Top 10 Mistakes That Make A Logo Design Go From Yay To Nay!

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Cynthia Moreno

25th June 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Logo design services can help you create emotions and associations with customers. A professional custom logo design represents the company it stands for. It tells their story and symbolizes their brand identity to the world. Logos are viewed daily by their clients and potential customers, and a failed design can ruin the success of the company. This simply cannot be reiterated enough!

This is the primary reason that companies are largely investing their time and money into hiring professional logo designers out there to create a timeless and versatile emblem for their brand and companies.

A successful custom logo design is the one that is memorable, versatile, appropriate, and timeless. To create one, designers follow a systematic process that helps them to function smoothly during the designing process. Regardless of whatever business you find yourself in, your logo design must reflect excellence; otherwise, it can become difficult for you to convince your customers.

Designing a custom logo design is a tedious process that requires a lot of research, expertise, and forethought. Even professionals can run into trouble by overlooking small issues that can easily sabotage even the best logo design.

So what mistakes should be avoided when engaging in the designing process?


Here are the top ten mistakes that make a logo design go from yay to nay!

⦁ Typography Matters


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Typography speaks volumes about your brands. It has the power to make or break your design. Therefore, it’s vital to know the basics of typography. Using crazy and thin fonts can create a mess, and vice versa. All fonts reflect different personalities, and it is highly essential to choose and create fonts that provide the logo design a unique look.

Logo design services try to avoid critical and fundamental mistakes when it comes to typeface and lettering, as it is one of the most important aspects of a successful brand identity.
Professional logo designers control spacing, avoid overusing typeface or using fonts with extremities of weight, and avoid choosing ridiculous fonts that can ruin your design.

Hence, it is pretty safe to say that messing up with the typography can take your logo from a solid ten to a zero real quick!

⦁ Choosing poor colors


It is essential to make sure you use colors that not only attract the audience but also complement your business. The more color you choose, the harder it becomes to manage them. A wrong color scheme can kill an outstanding design REALLY REALLY fast!

Therefore, understanding color psychology is critical. People associate colors with different emotions, and they have a very significant impact on people’s emotional state. Color matters more than the context when it comes to logo designing. Professional logo designers choose colors wisely so that it resonates with the personality of the brand.

A tip, start from black and white and later add colors that compliment the logo design because if not done properly, wrong colors can ruin your entire logo.

⦁ Raster images are a big NO-NO


A very common mistake is the usage of raster images in logos. Raster images are made out of pixels that cannot be scaled down to any size. Meaning that if the logo with a raster image is scaled up, the images on it become unusable, while small logos would look smudgy.

Professional logo designers and companies, offering logo design services, prefer using vector graphics instead, because it allows the logo to be scaled to any size, enabling logos to be used on any platform. Therefore, every logo design service ensures that they use vector images so it can be easier to edit them later and not destroy the resolution of the logo.

⦁ Making it complex


Professional logo designs are simple and effective. Adding unnecessary elements can create a distraction for the audience. Further, the addition of elements adds complexity, which results in the creation of a design that delivers different messages to the audience and competes for the viewer’s attention.

Not just that, but when a complex logo is printed in smaller sizes, it will lose its details and looks smudged.

The more detail a logo has, the more complexed, the more information viewer has to process
Logo design services must make sure that a logo is not byzantine in any way, not misrepresenting the brand and not making the audience struggle to understand the message of the brand.

We understand it is tempting sometimes to create a logo that shows off your skills but making the logo that is too complex can make your logo design fall flat.

⦁ Plagiarism


Copying someone else’s material is a NO GO! Now put yourself in the position of the client who pays you to create a unique logo for their business and instead gets a copied material.

Copying others does no one favors neither the client nor the designer!


Stealing ideas from other logos can negatively impact the brand’s image and will also result in legal issues. Copying other logos by just swapping colors, font, and words is downright unethical.

Professional Logo design services start from scratch when it comes to designing a brand’s identity. They bring creative ideas to the table. Custom logo designs created by designers begin with inspirations, sketching ideas, playing with colors, and exploring fonts until they find the right one instead of mimicking and copying from logos of other brands.

⦁ Inflexibility


Many logos are created without keeping variations in mind. A successful and professional custom logo design should be versatile and should fit well in other formats.
The logo should look good in print, on social media, the website, and every other physical platform, be it the stationary or a t-shirt.

Often, we come across such logos that do not fit well. This common mistake can put the brand’s reputation at stake. This is where professional logo services help you by creating a timeless, flexible design that can fit in all sizes and can be used for different purposes.

⦁ Trendy logos


Trends come and go, and with passing time, they can turn into cliches. A custom logo design should be versatile and timeless. Therefore, ignoring logo design trends is the best when you need to create a unique logo design for your client.

Trendy logos soon go outdated and become useless in a matter of months or years, and updating your logo to a new one for your brand can confuse the customers. Although, you definitely can take inspiration from trends but make sure the logo has its own uniqueness and long-lasting ability.

⦁ Designed by amateurs


Choosing a decent professional logo design service is critical for the image of your brand

Choosing a decent professional logo design service is critical for the image of your brand. This definitely doesn’t mean choosing the best logo design company in the USA is the only option, but businesses can opt for design agencies that offer are relatively affordable and offer stellar value for money.

Handing over the designing of your logo to amateurs can result in disastrous outcomes. A newbie designer will not possess the experience or the expertise required to create a unique logo. This is a huge risk for your brand’s reputation, and if your logo looks immature, then so will your business!

⦁ Forgetting the target audience


The logo is supposed to evoke the emotions of your audience, to intrigue them, and to get them to see you in a positive light. Failing to consider the audience while creating the logo is a big mistake. You might end up creating a design that does not convey or communicate the brand’s message.

Keeping the audience and their demographics in mind will let you focus on the aspects that are required to be incorporated in the logo to attract them and not chase them away. How else do you think Fanta came up with the funky colors and logo of their brand?

⦁ Clean logo files


Logo design services need to make sure that the logo files being sent to the clients are clean and in a proper format. Designers should make sure that the final logo they are sending has perfect smooth curves, nodes are kept to a minimum, and the logo image is sent in various proper formats, so it’s ready to be uploaded on any medium or platform.

Again, choosing only the best logo design company in the USA is not the only option! A logo is your business’s first point of contact with the outside world. Creating a symbol that effectively serves as a visual manifestation of an entire brand is a big deal. Therefore, opting agencies that deliver what they commit and have a decent name in the industry is a must!

Looking for such an agency? Check out our services and portfolio. Or have something to add to the most common mistakes made by designers? Leave a comment below!

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