The Importance of The Shape of the Logo in Branding Activities

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Shannon Robinson

3rd December 2019

Shannon Robinson

A logo is known to be the king when it comes to developing a brand or starting up a new business. The logo is not only necessary to give an identity to a brand but also has the power to provoke an emotional appeal that can have a resounding effect on the target audience. This psychological effect can make the potential customers view the brand’s products and services offered in a particular way. An influential logo might look simple, but there is nothing simple in creating it from the colors and typography to the shapes and sizes.

The psychological impact of color in a logo design is undoubtedly massive. Every color conveys a different message that can evoke emotions in the most effective ways. But is that all one needs to keep in mind while designing a logo? Certainly not! There is another equally important thing that contributes mainly to the success of a brand, and that is the different shapes used in a logo design.

Logo Design

Just like color, different shapes of a logo design also have emotional connotations that tend to trigger various pictures and memories in the customer’s mind. This means if you add a circle shapes to your logo design, it won’t only make it look different but also will it change the way it is perceived and understood.

When you pick up a shape for your logo design, you actually add an aesthetic choice for it. This artistic choice will explain what kind of feelings and emotions you want to elicit when the target audience and protentional customers have an encounter with your design for the first time. Whether you are friendly or posses a severe nature, artistic or a science lover, conventional or modern, the logo shape will depict it before you could even explain with words.

It is now time for us to “get in shape” and talk about its types and the meanings they carry!

Types of Shapes

While there can be many types, but the widely accepted ones are ‘geometric shapes, organic shapes, and abstract shapes.’

1) Geometric shapes

The geometrical shapes of a logo are closely related to mathematical equations and include some of the common forms like square, circle, triangle, rectangle, and oval. There are other ones derived from all these shapes.

Oval and Circles:

These shapes are one of the oldest shapes we know and can be found in almost every culture. It can be found in almost half of the brands we come across on a daily basis. According to Zen Buddhism, circle and ovals define unity, strength and enlightenment. This is one of the reasons it can be in the design logo of many religions. The Ancient Greeks, however, associated these shapes with creativity and innovation. Later on, the Romans associated the circle with monotheism (belief that there is only one God).

As far as the designing of a logo is concerned, circles tend to either enfold other design elements or can block them. For example, Intel’s logo design has the business name written inside the circle, while that of Pepsi has it mentioned outside of it. Regardless of where the business names of both these brands lie, the overall logo design shape still reflects unity, harmony and power. An example of a circle logo design of an organization is NASA.

Logo Design

Rectangles and Squares:

Rectangles and squares are also widely used in the logo designs of many of the brands. These two shapes are not only linked with comfort and stability, but also equality, justice and trustworthiness. While there might be a lot of people not preferring to use these two shapes in their designs thinking they are boring and dull, there are others who think both rectangles and squares tend to grab attention easily.

Rectangles and squares are associated with anything that is concerned with the number four, because of its four sides. This is the reason it is usually used to show the four seasons of the year, the compass directions, a house as it is made up of four walls and many other things. These shapes entail loyalty and conviction and hence they can be used to build trust in the customers so that they have you as their first choice. The logo of Microsoft can be a perfect representation of a square shaped logo design.

Microsoft Logo Design


Triangles are also common shapes used in the logo designs of many brands and the history of their usage goes back to ancient civilizations where these were used as a beacon of courage, light, hope and enlightenment. As the shape is made up of 3 sides, so anything that comes in three is symbolized by a triangle, such as past, present and future or mind, body and spirit.

On the contrary, this shape also depicts tension, instability and inequality as it comprises of an odd number of sides or angles.

Logo Design

The different types of triangles include right-angles triangle, obtuse triangle and an equilateral triangle. You can go with any of these types of a triangle depending upon the specialty or the type of services your brand offers.

2) Organic Shapes

Logo Design

Just as the name suggests, organic shapes are related to the basic four elements in nature: earth, fire, water and wind. You must be wondering why most of the eco-friendly products and environmental NGOs use Organic Shapes as their logos. Well, this is the reason.

Let’s us dig a little deep and figure out each of these elements and the meanings they carry.

The Earth Shapes:

Trees, their leaves, flowers and rocks are all common examples of the Earth Shapes, with each shape reflecting a different ideology. For example, using floral images in your logo design will show hope and a feminist approach, while a rock can possibly symbolize strength and power.

The earth shaped logos provide a sense of grounding to the target audience and hence many businesses today use them in different ways, becoming confident in their particular industry.

The Air Shapes:

As air is fundamental to life and existence, it is therefore, associated with life, imagination and knowledge. Some of the widely used air shapes are clouds, spirals, wind and swirls. Technology giants and travel agencies, especially airlines use air shapes in their design logos, which reflects great communication, innovation and a new route to imagination.

The Fire Shapes:

Fire is something full of energy and energy in turn becomes a source of inspiration to others, hence this shape symbolizes energy, passion, power and stimulation. The first thing that pops up in the mind when you hear the word fire is Firefox, which entails strength with an equal proportion of creativity. This shape is largely used by businesses connected to technology and revolution.

The Water Shapes:

The water shapes such as waterfall, waves and droplets are often used to symbolize change as water can be converted easily to different states. So, business that tend to use this organic shape reflect dynamism and change through their logo designs.

3) Abstract Shapes

The abstract shapes are combinations of many geometrical and organic shapes in order to make a bigger image. These shapes are therefore complex, random and irregular. unpredictable, asymmetric, and complex. These shapes are sometimes a combination of geometric and organic shapes. An example of abstract shape is an apple logo which is generated by using oval and circles. These shapes are often combined with a text according to the type of industry one generates the logo design for.

Logo Design

Now that we have enough knowledge of different types of shapes, we can use in our logo designs, the next thing to pay attention is how to use these shapes according to the type of business, brand or services a company offers.

For your ease, here are top five ways to use the shape psychology in your design:

Top 5 Ways to Use Shapes Effectively in Your Logo Design

Giving a shape to your logo design is not simple as it might seem. You cannot randomly choose a shape because you like it or somebody suggested it to you. As the logo design will go a long way and you won’t be able to change it over and over, one has to be very careful and choosy while decided which shape to go for.

Logo Design

Before rushing into it, it is of great significance to know about the values, beliefs and ideology of your business, so that you can choose a shape accordingly. If you are confused, take some expert advice but keep in mind to take as much time as you can and only move to the next sure when you know you are gnostic enough. For your ease, here are top five ways to use the shape psychology in your design:

• Know how to choose a shape that is relevant to your industry.
• Ask yourself multiple time: does the shape feel right?
• Be careful with the colors as the colors will give more emphasis to the shape.
• Have you thought about the typography? If not, go ahead and choose a shape that can give a perfect combination with the text.
• Remember to always be creative so that you can stand out from the crowd, but also do not forget to keep it simple and real.

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