The importance of website for your business

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Shannon Robinson

15th August 2019

Shannon Robinson

Let’s start with a simple and basic question. What is a website? A Website contains interlinked web pages that are easily accessible to the public. Websites usually share a common domain name. It is a way to garner traffic to your page and turn visitors into prospects. Or simply put, it is where you display information about your brand, product or service for the entire world to see!

A good website speaks for the needs of its visitors and offers them value. Take this website for example, when you visit uptown logo, you browse through a variety of things that are helpful. By now, we should know what a website is. Let us now try and understand its purpose and utility.

A website can serve multiple purposes and functions. Unless you happen to be a business owner whose goal is to NOT grow their business, you will need a website. In recent years, with fast-track technological advancement and growth, making websites has become easier than it ever was!

You don’t need to learn complicated coding and design, and you gain the best available advertising space. Many e-commerce businesses operate solely through their websites and hence save up on annual administrative costs and the hassle of maintaining a physical store!

Let’s look at the reasons of why you may need to have a website.

Digital-savvy consumers expect it

Believe it or not, modern day consumers attach a great deal business credibility to their online presence. All big brands and many SME’s make it point to maintain a steady digital footprint. With growing businesses switching to online platforms, it has become essential for new businesses entering the market to kick-start their digital campaigns. Think about it this way, would you trust a business that had minimal digital presence? Would you consider buying if you couldn’t somehow track them online?

As with the new technology, the way people communicate with each other is changing at the speed of light. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to own a website and convey your brand values to customers.

Around a staggering 90% of the consumers claim that online reviews about a product or service influence their buying decisions and habits.

Control online narrative and impress potential buyers

It’s true you can’t influence external or third-party reviews for your business, but you can manage what viewers observe in a controlled environment through a proper website. These days people use social-media and digital platforms extensively to develop their personal brand. Websites give you the opportunity to communicate directly with your target audience. Not just that, you can also upload testimonials to generate positive word-of-mouth. You can use your website as a marketing space. User interaction can be amplified with sleek and modern website designs. It is important to make the user experience smooth and entertaining.

Convenience and accessibility

A website is accessible at all times – unless of course, it crashes! Your business is not restricted by official working hours, instead, it is accessible to your customers 24/7. Driving around aimlessly around the city browsing for the products you need can be cumbersome! Websites offer an easy and convenient alternative by allowing users to shop online. You can be sitting in your sofa and browsing through hundreds of different options! Smart entrepreneurs realize this and provide consumers with what they need most: convenience and accessibility.

Show up on google search results!

Can you think of someone who doesn’t use Google? Everyone with access to an internet service uses the search engine to look up products and services relevant to their lifestyle choices. Consider this: It is estimated that around 81% consumers perform searches prior online to making a purchase.  In the contemporary digital landscape, you can also optimize search engine results by utilizing SEO experts. To know more about optimization services, you can consult our experts here.

Cost-effective website with optimal experience

A sleek and responsive website does not cost much and provides your customers with an optimal, hassle-free experience.

Before making a website, you know how much it will cost and how much will be required to maintain it. Websites are a brilliant replacement for brick and mortar stores. You no longer have to be concerned about theft, damage, or product control!

To make user-friendly, interactive websites, connect with us here.

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