Why Your Social Media Graphic and Logo Design is a Necessity in the Contemporary Era?

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Cynthia Moreno

11th January 2020

Cynthia Moreno

It is no news that Social Media has become one of the fastest, easiest, and most of all, cheapest ways to interact with the target audience. It has become hard to keep up with this world moving at the speed of lightning, but as it moves faster and faster, it becomes more important than ever to try and hang in the air, so you don’t get left behind nor get smushed under the feet of those who know how to endure!

It is imperative to create a strong presence on the internet to stay relevant. Thanks to the rapid growth of social media networking, consumers are bombarded with Tweets that change opinions, likes creating the need of validation, comments ensuring engagement, and several mediums of messaging to stay connected round-the-clock on the web all encompassed in the palm of their hands. It is estimated that around 3.2 billion users own smartphones in the year 2019, yet, about 3.48 billion users are active social media users.

Social media has arguably transformed how information is spread, communicated, and interpreted on a daily basis. With this need to read, find news, view images within seconds- graphic design is becoming more and more essential every day. This drastic change, though quite fresh, has enabled graphic designers to play a very crucial role in not only building brand recognition but attracting the user’s attention as well.

When you put something on the internet, it will forever associate you with. It is critical in today’s world for a business to have an online presence. This presence will help you achieve recognition a lot faster than you can imagine. You must be thinking,

how do I achieve recognition?

Well, recognition comes easy when branding is done right! Although there are several details that factor in achieving recognition, a creative logo design tops the list. If you really want to make the most out of social media marketing, your logo design can not be ignored. Even if you have a very well-written and executed campaign for your business, you might think everything is going well according to you, except for one thing. You don’t have a logo design. Mark our words, your marketing campaign will inevitably fail.

The logo design gives brand recognition to not only those who know your brand but to your target audience as well. When your targetted audience lands on a page that features your logo design, they will be compelled to learn more about what you do professionally and what you offer!

Social and digital media has completely changed the game and the relationship that a brand has with its consumers. Unlike ever before, it has become imperative for brands to interact with their customer base in real-time across a ton of different channels, including websites, video platforms, applications, digital publications, and offline as well. It can be challenging to stand out of the crowd as a new business, and even for the existing ones, it can be challenging to stay relevant.

To make it easier to understand, we have created a list as to why social media graphic and logo design has become a necessity in this digital era. Scroll down below!

Capture Attention Like a Piece of Cake

Recognition is key!

Make it your mantra if you want to know how success tastes like! A creative logo design helps you achieve recognition, and plastering it all over social media will help you break through faster than ever. The internet (especially social media) is filled with high-quality images. To grab attention, you must create mesmerizing graphics and logo designs that a user will pause and take a good, long look at what you have to show. The competition is fierce, we understand, but finding a way in is like finding Aladdin’s magic lamp, or finding the gateway to Narnia, you end up in land of magic where there are several possibilities and endless opportunities for you to explore!

Capturing attention is an art and can be easily achieved if you have avid knowledge about what your customer wants to see. Once you find out what drives your consumers, everything else is a piece of cake — research about your company, your brand, and, most importantly, your target audience. Creating a graphic and logo design after thorough research will prove to be beneficial in attracting your consumers.

Communicate Your Message Quickly

Gone are the days when a company and its consumers had a long gap between them that kept them miles apart. With the advent of technology, consumers and brands are closer than ever! This closeness has led to an increase in demand for instant answers to any question asked, anywhere, and at any time.

This need to find quick answers has unknowingly increased the demand for visual content. Visual content is easier to read and is easy on the eyes. When a company uses a bold and creative logo design, different graphic content that contains that logo design and infographics, it not helps in recognition, but also helps to spread their messages more effectively.

Attention Span Of a Goldfish!

As attested by the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of humans are visual learners.

Consumers respond best to first impression

Granted that this first impression includes a new or attention-grabbing graphic image. When a logo design is used consistently over multiple platforms on social media, it enables customers to view it several times over, which consequently creates more brand recognition. People these days have short attention span these days. Within a fraction of seconds, consumers are injected with a heavy dose of information that is often intoxicating and too much to handle. This information ultimately becomes useless unless you find a way to make it stand out from the crowd.

When you create an iconic logo design specially for your social media platform, be sure to make it as appealing as you can. You have nothing but a few seconds to capture your audience, make it count!

Skyrocketing Market Perception!

An iconic logo design tends to stamp itself in mind at the very first glance. The best logo designs are memorable and serve as visual calling cards for the brand. A logo may seem insignificant and a minor part of a brand. That is where you are mistaken! A logo design represents the company to the entire world, and thus, it is imperative to craft it very carefully and creatively.

A good logo design can change the perception of your consumers and either attract them towards your brand or away from it. One cannot deny the fact that a top logo design engages consumers with the brand; it is a trigger for the services your brand provides and is a weapon that can cause mass destruction (in your favor) if used correctly.

Thus, it is established that a logo design can influence a consumer’s perception.

Where can consumers find your brand’s logo design? Everywhere!

That’s right, everywhere! Social media enables consumers to find exactly what they are looking for at their fingertips! Having an attractive graphic and logo design will not only help strengthen your brand, but it will aid in building strong feelings of trust with the consumer, increase loyalty and make your business seem more significant than it is!

It should be Sizeable.

Courtesy of technological evolution, there are several sizes of screens available in the market these days. From small-screened phones to desktop computers, consumers are using all sorts of sizes and accessing social media, websites, applications on every kind of screen. With different sizes of display available, it has become imperative to make your websites mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly website means the texts, icons, images, and everything that it incorporates should look good on a mobile screen as well. Logo designs are a crucial part of this list as well. If your logo design is not flexible and cannot adjust to different screens, it fails to serve the purpose it was created for.

How can a logo design be memorable when it is not even clearly visible?

A social media logo design must be large and should contain enough details that whoever finds it on your social media page, easily recognizes the image. However, keep in mind that your image is of appropriate size because if you make it too big, it will take up a lot of time to load, which increases the bounce rate.

Need Validation? Get instant feedback!

When a logo design is launched, it sparks an online discussion indefinitely. This can be looked at as an opportunity or an adversity. In the world of social media, everyone has an opinion about everything. An instant feedback can be scary, but it can be looked at as a means to identify what your end goal should be.

A top logo design that is created with great use of creativity is imperative. Your logo design should encompass what your brand stands for, and it must be very clear about it. Once you launch your brand online and plaster your logo design on every platform available, there is no going back. Instant feedback may bring positive reviews along with some negative ones. However, it is all about balance. If your positive reviews outnumber the negative ones, you are good to go!

Get Your Content Shared

In the beginning, we learned that about 3 billion + people are active social media users, and along the way, we found out that 65% of humans are visual learners. We also talked about how short the attention of span is and how high the dose of information is these days. Messages can be communicated quickly, and feedback is fast as well. Everything that we have talked about so far sums up to this one point.

What is the point of it all if only a few people view your logo design?

Logo designs require recognition, as we established earlier. Recognition can be achieved only when the content reaches as many people as possible, and social media is the one tool that makes it easier than ever. You can share your logo design on multiple platforms, and if you brand it right, it will get the attention it deserves!

As a form of engaging visual content, a well-designed logo design is more likely to capture and hold the attention of a user than a non-creative dull one. Users who find it visually appealing are more likely to be inclined to not only view it and stamp it in their consciousness but also share it with their audiences. Thus, if you get your logo designed professionally, it can contribute to a positive brand presence online.

Our graphic designers can create eye-catching, professional, and iconic logo designs for your brands and your social media profiles. Get in touch to find out more.

To conclude, logo designing is the heart of branding, and it should never be left as a last-minute task. You must hire professional logo and graphic designers to create a top logo that beautifully encompasses the essence of your entire brand. Social media is a powerful tool and everyone should benefit from it. While it can make your brand the apple of your consumers’ eyes, it has the power to paint you as the scary villain that needs to avoided at all costs, as well. Be careful and invest your time and efforts in designing the perfect logo that fits your brand.

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