Top 10 Logo Design Software To Use in 2021

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Shannon Robinson

1st January 2021

Shannon Robinson

Living in the year 2020, you must be aware of the importance of logos and how crucial they can be for your company’s success. Yeah when talking about logos, you will hear that they should be memorable, recognizable, easy to comprehend, simple and must portray your business and differentiate it from others.
However, do you know how best logo design service companies make these logos? Which specific logo design software are used by the top professional logo designers? Today’s topic will be a bit different from the conventional ones. Why? Because we are going to discuss the best logo design software for the year 2021.
But before going to the main section, tell us to tell you the main things to look for in logo design software.

Important things to consider while selecting a logo design software


Easy to use: Make sure the software you use is user friendly and can be used easily without any technical knowledge. Not everyone is well versed in design and technology. So, it must enable even the beginners to make a logo

Affordable: Affordable logo design is what everyone is after. If you have a free design maker that gets the job done, well-done. You’ve saved a lot of money that you would’ve paid to professional logo designers.

Customizable: There are several design software in the market that comes with drag and drop functionality and allow you to choose from a plethora of design elements. The more customizable software, the more productive it is for your business.

Let’s now move to the main part of the blog

Top 10 logo design software to use in 2021




If you are in search of simple design software from a trusted company, search no more. Hatchful from Shopify allows you to create various templates in no time. It is a wonderful tool for the newbies and experienced people also love it.
To start with Hatchful, choose your business space then your niche followed by the look you want. Then you will have to enter your website’s domain or name and enter where you want it to be placed. Hatchful will return with a list of templates from where you can pick your favorite logo.

If you are not fully satisfied with your unique design, you can make edits. The downloadable logo packages will have images of varied resolutions that you can use for your site and social media platforms etc.


The basic plans of this logo design software are completely free. However, you will have to pay in case you want to go for the premium logo templates.

Designhill Logo Maker


Designhill is your best option for intuitive designs that can add the much-needed kick to your design. While using it, start by picking the most attractive styles. Then, the software will come up with many templates. Next, you will have to choose one and edit it to your liking so that it perfectly complements your brand.


Just by paying a one-time fee of $20, you can have a presentable logo. However, the resolution of this design will be basic. If you want something in high resolution which is distinctive, you will have to pay $65. An enterprise-level package costs $150 in 2020. It is best for large organizations. However, if you are an SME, the first two options are enough for you.



The best thing about Canva is that it serves newbies as well as professional logo designers. Canva is not just designed software, it enables you to produce images for a number of needs like Facebooks ads, infographics, header and other images for blog posts.

By selecting your website’s niche, it allows you to pick the logo design that relates to your type. You can customize the fonts to make it more professional. Logo designs on Canva can be downloaded in PNG, JPG and PDF.


The basic version is free. In case you want more advanced design features like icons and premium images, you will have to spend around $13/month. You may see a price hike in 2021.

Tailor Brands


It’s your ticket to create beautiful logos with a minimum of effort. Tailor Brands will let you create a design which will suit your business the most. All you have to do is to enter your business name and add some additional info. And this tool will make the job of creating a log easier for you.

Furthermore, it eases your job by allowing you to choose a logotype based on its icon, name and other aspects. Tailor Brands lets you visualize how your design will look on different branding essentials like website, social media networks, visiting cards and mobile site.


Tailor Brands comes with three different monthly packages. You can choose the one that better suits you.
Basic plan for $4 a month. You can get a high-resolution logo file. You can resize it using the resizing tool. Remove or add the watermark.

Standard plan for $6 per month. It is for all those who want to make a logo as well as a business card. In this package, you will have 500,000 icons and images at your disposal to create exactly what you want.

Premium plan for $13 a month. This package serves social media marketing lovers who want many social media tools in one to make their working easy.



Although it is a logo maker, it comes with a user interface that resembles a page builder. GraphicSprings allows you to fully customize your design. Its design features are enclosed in the left sidebar which comes with easy accessibility.
Even the best logo design service providers use GraphicSprings as it gives them full control over the design. If you are new, don’t have time, or want an experienced person to do it, you can have access to someone from their team who will do it for you.


It comes with four pricing plans.

Basic in $20: A high-resolution custom logo. Only in JPG format

Standard in $40: Edit logo anytime using the custom resolution. PDF, PNG and JPG format are available.

Pro in $100: Comes with add-ons like vector files and social media covers

Platinum in $200: Only for large-sized enterprises. Comes with exceptional graphical features such as branded presentation templates, PSD file availability, graphical protection, etc.

Squarespace Logo Maker


It is your best logo design software if you want something simple yet catchy. It allows you to quickly see how your logo will look like on different things like a website, t-shirt, or business cards. It is one of the best and affordable logo design makers going around.


It’s free. If you are a Squarespace customer, you can avail of High-resolution files for nothing. You will have to pay $10 if you are not their customer.



Ucraft is famous for a simple interface and provides unlimited usage. With this logo design software, you can add or remove elements very easily. Downloading a high-resolution logo and that too without any cost is what makes Ucraft stand out amongst the rest.


The logo maker is absolutely free; however, to get an SVG file, you will have to pay $10.

Logo Garden


If you want to create a basic logo, choose Logo Garden. It lets you check different combos when deciding the right sketch of your logo design. Best for individuals who want to do something on their own.


If you want to make logos for diverse niches, Logo Garden will assist you here. It is completely free.

Logo Genie


Logos with a minimalistic look are in and will be seen more in 2021 and the years to come. Logo Genie will help you create a minimalistic design. You will have to enter the details about your business and it will return with some great designs.


Only $20 for creating a professional logo.

Hipster Logo Generator


Make a perfect logo for your business using this amazing logo design software. Curious about the name? It says it all about the designs too; hipster-styled logos. It isn’t limited as you can also create decent, classic and modernistic logos with it. You will only have to pay for a high-resolution image and not for anything else. You can download your logo without paying anything.


A high-resolution logo will cost you only $5 while a low-resolution one will be free o cost. This makes it an affordable logo design software used by the best logo design services providers in the USA.
So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a dynamic and superb looking logo in 2021 with these superb logo software which allow you the DIY functionality. You can start right now! People have started making their logos to stand out; don’t lag. Start today. Why not right now?

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