It is an easy-to-read font and is primarily used for different forms of documents like resumes, CVs, applications and articles, etc. The font consists of lower case and upper-case letters, numerals, bold, italic, and support different languages as well. If it is a formal document that you are planning to draft, then definitely go for Arial!


Helvetica typeface is one of the most famous and popular in the world

The font that is most used in graphical arts is Helvetica. This font is especially adored by professionals and will continue to be so, due to its unique and decent geometry. The font has been embedded in personal computers since 1984 — professionals like this font due to its characteristic that the letters in this font are spaced close together. Designers have been using this effective logo design font to grab the professional’s attention.


Trajan typeface Font

Trajan typeface is a favorite font of many designers that are entitled to create designs related to marriage, law, religion, and historical events. Trajan belonged to Serif typeface of old-style and was designed by Carol Twombly in 1989. The font ensures versatility in a logo design.


bodoni typefaces for logo designers

Bodoni is an ideal typeface for headlines, logos, and decorative text and will be one of the most favorite professional typefaces for logo designers in 2020 as well. The font has flat and un-bracketed serifs and consisting of fine underlying structure, plus it gives an aesthetic look because of its geometric construction.

Hand-Written Fonts to Depict Uniqueness


Dabby variable font

Dabby is a variable font, primarily used for children’s websites and brand. This font is the best one to attract kids as it reflects fun and joy.

Shopping Script

Shopping Script font design

Shopping script is a font designed by Ronald House. Its specialty is that it looks like cursive handwriting. Because of having the style that is casual and slightly messy, it is the best font type for producing a highlighting and informal image.

Swistblnk Monthoers

Swistblnk Monthoers

Swistblnk is a vintage-inspired handwriting font that depicts sense of a letterpress, through its lines and stamp-like appearance. It comes in a clean and texture version and works the best for titles and logo designs.

These are some of the fonts that will rule design in 2020.

“Successful designs are those that have emerged from several trials.”

Try again and again until you don’t find a font that looks like it has just been made for your logo design. The process may take some time, but the results will be worthy of every single effort.

“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.” — Joel Spolsky, web programmer, writer, and creator of Trello

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