Top Five Android Apps That You Must Download

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Shannon Robinson

16th August 2019

Shannon Robinson

The app-development industry has been on a steady growth spiral over the last decade. In the recent years, the number of apps on both Google and Apple play store have multiplied. For instance, Google Store grew to about 2.5 million apps by the end of 2018. Most of these apps have similar functionalities. However, there is a few that really stand out.

In this article, we will explore the top five Android apps that you must download!

Google Duo


Seamless, hassle-free live video calling is no longer just a dream! Google Duo breaks down communication barriers and boasts a simple interface.  The idea is to make video calls as simple, and fast as regular phone calls. Standard Phone calls are popular because of their easy-to-dial nature and an even simpler accessibility. Tech-aficionados are weary of spending hours trying to set up an account, pulling out all the data, and eventually be able to access video calling facilities.

Google Duo counters all the delay, and lagging problems faced by users of regular video-calling apps.  It incorporates various features including the unique ‘Knock Knock’. The features allows you to gain a Live preview of the caller before you decided to receive it. Giving users more-autonomy within their tech apps!

Not only that, you can also leave video messages if the person is not available.

* Knock Knock* You have received an Incoming video mail!


Ever Note


Are you a writer, business-person or a school-teacher? Do you often face trouble with organizing your notes on the go? You are not alone. Millions of users across the globe find it difficult to integrate different note-types and keep their data in one place. Modern Day technology can be helpful with the effective organization and planning of your day-to-day hectic life.

One such wonder-app is Ever Note, available for FREE download on google apps. What makes Ever Note different from its counter-apps is its ability to save notes in all formats. For instance, text, audio, video, photos and even sketches can all be stored at one place!

To top it off, it syncs all your data across all devices to maintain a steady workflow. It also features home-screen widgets and icons for easy access.

Unlike Google Keep, which another brilliant Google App, Ever Note is aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye. Making it an all-time user-favorite!



iPhone offers top-of-the-line apps with countless options to choose from. Our growing modern-day obsession with productivity makes it almost pivotal to use scheduling and productivity apps. This allows us to stay aligned with our day-to-day goals and objectives and keeps the workflow steady. Hectic days are made less bothersome by the use of an automated personal assistant! EasilyDo comes packed with capabilities best fit for a busy lifestyle. It automates simple tasks, and sets up your calendar, schedules appointments and sends timely reminders. The interface is made simple and easy to use. Download EasilyDo to hire a smart personal assistant only at $4.99 per month!




Are you one of the many who find it difficult to remember their passwords? It’s no surprise given the increasing number of digital platforms that require you to have unique passwords for every new sign-up!

Maintaining a password record can be a cumbersome process! LastPass provides a go-to-solution for all your password maintenance issues. It offers a seamless integration with the touch ID, and fingerprint scanner.

To make things more exciting, LastPass carefully selects unique passwords that are functional for most platforms. Download LastPass today for FREE ($1 for premium) and bid farewell to all your password protection woes!




With over 100million downloads and counting, PicsArt stands top-of-the-chain for similar photo-editing and sharing apps. With its un-matched editing tools, PicsArt has developed the reputation for being a cult-favorite by its users. Millions of users the globe also use it as a social-networking platform for sharing photos.

PicsArt boasts a variety of interactive features. They include creative collages, frames and stickers! Besides the basic editing tools, it also attributes tilt-shift, free-cropping and perspective-shifter tools among other brilliant features. across

The app is available for Free with some in-app purchases and ads.


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