Top 5 Cheap (Affordable) Branding Strategies to Follow in 2020

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Shannon Robinson

1st January 2020

Shannon Robinson

With the upsurge of new businesses and startups, it has become more than a challenge for organizations to cope up with the fiercely growing competitive market. No matter how big or small your company is, having a properly thought brand strategy for the overall growth of the organization has become important more than ever before. Building strong brands can undoubtedly go a long way in not only improving the market value of your organization and increasing sales but also sets you out and apart from your competitors in high gear. Therefore, it is imperative to have a clear-cut idea of what exactly branding is; and what branding strategies you can go for in order to give your business a boost!

What is Branding?

By definition, branding is a marketing process in which one works on ways to identify a company, such as creating a name, creating an iconic logo design and a website for the brand. In this way, the product you are launching or the services you offer are distinguished from other products in the markets. It not only creates a memorable impression on the target audience but also gives the clients an idea of what to expect exactly from the brand, and clarifies why your products or services are better from most of the companies out there.

Logo Design

When it comes to investing in branding of your product, then the only thing that comes in mind is that it will blow the budget entirely. Budgeting is the reason why many small businesses make the mistake of overlooking the branding efforts! They think that brands are those big fish in the pond that have national recognition with high budgets and revenues.

And, if you are also one of those people, then relax because we have come up with some inexpensive branding strategies that can certainly add value to your brands and help them reach the next level.

Top 5 Cheap Branding Strategies for Small Businesses in 2020

Branding an organization the right way might sound simple, but it by no means is an easy feat. Especially when it comes to small businesses that cannot spend a lot on branding, it is difficult to get your products known to the public.

However, by following some cheap branding strategies, you can grow your brand and make it a ‘success.’

Here are the top five cheap branding tips for your small business:-

1) Define who you ReALLy are…
2) Generate an iconic logo design for your business!
3) Develop a website for your brand!
4) Business cards are outdated; how about decals?
5) Use social media; it’s absolutely free!

Don’t Forget To Define Your Brand!

Logo Design

Before you start thinking where to get an affordable logo design and website for your brand, know who you are and what your brand will offer for the potential customers. Take as much time as you can but make sure to think about every aspect of your brand along with the services you provide so that you can come up with a proper name accordingly. This will also help you craft an iconic logo that further does the job of defining your brand.

Ask yourself these questions before you proceed:

1) What is your goal/objective?
2) What makes you different from others?
3) Have you defined your target audience?

All these questions will not only assist you in defining your brand but also give you a chance to come up with something different and unique, making you stand out in the crowd.

And trust me, this will not even cost you a penny, so be sure to invest your time and energy in defining who you are, which will pay you back double.

Make sure to have an iconic logo design for your business!

As soon as you are done naming your brand, the next step is to give a visual representation to it, which is what we call a logo design. Keep in mind that a modern business, no matter big or small, can never succeed unless and until it has a professional logo design that looks not only alluring but also efficiently reflects your brand message. It acts as the face of your business regardless of whatever industry it is operating in. It is, therefore, necessary to invest in an iconic logo design that will speak volumes for you.

Logo Design

Creating a professional logo design, however, can be a daunting job, as you want to come up with one that people have not seen before. Not only is the color psychology of the custom logo design taken into account, but also are other features, such as the size, typography and shape of the logo that need to be given emphasis. And if you are wondering how much will an iconic logo design cost you, then there are several affordable logo design services that you can find online. UptownLogodesign is one of the best logo design companies in the US, where you can get your customized logo design that looks not only appealing but also offer budget-friendly, economical rates!

Now, when you are done with the logo design, next in the list is to start designing your brand website.

Create a Website for Your Brand!

Logo Design

Your brand or company will have a minimal reach without a website in this world of online business and marketing. It might sound harsh but your company will either disappear in no time before it has even had a real shot of success; or would not reach its potential. A website not only can generate more sales for you but also can increase the loyalty factor with a 24 hours customer support service for the potential customers.

Gone are the days when websites used to cost you more than you have had invested in your whole business. You can now get your brand website done for the lowest rates. For example, Uptown Logo Design offers excellent services in web designing where you can get the desired website containing a professional logo according to the latest trends that is affordable, yet user-friendly.

Use Decals Instead of Business Cards!

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With significant progress in technology, the marketing tools have also evolved substantially. Just a few years back, a business card was considered one of the most effective marketing tool to gain customer attention. However, today they are replaced with decals and stickers that look not only colorful and fun but also are cost-effective.

Just like a logo design, decals also tend to create a strong first impression that goes a long way. The fact that there are hundreds of brands offering the same services as yours, people will only spare seconds to see what makes you different from the rest. You can make them customized according to your brand by adding the logo design to every decal and use them in various ways to market your product. For example, you can put the stickers on your car so that they travel with you, or can distribute these decals in schools, offices and shopping malls for free.

Brand Awareness through Social Media!

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Creating brand awareness through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are probably the cheapest ways to reach millions in a flash. Honestly, even Pinterest has proven an absolute marketing tool for many! Firstly, social media is absolutely free so one does not have to worry about the budget. Secondly, almost everyone uses it and by just creating a free account on Facebook or Twitter, you can spread your message to people all across the globe without traveling yourself, spending a lot of money and energy.

The only thing you might want to invest in when it comes to social media is the online logo design.

Need Help??

Now, it is crucial to keep in mind that the logo size and dimension you have used for decals is not going to be the same for a logo design that has to go on a website or social media. Make sure to use the right size and dimensions to display your logo design across all social media platforms correctly.

The fact that a logo design is the most crucial marketing tool which will go everywhere, it is imperative to find the right logo design service company.

Talking about the best logo design companies, Uptown is one name you might not want to miss out as the reviews for Uptown average pretty well (we’re learning from our mistakes btw)! We not only craft a professional logo design that looks appealing no matter you want it for your website, social media, and decals, but also, are the rates quite affordable.

Book now and avail amazing discounts!

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