These 17 Symbolic Beauty Logos are Bound to Beautify

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Cynthia Moreno

5th February 2020

Cynthia Moreno

The beauty industry has drastically flourished over the years. Many businesses are entering the beauty industry and competing to grab maximum market share. While some companies improved their business strategies and earned a competitive advantage over time, other businesses failed in the market as a result of inefficient management and drove themselves out of the market.

The importance of a brand`s logo can’t be denied. This powerful tool either creates or devastates your brand. It not only depicts a brand’s values but also spearheads the organization’s image in an individual’s mind.

The beauty industry has excellent scope in the United States. Recent statistics revealed that the beauty industry in the US generated $532 billion revenues in 2019. If you are planning to become an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, now you know where to go!

If you are planning to start up a business in the beauty industry, you need to be extraordinarily creative and vigilant when designing your brand and the logo that supports that notion as a corporate goal, while adding up customer attraction too! Whether you operate a business focusing on foundation, lipstick or a blush-on, its logo needs to correctly depict the values and offerings your brand carries.

Let’s have a look at these 17 symbolic beauty logos that are bound to beautify!

Kat Von D Beauty Logo

Kat Von D Beauty

Heavily inspired by gothic TV Icon Katherine Von Drachenberg, this beauty brand was first founded in the year 2008 and rose to fame since then. The vegan and cruelty-free brand are mostly famous because of its super pigmented black liners. Other categories include eye makeup, lipsticks, highlighter, foundations and much more.

The brand logo reminds us of the gothic art and architecture. The bold calligraphic typeface makes the overall design unique adding a feminine feel to it. The logo perfectly depicts the product ranges that are often described by its users as bold, vivid and distinctive.


Founded by a make-up artist and photographer François Nars in 1994, ‘NARS’ is a beauty brand whose product categories go from cosmetics to beauty to skincare products. The brand has entirely managed to incorporate its sleek and sophisticated tone in the logo design.

The logo, as well as the brand itself, uses a seductive tone, which makes it quite different from its competitors. Dubbed Orgasm Collection is their most running product range. The title itself promotes the salacious theme of the brand which works perfectly for them.

Despite being a minimalistic logo, NARS has managed to grab the attention of customers and stands strong as a resilient and robust brand in the beauty fraternity. The design generates feelings of excitement and encourages potential consumers to prefer it over others.

Estee Lauder Logo

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is considered a sophisticated high-end brand. The brand has managed to flourish itself with each passing decade, manufacturing stunning and broad product categories ranging from quality cosmetics to pleasant fragrances and beyond. Estee Lauder is a top-notch beauty brand that has managed to cater according to the changing customer needs and preferences over the years while sticking to their original values and ideology.

The brand logo emanates class and sophistication. The logo consists of two parts – a distinctive monogram and a wordmark.

The monogram shows a beautiful combination of the initials E and L of the brand name in a curly, creative font. The letters, locked inside a rectangular box and beautifully overlapped over each other, generate bold and inspiring feelings!

The wordmark shows a capitalized straight sans serif font. It not only complements the monogram but also embodies elegance and sophistication which perfectly depicts the brand’s values and helps it flourish in the modern era. The logo has managed to win the hearts of millions and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Aveda Logo


Different from its competitors, Aveda is a famous beauty brand that stands staunch on its core values and solely focuses on producing all-natural products. The brand’s tagline reads “the art and science of flower and plant essences.” which clarifies that the brand’s ideology puts emphasis on science and its principles.

Their brand logo is simple yet sophisticated. The innovative idea depicted in the logo design gives it a competitive edge over other brands. The starting and end alphabets are hinting towards their unique philosophy.

The brand is intelligent enough to employ its legacies and values into the brand and this is what makes them one of the most running beauty brands.

Stila logo


Stila is another beauty brand that thought out of the box and worked hard to create a unique image in the beauty industry.

Unlike other brands, Stila is a happy go lucky brand that believes in positivity and self-love. The brand allows full liberty to its consumers to love themselves and groom their personality.

As the design shows, their logo generates positive and funky vibes. The logo design embodies the brand’s value, and people tend to feel more associated with the brand. The symbol doesn’t depict a corporate, serious vibe, thereby helping people to engage with the brand design relatively more and compelling them to buy its products.

The easy to remember style is much loved by its consumers allowing them to master their own personal panache.

benefit San Francisco Logo


Combined with artistry and creativity, “benefit” is another beauty brand that instantly catches the eye of an individual. The brand offers products for full face, elevates your beauty style and brightens up your everyday routine.

The brand logo is utterly simple yet modern. The italic “f” in the logo depicts friendly and exciting vibes. The logo perfectly goes in with the overall packaging.

Benefit embodies modern and edgy elements in its design and uses vibrant colors, which allows them to earn a competitive advantage over its competitors.

it Cosmetics Logo

it Cosmetics

Next place in our list goes to It Cosmetics. The brand’s approach is similar to Stila to some extent. However, the brand also focuses on self-confidence. It makes their customers feel positive and loved in an extraordinarily different and inspiring way.

The logo design is a perfect blend of modernization and simplicity. The “it” part of the logo stands strong, taking most of the limelight and depicting the brand’s ability to cater to changing trends and marketing needs. However, the “Cosmetics” part of the logo reflects the brand’s real values.

The smart and dynamic use of paintbrush in the logo design definitely appeals to the human eye and urges them to stop and stare.

Glossier Beauty Logo


Heavily influenced by minimalistic principle, Glossier is a clean-ish and straightforward brand that reflects their values in their brand ranging from product categories to packaging, to the advertising of products, to everything beyond!

Soft, sober, and sophisticated, are the first words that come to mind when we see Glossier’s logo. The logo design exudes sophistication stressing on cleanliness and simplicity.

The brand is famous for prioritizing their customers and catering products according to their requirements. They do an in-depth analysis of their potential customers’ demographics and buying behavior to serve them exactly how and what they like.

Moreover, they use their brand to depict their brand values and offerings and connect with them on a personal level.

Kiehl’s Logo


Kiehl’s is a renowned beauty brand that provides natural and organic products for skin, body, and hair. The brand successfully meets and caters to all skin-related issues, including acne, dryness, pigmentation leading to happy and satisfied customers. The brand was first founded 165 years ago in New York and has developed itself as one of the top beauty brands today.

The adaptable brand logo reflects feelings of fun and friendliness. The wordmark used in the logo design is trendy, modern and leave the people feeling excited about the brand.

Despite being an established brand; Kiehl’s reconnoiters their target market’s requirement now and then and comes up with the best possible skincare solutions leaving their customers with healthy and nourished skin.

Origins Logo


Serving simultaneously in the skincare and cosmetic industry, Origins is another famous beauty brand that manufactures beauty products made out of all-natural ingredients. The brand, through its wide range of products, promises to enhance your skin and health style.

The unique brand logo hints towards the organic nature of the brand. The green color in the logo reveals that all products are pulled from natural and organic sources. The green trees in the logo defines the brand’s emphasis on organic elements. The negative white space in the logo is pointing towards modernity, thereby helping the brand to stand out amongst its competitors.

The logo design clearly specifies its objectives and values. The vibrant design not only makes it stylish but memorable, making it one of the symbolic logos adored in the beauty fraternity.

Urban Decay Logo

Urban Decay

As unique as its name, Urban decay is a famous beauty brand that dared to stand out in the market. At the time when bland pinks and reds were in, Urban decay introduced its glittery seductive products that proved to be a triumph for where the brand stands today. The brand is famous for its Naked Palette which consists of 12 eyeshadows that suit all skin types literally and give significant beauty goals.

The alluring dark magenta shade in the logo design exudes sophistication and class. The illustration consists of the brand’s initial made-up of soft swirls and curves giving it a sleek look overall. The up and down arrows in “U” are hinting towards the target market that focuses on women of all skin colors.

The fantastic combination of wordmark and monogram gives a sophisticated and surreal feel to the brand. The logo’s unique color and name makes it stand out amongst the competitors.

Fenty Beauty Logo

Fenty Beauty

If you are a die-hard Rihanna fan, you must have heard about this brand. That’s right, “Fenty” is a renowned beauty brand and is recognized worldwide. Thanks to Rihanna’s huge fan following around the globe.

The brand made headlines for its wide range of 40 shades of foundations for all kinds of skin tones. But it’s not Rihanna or the varied foundations range that stands out – the new Fenty Beauty logo has its separate fan base.

The newly revamped logo looks classier than the previous one. The geometrically designed logo depicts Rihanna’s complex personality.

The inverted “N” adds an innovative and stylish touch to the logo enhancing the overall brand image in the cosmetic industry.

The sleek and sophisticated design definitely stands out in the market. And is considered one of the most iconic beauty brands loved by makeup lovers.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Started as a French retailer, Yves Saint Laurent has been in the beauty business for decades. The brand deals in makeup, fragrance, and various beauty products. Saint Laurent continues to be top in the game, maintaining its prestigiousness throughout the brand’s repute. From its products to its logo design, Saint Laurent maintains supremacy among others.

The Yves Saint Laurent logo is one of a kind. It holds onto the dominant identity of the brand, depicting sophistication, luxury and a strong foothold.

The logo consists of capital letters of the brand, subtly weaved together to perfection. It captures the beautiful elegance of the company in a modern way. So much so, that now it’s a symbol of quality, grace and authenticity.

Sephora Beauty Logo


You all must have heard of Sephora. Sephora is another famous beauty brand that was first founded in France in 1969. The brand offers broad product categories ranging from makeup, skincare, perfumes, bath and hair products.

Despite the simple logo design; The logo stood out amongst its competitors and loved and appreciated by makeup lovers from around the globe.

MAC Beauty Logo


Founded in Toronto, Canada in 1984 and Headquartered in New York City, Make-up Art Cosmetics, famously known as MAC, is a cosmetics manufacturer renowned worldwide among makeup enthusiasts. The brand made a name for itself among Estee lauder companies in 1996.

Mac’s logo perfectly complements the style of the brand; chic and bold. The logo is designed with a handwritten font, giving the appearance of MAC written with lipstick on a mirror. The three new brand colors are easily changeable, highlighting the events and excitement the brand chooses to follow.

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