Top Androip Applications For Kids On The Play Store

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Cynthia Moreno

12th April 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Around 86% of smartphones in the world are currently powered by Google’s Android operating system.While Apple’s iOS may have its loyal followers, there is no doubt that Android has a better market share in comparison.

The reason is simple. Android has a plethora of optionsin terms of smartphones and tablets, with thousands of free and paid applications for users to enjoy.

Google Play Store offers anaboundingfamily section crammed with kid-friendly games, apps, and numerous educational tools that parents and children can relish together.

If you own an Android phone that gets hijacked by your little one now and then,we recommend that you get the best Android apps for kids listed in this article. These said games feature everything from parental controls to interactive storybooks, and educational games that your children can enjoy worry-free.

To help navigate your choices, we have categorized the best applications into two groups

  1. Free Android Applications for Kids
  2. Paid Android Applications for Kids

These apps will keep the kids engaged productively in a fun way!

Free Android Applications for Kids

The Google Play Store offers its users thousands of apps downloadable free of costs. Among these apps are some of the most user-friendly, engaging, and amusing apps designed especially for children.

Below we havelisted our top picks of the best free android applications for kids.

1. ABC Kids (Ages: 5 and under)

Learning How To Trace and Identify Letters

ABC Kids is an exceptional app that will teach your child how to write the letters of the alphabet and helps them learn to pronounceevery alphabet. The app is amusing and delightful with amusing phonic sounds paired with colorful pictures that your kid will surely love.

This app is a perfect fit for kids who are going to kindergarten as it will help enhance their learning process. Moreover, the ABC Kids app has no annoying advertisements, which makes it great for all kids aged under two years.


2.   PBS Kids Video (Ages: 8 and under)

PBS Kids Video app

Using the PBS Kids Video app, your little ones aged under 8 can easilywatch their beloved PBS Kids characters and shows on your mobile devices. You can alsostream your shows to the big screen using a Chromecast.

Children can catch Thomas & Friends, the Odd Squad, the Muppets of Sesame Street, Curious George, and several other adored characters with no restriction.

Parental resources include but are not limited tointended age guides for videos, learning goals, and links to other PBS Kids apps and educational games.

3.   BrainPop (Ages: 9 to 12)

BrainPop has tons of educational and fun videos

BrainPop has tons of educational and fun videos, with a rotating set of Featured Movies. These movies are related to countless educational subjects extending from science and math to art, social studies, and history.

The app also offers a daily featured movie, which includes closed captions and a quiz related to the video, allowing curious children to learn something new every day.

4. Khan Academy Kids (Ages 5 and under)

Khan Academy Kids is a non-profit educational site

Khan Academy Kids is a non-profit educational site that provides a wealth of free kid-oriented educational videos and online lessons. The videos and courses included help your child work on linguistic skills, math, logical skills, and emotional development presented in a child-safe environment.


5.   Endless Alphabet (Ages: 8 and under)

Endless Alphabet is an edutainment app

Endless Alphabet is an edutainment app that introduces kids to letters and words, granting toddlers and children with a series of engagingminigames.

The gameplay of the app is based on spelling puzzles, where children put talking words together. Once completed,kids are then rewarded with short animations that explain each word’s meaning.

Full disclosure, some in-app purchases unlocks the full game with more than 100 puzzles and animations. However, the free version is more of a trial version with seven free words and animations.

6.   Moose Math (Ages: 8 and under)

Moose Math, teach your child to count and introduce addition utilizing colorful and engaging app

With Moose Math, teach your child to count and introduce addition utilizing colorful and engaging app.

Moose Math app offers a variety of minigames with a mathematical focus. Moose Juice is a minigame which makes the children follow numerical recipes to make smoothies. By addinga definedamount of fruit to a blender, the child completes the task at hand.

This counting app can help your preschoolers, and kindergartners get comfortable with numbers and following instructions.


Paid Android Applications for Kids

The Google Play App Store is filled with millions of mobile apps that are free, some are paid, and some are freemiums.

While it is only smart to think you do not need to spend any money on gaming applications for kids when you can simply download a free app, you may be partly right.

The war between free vs. paid is endless, but there is a catch.

Paid apps usually offer addedvalue and premium services that otherwise lack in a free app. With $1.1 billion spent on applications annually in Google Play Store, the paid applications are worthy of spending a little money on.

So, if you want your child to play with the best, opt for a paid app.

Here are a few paid android applications for kids that you can buy on the Play Store.

1.   Amazon FreeTime ($2.99 per month for Prime members; Ages: 3 and older)

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited app

A delightful app, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, provides a fun-filled kid-friendly space packed with movies, TV shows, books, and videos from a variety of educational brands, such as Disney, PBS, and Nickelodeon.

It also offers a parental control system to set limits easily, configure educational goals, select suitable media, restrict certain categories, and discover discussion questions and conversation starters to help connect with what your kids are viewing.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited also offers a safe web browsing mode where kids can access a carefully curated collection of websites and videos.

2.   Epic ($7.99/month; Ages 6 to 12)

Epic is a sort of Netflix for educational subscription services

Epic is a sort of Netflix for educational subscription services, offering 35,000+ children’s books, academic videos, audiobooks, and quizzes.

Epic encompasses a vast library of kid-friendly content, with material designed for kindergarten up to 7th-grade reading levels. Moreover, it also offers personalized reading recommendations that may help your child find new material to enjoy.

3.   Dr. Seuss Collection ($14.99; Ages: 2 to 6)

Dr. Seuss Collection features classic children’s literature

Dr. Seuss Collection features classic children’s literature presented in alluring illustrations of imaginative characters packed with easy-to-follow language.

The app brings together five of Dr. Seuss’s most beloved works, including The FOOT Book, The Cat in The Hat, and Fox in Socks, in one app making it more convenient and accessible than ever.

Moreover, the original text and illustrations are not the only selling feature of the app. It also includes different digital extras, such as the ability to record your voice narration and vocabulary learning tools, which makes it more engaging and captivating.

4.   Dragonbox Algebra ($4.99; Ages: 5 and up)

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a clever educational math game

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a clever educational math game that masks the fact that it’s teaching your child algebra.

DragonBox targets kids aged 5 and above, starts with simple logic puzzles that advance to new levels with added quirks and game rules. These rules cleverly reflect elementary algebra without making it obvious.

If your kid plays this game, in no time at all, he or she will be able to balance the sides of an algebraic equation simply by isolating a treasure box symbol. This symbol, as the game progresses, will gradually be replaced with ‘X,’ allowing the kid to understand algebraic equations clearly. The game features ten chapters with over 200 puzzles in total and covers addition, division, and multiplication as well.

5.   Toca Hair Salon 3 ($3.99; Ages 6 to 8)

Toca Hair Salon 3 is a popular virtual game

Toca Hair Salon 3 is a popular virtual game that lets little ones play with their imagination and creativity. It allows styling and customization of hairstyles of your hair salon’s customers.

This game is best for kids to let out their artistic side and play around with different hair types and styles. It offers virtually realistic hair that can be colored, cut, straightened, or curled with a variety of styling tools and combs.

You can also experiment dress up and style each character with a range of clothes and accessories. It’s a stress-free game that will bring out the inner artist in your child.

6.   Toca Nature ($0.49; Ages, 3+)

Toca Nature is a part of Toca Boca’s free-play apps for kids

Toca Nature is a part of Toca Boca’s free-play apps for kids. It allows kids to shape and interact within a virtual world, planting trees and forests, raising mountains and creating pools and rivers as per their desire.

Toca Nature also offers little ones to explore the virtual worlds they have created while making sure that the animals don’t go hungry.


That’s not it!


While there is a universe of games and educational apps targeting children directly on Google Play, there are some other options as well.

Most streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video also offer a kids mode or at least a bunch of kids shows. We recommend you check them out as well. Where Netflix has a specific kids mode filled with kid-friendly content, competitors like Hulu have a selected range of child-friendly content.

This is more of a cheaper approach, but effective nonetheless.The choice is yours!

Let us know in the comments below, what are your favorite picks and why?

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