The Future of Logo After Corona Virus Ends

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Shannon Robinson

26th August 2020

Shannon Robinson

The coronavirus pandemic has put the spotlight on all aspects of the marketing and branding of companies. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is impacting every part of our lives; from the places we can go to the way we spend our time, to our priorities, and the way we spend our money. Further, it has caused the global stock markets to crash, which means as a business owner or even a marketer, the effect is widespread. The novel coronavirus is bringing a quite rapid change in business, marketing as well as in the future of logo designs.

It has become critical for brands to be tactful, adopt mindful marketing, and be empathetic to consumers’ plight. Brands must acknowledge the crisis while continuously reflecting positive values that will keep customers coming back for more.

This can be accomplished by adjusting the marketing campaigns, evaluating the language, and realigning imagery in advertisements. Brands must also evaluate new slogans, designs, or other intellectual property prior to release so that they can create a positive brand impact on consumers when they are functioning as per the previous practices.

consumers when they are functioning as per the previous practices

Over the last few months, many logo designers such as Jure Tovrljan, who has cleverly played with spacing, image, and brand names to create a bunch of witty and thought-provoking designs. This project was named as reimagined iconic logo designs. Tovrljan, as a designer displayed how designs can be used to raise awareness about the on-going pandemic. Tovrljian prefaces the designs with:

“Just an idea of how logos should look like in these difficult times. Hang in there, guys. Stay home.”


Similarly, several companies tweaked its logo designs as well in an effort to raise awareness around the spread of the novel coronavirus. Industry experts believe that brands play an important role to spread awareness through responsible communication. Through tweaking designs the entire message on social distancing can have a positive effect on consumers. This is because they expect their concerns to be raised and discussed by brands that they care about in a relevant manner. For example. The quick-service restaurant brand tweaked its emblem from Pizza Hut to “Pizza Home” to communicate the importance of staying indoors.

Brands such as Coca-Cola, according to CNN reports the beverage maker is running a billboard in New York’s Times Square showing each letter in the Coca-Cola design separated. “Staying apart is the best way to stay united,” reads their message. Audi, The automaker tweaked its logo to show the four rings separated, with the tagline “Keep Distance, Stay Together.”  were some of the brands to roll out the new design towards the middle of March. However, personally I don’t see the future of logo design is much different from how it is now. The tweaking of iconic designs can have adverse effects as well. According to a study,  71% of consumers believe coronavirus must not be exploited by brands to run commercial promotions, this depicts the need to plan ads carefully.

With all this time spent in quarantine, it’s no wonder that creativity is booming around every corner of the world. It’s also no surprise that many of the new projects that we’re seeing are in response to the coronavirus outbreak. But despite it being such an unsettling and uncertain time, artists and professional logo designers are responding with strong messages of hope, unity, and forward-thinking.

Logo designs have a lot of responsibilities these days. They’re like celebrities that never gets the chance to lounge on the couch in their pajamas, cramming some icecream into their face. Logos are and had to be camera-ready, always.

After coronavirus ends, the brand’s design must also be redesigned or tweaked a little bit. It is important to freshen it up a bit. Companies need to make a constant investment by hiring professional logo designers or by availing logo design services to not let their logo turn into a visual crutch. People will be looking forward to a fresh start after the pandemic. The logo designs after the end of Covid-19 needs to be communicative, engaging, and visually pleasing.

One should not underestimate the potential for tough crises like COVID-19 to reset business rules. Luxury brands will have to focus on experiences, storytelling,  conveying purpose, and values along with heritage and authenticity by their designs to remain relevant to their newly discerning customers. In a world where conspicuous consumption might be less acceptable for a while, prominent logos will recede. Meaning, the world will be seeing more discreet logos, the creative style of a brand will come back to the fore.

Stand Out From Your Business Rivals

The crash of stock markets and business will lead to severe competition in the market after coronavirus ends

The crash of stock markets and business will lead to severe competition in the market after coronavirus ends. With businesses flourishing again,  every brand will be wanting to be ahead of everyone. There will be hundreds of companies offering products and services the same as you. It will become difficult to stand out and apart from your rivals. A logo design, however, is the solution to this problem.

Professional logo designers and logo design services can help to come out with a design that will help the brand to stand out among the sea of competitors with a unique design concept.

The competition among businesses will be increasing, and it is expected to become even fiercer. The success ratio of new businesses and startups will drastically go down. The competition will put heavy pressure on the businesses to develop memorable logo designs to cope with the cutthroat competition.

Native Space

With minimalism still going strong, professional logo designers will be using negative space in logo designs cleverly. Such designs are always attention-grabbing for consumers. this trend is going to be continued in the near future.


the future to create iconic logo designs for business

We will be seeing professional logo designers using their full potential in the future to create iconic logo designs for business. Merging gradients with 3D animation, professional logo designers create captivating 3D effects, shadows, and depth like we’ve never seen before.

These logo designs will be perfect for screens. Further, will help to market the brand digitally. 3d gradient logos are more visually dynamic and certainly will be very eye-catchy. When combined with animation can truly bring a brand’s personality to life. Affordable logo design services can help brands to create 3d gradient logos which will not only be visually pleasing but will also take the brand to next level in the digital world.

 80s throwback logo designs

Throwback logos will make a comeback after coronavirus ends

Throwback logos will make a comeback after coronavirus ends. WHY? It is because the reference of nostalgic 80s items brings back people’s memories, stimulates emotions, and will help them think about good old times. Brands capitalize on consumers’ nostalgia. Old-school 80s tech is officially old enough to be retro, cool, and most importantly, collectible.

Wordmark logo design

Office Max, Home Depot, and Walmart all represent the most commonly used type of logo

Office Max, Home Depot, and Walmart all represent the most commonly used type of logo, the wordmark. Typically, this type of design is created from the text, typeface, and unique typographic treatments to express the brand’s identity and values. We will see this logo design making a come back after coronavirus ends. With stock markets and businesses crashing, many brands will use and rely on this design. With no need for graphic elements, the text is often exactly literal, states the name of the company, and can easily convey the values and message of the brand.

Wordmarks work best for companies whose names describe what they do, or for those with a distinctive name, even if it’s not yet a household word. This type of logos is cost-effective for companies with limited marketing budgets that need to focus their efforts on building name recognition after coronavirus. It can also help associate the brand name with products or services more concisely than a symbol might.

Raw & imperfect logos

Right next to digitally designed gradient and 3D logos, we’ve got designs that are hand-drawn

Right next to digitally designed gradient and 3D logos, we’ve got designs that are hand-drawn. Many brands might be rejecting the sleek, perfect looking logo designs. These raw logos take us back into sketchbooks where there are asymmetry, uneven lines, and shading techniques like cross-hatching and contour shading. Again, capitalizing on consumer’s nostalgia.

They will be getting grittier and more sketch-like and stamp-like as the brand will embrace the homegrown, organic look. Professional logo Designers will be seeing constantly pushing the boundaries to explore infinite ways to achieve something that hasn’t been done before to create an engaging and effective logo design.

Along with the abrupt halt of our daily life, the COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on businesses across sectors. Businesses are too eager to boost their productivity and demand. With the noticeable change in consumer behavior that has been altered by the crisis, companies need to adapt to big changes in how to get their information conveyed through consumers via logos.

Logo design services can professionally create a logo design that will help consumers to build faith in the products or services of the company. The companies will again make efforts to make customers have a positive perception of their brand. This, in turn, will help the logo to become a symbol of trust. Later, these logo designs will give the company a competitive edge over competitors.  To start again after COVID-19, businesses should give priority to their logo design. It is as important to have a marketing strategy in place. Small businesses including startups should carefully plan their logo for its impact on potential customers.

In the light of changing business landscapes, the technology arena, peoples’ lifestyle, and past trends, The marketplace will become more and more saturated, meaning people will have to adapt in order to be noticed.

Whenever we get back to our new normal, whatever that is, one thing is clear: Consumers will be back in the market and brands have to persuade them. It may happen just as quickly as the quarantine did. That’s why it’s critical for businesses to keep their marketing going on. They need to be ready to tackle consumers once their doors open back up.

Want to be prepared to garner the hordes of customers once practices get back to normal? Let us handle the preparations!

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