Thousands of Logos In Study: Here’s What We’ve Observed

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Cynthia Moreno

23rd July 2020

Cynthia Moreno

“Logo is meant to be the face of your company and a way of communicating essential information about your brand to your customers.”

Logo design choices might seem inconsequential to some, but choosing the right design for your brand and business is highly important. With everything you do and the efforts you put in your business, it is easy to wonder if the logo of a business really matters or not? Does the logo design of the company make any difference?


The answer is ‘Yes’.


When it comes to business and branding, a custom logo design functions as a way for the customer to recognize and remember your brand. A professional design indeed is the basic core element for efficient marketing and branding. It is necessary to take a careful professional approach to create a versatile logo. We have studied thousands of logos and here is what we have observed:


1. A great logo gives a great first impression of your brand and company.

2. The logo should have a strong concept and message.

3. Colors, typography, and trends are crucial to consider.

4. There is a requirement for correct formats and variations of all media.

5. Return on investment is guaranteed.


Professional logo designers can help the business to achieve all of the above. Hiring a designer to create a unique and professional logo design to represent your brand could mean the difference between dwindling interest and instant success of your brand amongst the target audience.


“Copying others does no one any favors. Neither the client nor the designer.”


Professional design services play a key role in creating versatile and timeless brand identities. Expert logo design services help to develop emotions and associations for customers. They have professional logo designers who follow a detailed systematic designing procedure that allows them to achieve smooth functioning during the creation of a design. Another reason to hire the best design agency and avail their design packages and services is that they begin the process of logo designing from scratch by bringing new creative ideas to the table. They create custom designs with inspirations, sketching new ideas, playing with colors palette, exploring typography and fonts instead of stealing and plagiarising designs of other brands.


Your Logo is a Great Communication Tool

In business, it is important to stand out and be different in terms of products, services, and logos

In business, it is important to stand out and be different in terms of products, services, and logos. Here are some more observations that can help you to get an effective logo for your brand and business. An effective logo has to be very versatile and timeless and to achieve such iconic logos like Mercedes Benz, Starbucks, Pepsi, Rolex, and many more, there are certain do’s and don’ts and few things that are needed to avoid.


A logo is a ubiquitous communication tool that appears on the company’s product, website, annual reports, entryway, and even on business cards. Thus, it is a brand element that is frequently viewed by stakeholders and particularly by customers and prospects. Therefore, the characteristics and designs of a logo have an impact on customer’s behavior and brand performance. Many companies opt for a descriptive design that includes a combination of textual and visual design elements that clearly communicates the brand message to the audience. For instance Burger King, the former contains the text “burger king” in-between two hamburger buns or the of NewYork Islanders, which has an ice hockey stick and puck with the initials of “NY” and word “Islanders”


In recent years several brands have modified their logos. Many brands have made their designs more descriptive by visual or textual elements. For instance, Animal planet, which was previously all textual, now has added “elephant” as a visual element. However, many brands have made their logos non descriptive.For example, Dunkin Donuts, who removed the word donuts and the coffee cup from their design, making it simple, textual, and non-descriptive.


Adding the Right Colors to Your Logo Design

Adding the Right Colors to Your Logo Design

There are certainly other elements that are needed to be considered, such as Colors.


“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”


We have seen some timeless iconic logo designs with trendy and vibrant colors. Many brands opt for eye-popping and catchy colors that instantly attracts customers. People associate colors with emotions and evoke the customer’s emotions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the color wisely. Professional designers choose the colors that resonate with the personality and core message of the brand. Understanding color psychology is a must because the more the colors the harder it will be to balance them. Wrong colors always destroy the excellence of logo designs.


“Through simplicity comes great beauty.”


Layering, one to three layers are manageable, but four layers in logo design are a complete wreck. Designers remove the pretense of separation of elements. They not only flaunt the layering of the graphic component but also double them down here and there to get aesthetic vintage nostalgia and clouding results. This makes the design loaded and complex. Adding unnecessary layering and elements can create distractions for customers. Less is always more, keep the design as simple as possible.


Keeping it Simple & Avoiding Trends

Keeping it Simple & Avoiding Trends

Always try to avoid trends and fads. Keep in mind that trends and fads come and go and ultimately turn into cliches. Designing a logo based on the latest trends will make your design unique but what will happen when that trend passes the next year? It ends up looking like almost every other design whichwould have based their design on that same trend.

“Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.”


To conclude, every yin has its yang and in this competitive market, your brand should always aim to represent their business in the best manner possible toward their target audience to maximize their reach, exposure, and sales. A logo is not the only representative of the brand but also it is also the first point of contact of your brand with the outside world. Creating a top-notch professional design requires thorough knowledge of colors, backgrounds, typography along with designers’ experience, imagination, the creativity that many logo design agencies provide through their logo design packages and logo design services.

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