Top 8 mobile app development trends that are to take the development community by storm in 2020

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Shannon Robinson

13th November 2019

Shannon Robinson

The mobile app industry is one of the leading and essential sectors that is transforming the business community as a whole today. It is making an indispensable contribution to the digital ecosystem, attaining remarkable grip in almost every sphere of life. Every organization today requires the latest mobile development technologies to carry out their functions in the most proficient and viable way to reach out to their target audience.

The evolution of smartphones has made it easy to reach millions of users around the world and maximize the revenue in a massive amount within no time. You will be surprised to know that until now, 1.96 million apps have been featured in the App Store, while almost 2.46 million apps are accessible on Google Play. As per experts, mobile apps will make nearly 189 US dollars of profit by the end of 2020.

To stay dominant in the industry, and boost the profit margins substantially, the entire business community is nowadays involved in the process of getting a mobile app designed for their business. Only analyzing and following these strategies will not help you get there. You will also have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the mobile app development industry.

Some trends have fallen flat over time, while others have proved themselves as trendsetters in a short period. To strike a balance between the right strategies and development, one needs to have a team of experts or some well-known mobile app development company.

Mobile App Development Company

Now you must be wondering where to find all the information about the latest trends that will help you filter the perfect mobile app development company.

Don’t have enough research for it? No need to panic! We are here to assist you with the top trends that will undoubtedly get you a stay in the race.

Without further delays, let’s talk about some of the top mobile app development trends in 2020.

• The Beacon Technology
• EMM and APM
• 5G Wirelesses Service
• Artificial Intelligence
• IoT in Mobile Apps
• The AR and VR
• Accelerated Mobile Pages
• Android Instant Apps

1) The Beacon Technology:

The Beacon Technology is a wireless-based technology that uses Bluetooth to send signals. It is one of the ancient mobile development trends that is used by several organizations like restaurants, hospitals, museums, and laboratories. This technology is prevalent because of the ease of its use. It makes a regular user get used to it without demur. When Apple first launched its iBeacon technology in 2013, it was thought to be a prolonged process of connecting customers. However, by the end of 2016, it was successful in making more than 44 billion US dollars. Not to imagine how much fire will the Beacon technology catch by 2020.

Some of the mobile industry trends in 2020 for Beacon Technology are:

Mobile App Development Company

Beacon Technology Process

The Beacon Technology is a simple process that starts when retail beacon sends a unique signal which is picked up by the customer’s smartphone. The signs on reaching the smartphones are sent to an online platform by the retailer’s beacon-enabled app. The customer will then get the targeted, personalized message which is formatted by the app for you. An action would be performed at the end when the platform signals the app.

2) The APM and EMM:

Mobile App Development Company

APM stands for Application Performance Management, and EMM is Enterprise Mobile Management. Both of these technologies have marked their place in the mobile development industries for years now.

Integrated with Google in 2016, Application Performance Management, was generated to boost the overall processing speed of mobile apps. This is why we often hear people saying their smartphones are slow. The APM and EMM technology has proved to be an excellent tool for quality assurance matters for the app testing process.

The Enterprise Mobile Management will allow organizations to enable the employees for easy exchange of files and important documents by using their mobile phone. Not only this, it also makes sure of giving the employees a safe and secure environment by handling the security issues, increasing the whole computing process.

Its components consist of:

Mobile App Development Company

3) The 5G Wireless Service:

This service is believed to rule 2020, as simple as that. It is stated that the speed will be almost 100 times faster than that of 4G. Not only are its applications limited to speed, but they also will cater to other purposes like data security, 3D gaming, augmented reality, and data security.

Huge brands like Samsung and Verizon are already all set to hop onto this latest mobile application development trend to enrich their performance In the best of ways.

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Did you know?

• This wireless service is expected to be 100 times faster than the 4G LTE that we use.

• Google is using solar-powered drones that have the ability to stay up in the sky for more than 5 years. These will then signal down the 5G service to users.

• By a recent study by the University of Bridgeport, this technology will cost you the same as 4G, but will be much faster. This is because of the fact that with every year, carriers reduce the price of data. However, technological giants like Huawei and Nokia say it will cost more than 4G LTE.

4) Artificial Intelligence:

Mobile App Development Company

Artificial Intelligence or Al is a very familiar term to all of you. It has been a center of attention for almost all age groups for quite some time now. With the recent integration of it with mobile applications, it has become a success for mobile companies.

Every organization, from business to customer service, is making use of this technology to increase their productivity and sales. It works like magic by making mobile companies grow exponentially with the lowest of budgets.

Some future Artificial Intelligence mobile application trends expected to become reality by 2020 are:

Interoperability among neutral networks.
Automated machine learning.
Artificial Intelligence enabled chips
Artificial Intelligence DevOps through AlOps.

5) IoT Integration in Mobile Apps:

The IoT Integration (Internet of Things) is a huge industry in itself. By using this technology, you can easily control all the non-IT equipment through apps or remote controls. Developers are thought to be at ease more than anyone by keeping their apps IoT friendly, generating great income.

Mobile App Development Company

It is said that IoT investment will cross more than 120 US dollars by the mid 2020s.

One of the most essential steps to IoT for developers is to choose the best-suited platform. Some of which are listed below:

 Xively
 Android Ubiots
 Thingworx

6) The AR and VR:

The mobile app industry is completely transformed by the Virtual reality and Augmented reality trends. Virtual reality tends to bring a computerized and digital world to the human eye, while Augmented reality generates computer graphics that can be seen in a normal environment.

It is believed that by 2020, developers will work on the integration of Artificial Intelligence with AR and VR. This will let computers visualize the normal environment via a camera and make useful analysis on it.

According to a report by Statista, this technology will make more than 160 billion US dollars by the end of 2023.

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Popular media applications are already making billions by this development trend. This is the only reason Snapchat has become a huge success with its interesting filters and stickers, which is all Augmented reality.

7) Accelerated Mobile Pages:

AMP is a project of Google that collaborated with Twitter. It is just another version of HTML made to increase the speed of mobile pages, just as the name indicates. This way, developers can now create as heavy web pages as they can without worrying about the acceleration being lost.

Google officially launched the integration of AMP technology into mobile on 24th Feb, 2016. It has also announced to generate a mobile search box that will allow users to easily find mobile-friendly websites. This will make sure if the web pages are compatible with AMP.

The AMP configuration is a simple three step process.

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8) Android Instant Apps:

To make work easier and convenient for developers, Google introduced Instant Apps in 2016. Ever since then, these apps have attracted a great number of people These Android Apps almost act as websites. These apps are accessible to all the users in the Play Store without even a need to download them.

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Fun Facts:

o NYTimes and Hollar are successful in accelerating the conversion rate to 27 from 20 by launching an instant mobile application.

o Only a portion of the app of the Android Studio can be used by developers using the latest version.

All in all, as per the trends and the statistics, the app industry will prevail to get bigger and successful with all these amazingly designed mobile application development trends. And with this expansion, the competition among developers will also elevate. We are well aware of the competitive market out there, but by following these trends, we assure your app will stand out in the crowd.

Have enough knowledge now? Are you excited to work on your app?

Well, let’s get started then!

Good luck!

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