The Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Website Traffic

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Cynthia Moreno

24th January 2020

Cynthia Moreno

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ – it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.’” – Adam Audette

Once you set your self on the track of online entrepreneurship, learning about website trafficking becomes a must.

If you are discerning about creating your own online business, then there are some points that you must know!

Consider this scenario; You have the best quality of services and products for your business; Your business strategy is a hit! Your logo design looks all iconic and catchy. But it is an online business that you are running, and failing to get traffic on it is going to be disastrous. Imagine how worse that would be! However, there is no need to worry. You have done your part of visiting our website, now let us take over from here.

Here you will learn about what is website trafficking, why is it important, and how you can build the traffic on your website?

What Is Web Trafficking?

Website traffic represents the web users who visit a website. Website traffic is measured in the number of visits or sessions. It is a common way to measure the efficiency of an online business and its ability to attract an audience.

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Web Trafficking

Types of Web Traffic

The two main types of website traffic are:

Organic traffic,

And Paid traffic.

Organic Traffic refers to the site visitors that come from the search engines, such as Google or Bing. According to statistics given by Hosting tutorials, 51 percent of all the website traffic is organic.

It is definitely no easy task to get your site to rank on the first page of search engines. It takes months to bring up significant results, exclusively if your site’s forte is a crowded industry. However,

the long-term investment lies in organic traffic!

On the other hand, to get the immediate results, you can aim for Paid Traffic. Visitors that come under the category of paid traffic are the ones that land on your site via advertisements like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, promoted links, and other paid means. The procedure would take just a few minutes, and you will start receiving traffic within the same day.

Moreover, these advertisement services also offer various targeting options. So, for instance, if your services are targeted towards specific age, gender, or location, etc., you always have the opportunity to set that criteria, demographically speaking.

However, as lovely as it sounds, every outstanding service comes with a price.

In order to have instant results, you must be prepared to spend a handsome pile of money on paid ads. And in markets where there is a fierce competition, you can imagine the height advertisement rates would touch!

Importance of Web Trafficking

Web traffic is like fuel, which makes your business run for you.

Traffic is vital for a website as it impacts your business in 3 crucial ways.

Bring in the Customers

This is the main task of web trafficking – to get more customers. The higher the traffic landing on your website, the more sales and profit your site will generate. Which is eventually going to bring you massive revenue.

Keeps Track of Your Data

Not only getting more website traffic brings you more customers, but it will also let you know how you can improve your custom website design. It helps you keep track of your data; lets you analyze where you are lagging your effort and how you can improve your site and services.

Massive Profit


It is no hard equation. The more you are going to get traffic on your website, the better the customer rate you will get, which will eventually turn up into a good profit.

However, increasing the quality of your web trafficking will only bring in more viewers.

To make your audience stay and convince them to buy your product is your responsibility

You need to make sure that your brand has an iconic logo design, a custom website design, and the best quality products and services that will make you stand out in the market and differentiate you from your competitors. Or else, spending time and money on your custom website design will just be a waste.

make your audience

As promised above, to save you from the stress and panic of not getting traffic on your website even after you have made a complete effort from your side. Here we have listed for you the guaranteed techniques that are going to drive massive traffic on your website.

Best Techniques to Increase Traffic on Your Website

Its time you start making notes. Keep full focus and concentration on, because other than having an iconic logo design for your website. This is the most essential thing that will grab your customers!

Plan Your Budget

You must be questioning the need for a budget plan, but it is vital and imperative to have one before you begin. You need to decide the exact amount before you go on spending to get more traffic. The reason behind is that, at times, our strategies do not work, and thinking that maybe if you’d spend a little more money, this will bring in customers only proves to be disastrous and a waste. Therefore, this technique is not going to work. To avoid spending more than the budget or even more than the project demands, will only lead you to a considerable loss.

At times you do not need to spend on increasing web trafficking. Instead, your business needs to focus on other factors, such as changing your marketing strategy. Having a budget plan is not only going to save you from extra spending, but it will also indirectly evaluate your business strategy and its outcome for you.

Not just this, the budget will also let you know how much you have already spent on establishing your business. Website designing itself takes up a lot in building an online store. So, it’s a must to set up a limit on how much you need to spend before you start earning.

Create Your SEO

SEO is the backbone of any website.

For new learners, it may seem a little confusing about how SEO is going to bring in more traffic to your website. But this is the trick here! SEO is one of the more critical steps that you will take to bring in more traffic. It will drive the audience to your web page, and a responsive web design will convince the consumers to stay. To increase your traffic significantly without spending millions of dollars, you must go for SEO.

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It only searches engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen

Social Networks

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer

To produce good content and then hope for the audience to automatically land on your page is not enough.

You must be proactive!

Today is the era of social media. You will find every individual online, either on Facebook or LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Social media today has introduced many innovative strategies to pull in traffic for your website. You can post links of your site on social media. Use Twitter which is ideal for short links, Google+ is the most effective in B2B niches as it promotes your website and shows it in personalized search results. Facebook’s automated lead generation feature, allows businesses to create automated chatbot involvement within Messenger that links the content to your site.

It is essential to have a diverse social media strategy. Other than just using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, platforms such as YouTube or Pinterest generate massive traffic as well. You can also post links of your website on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram stories along with a catch description, which is also a creative technique to drive-in the audience.

4. Take Advantage of Your Email List

With the increasing technology out there, at times, we forgo the traditional marketing strategy. But you must never forget


Talking about Email marketing that is one of the most effective technique to land in your target customer’s inbox definitely deserves a place in your advertising foundation. Over time, email marketing has endured the test of time and has proved itself as one of the most profitable tactics of marketing.

Email marketing software also makes it easy for entrepreneurs to track and analyze the efficiency of email campaigns. It helps you track your audience exactly where it comes from without making any assumptions. Hence, now you know where to get new leads from!

Median ROI By Direct Marketing Medium

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5. Start Blogging

Blogging is a need to bring in traffic in modern scenarios. So,

if your custom website design does not already have a blog page, MAKE IT YOUR FIRST PRIORITY!

Blogging is for all! Regardless of the type of business industry you’re in. Blogging is the best source to increase website traffic and create new leads.

However, before you start, you must do some homework. Know your audience, search the keywords of your niche. Make sure you produce quality content. Once your website gets a good ranking, people are going to land on your site every now and then.

It is essential to add posts as it will impact your rankings profoundly. Remember,

the most substantial results come from the most frequent posts!

You can also connect multiple techniques to drive data. Every time you create a new blog post, add its link to your social media, email, or YouTube channels. This will help you generate new leads.

6. Use Long-Tailed Keywords

People search content by writing complete sentences. Long-tailed keywords will help in increasing your SEO ranking by making your content unique, plus it will make the content look smart in Google’s eyes as well. Moreover, long-tailed keywords also get your high-intent and popular keyword bases covered, and they account for a majority of web searches as well. So, in short, targeting long-tailed keywords is quite useful in SEO strategy, and if you are not doing so, then you are for sure lagging behind!

7. Build Backlinks

Backlinking is when another website links your website or web page.

By getting Backlinks from businesses that have high domain authority, you will not just get your brand visible in front of a broad audience, but it will also drive quality traffic to your website. Moreover, Google also picks up on backlinks. If it saw other trusted sites directing yours, this will increase its trust in your business. Thus, the more backlinks you can create, the higher you will rank in Google rankings, which will lead you to more traffic. Therefore, if you want to be noticed by Google, work on creating quality backlinks.

8. Use Guest Posting

Writing as a guest also generates good traffic to your site. The guest posting reflects your dedication to your work. It shows that you are active in your community. For implementing a guest posting strategy, find a site that will be a good fit for your company, draft the blog post, and write your pitch.

You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” – Beth Comstock

It Is Not the Traffic That You Only Need

Your custom website design is an asset. It needs to be creative, have a perfect iconic logo design, and designed by a professional website designer. To get viewers on your webpage, is a hard task in itself, but to make those viewers stay and then convince them to buy your services is even more difficult. Using the above techniques are a sure gateway to get traffic on your custom website. But to create a quality content is your responsibility. Make sure your custom website design is appealing enough that it sustains lead.

“The only way to win at marketing is making the customer to say, ‘This was made specifically for me.’” – Jamie Turner

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