The New Microsoft Edge Logo Design: Hit Or A Miss?

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Shannon Robinson

9th November 2019

Shannon Robinson

Imagine having created a well thought out and carefully curated logo for your business, one that looks perfect and definitely will stand amongst its competitors. But as soon as your logo is launched forth in the market, it is entirely opposite of your expectations, leaving a bunch of unsatisfied and unimpressed customers.

As harsh as it sounds, you need to cut through the red tape and figure out why it did not hit the home run! Maybe it lacked in terms of aesthetics as customers always look forward to this. Or it no more makes sense because the logo design does not go with your ideology. No matter what the reason be, you have to accept that it wasn’t worthy enough, and it now is time to breathe new life into your brand.

Microsoft is one such name that pops up in our mind whenever we think about brands making vagaries in their logo designs. Tom Warren at The Verge revealed the newest logo of Microsoft for its Edge browser on Saturday. This new logo was released as part of a game consisting of a series of puzzles for Microsoft fans in the Inside builds. However, nothing can be said about what exactly pushed them for this sudden act, as this is all that is brought to the surface so far. I guess we will only get our questions answered when the browser goes public in January 2020.

As per now, here is everything you need to know about the new Microsoft Edge Logo.

What does the new Microsoft Edge logo look like?
The new Edge logo is undoubtedly breaking the internet with its unique design, that no more looks like Internet Explorer. It has shades of light and dark blue, with a touch of light green on one of the ends. We notice the tradition of keeping “E” in the design has diminished for the first time in history. The new design has a letter somewhere between E and C, giving it a wave-shape (for surfing the web). The Verges Warren called this one as “the most significant change” to the logo in 20 years, while explaining how it changed over the last few years.

When Edge came out first in 2015, the browser’s logo design accredited history of Internet Explorer by using an “E” with a loop cutting through instead of going around. They used the “E” with a halo wrapped around the letter. It did not seem to leave an imprint on the minds of its customers, and gradually started to diminish its reputation.
However, with Edge completely transforming into a new technology, Microsoft definitely plans on upgrading the overall look by this exclusive design.

How did Microsoft come up with the new logo?

The new Edge logo design was discovered in an elaborate Easter Egg search game where all the employees of Microsoft were supposed to marker cryptic hints to a series of images and puzzles. The participants of this puzzle were also to render an Edge icon as a 3D object, which was hidden (Obj model code) in one of the images. The result of this game was a series of words revealed in seven clues/hints that were then inputted into a JavaScript codes on the official Insider website of Microsoft. This led to filter words needed to be pulled from a video explaining final instructions to find out the secret surfing game and the new design when you finish it.

You must be wondering this game sounds familiar? Well, you are right. This surfing game is more or less like the classic skiing game called SkiFree, which was launched as part of Microsoft’s Entertainment Pack 3 in 1991 for Windows.

What do people think about the new Edge Logo?

Logo design undoubtedly is not a fun game as you merely have seconds to impress your customers right on their first encounter. While many brands succeed in creating this habitué connection and enhancing brand loyalty, others fail in depicting the vision behind their company in the best of ways.

Thanks to the new logo design, people will no more confuse Microsoft Edge with the Internet Explorer. But is that all people have to say about this? Certainly not!

On one hand where people are loving the new look by calling is a “Cool Logo”, there are others who think it’s a copy of Firefox, Chrome and Opera.
Is that so?
To me…It just can’t be! I am sure 4 logos cannot look exactly like one another, and I think the Microsoft Team deserves appreciation for taking this as a challenge. We cannot deny that it at least has done a great job at erasing the bad memories we had of the Internet Explorer.

Some are calling it a tide pole more than a logo, and we have to admit here that it actually looks that way if closely observed. Not to mention that a lot of people are suggesting to rename it to Surf if it is supposed to be a wave. What would you recommend?

Well, that is just another debate and for now, it is too early to say if the new logo design will live up to the customer expectations. We will have to wait till January 15 for it!

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