The Foolproof Way to Craft an Iconic Logo Design

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Shannon Robinson

3rd January 2020

Shannon Robinson

A creative logo design tends to imprint itself within the consciousness at the very first glance. We are talking about the kind of bewitching logo design that makes the competitors hanker after, and the designers wish they had designed one just like it! This is the type of design that, although, looks simple but underlies days of work, efforts, and creativity, which pushes it towards a raw edge of ingenuity and artistry that compares to none. At this point, brand strategies come to play!

It is a Brand Strategy that provides a map thatgives birth to iconic logo designs that can stamp themselves to the mind of the viewer. Generally, a strategy provides the blueprints which revolve around collaborations between clients and designers, the execution of the plan, and the contingencies involved. These strategies are a crucial part of logo designing as they work as a compass that points towards the goal and help you reach your destination. Without a solid brief and planned idea, you are bound to fall back.

There are no shortcuts to a unique logo design!

Quality requires hard work and round-the-clock efforts. You have to put in maximum efforts in each step of the process to get the best results. A design brief helps the logo designers understand the components that are critical to your design needs like the type of the organization, their positioning, their competition, mission, and values, who they are, and, most importantly, what they stand for.

If you figure out what makes the business different from its competition, half your work is done! The competitive edge that a company has helps you uniquely position the brand in the marketplace. You owe it to your clients and to your design portfolio, to follow a thorough logo design process so that when you can complete the project, you create the logo design of their dreams.Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of the process now.


Iconic Logo Design

Before starting working on your logo design, you need to know all the specifics; what does the company do? Who are their customers? Who is the competition? What are their values, and where do they stand? When you get the answers to such questions, you can design a logo that not only fits perfectly but encompasses the entirety of the brand image. Do your research and find out everything you possibly can about the company to ensure that you hit around the bullseye and achieve your target successfully.


While insight relies on how much information you gather, intuition is something that you develop with time as you create more and more logo designs. A good logo always has a meaning behind it, a message that it conveys to its audience. If you take a closer and goodlook at some of the world’s most successful brands, you will find that they all express their brand idea and show their personality using their logo designs.

But how do you achieve this meaning?

The best possible way to achieve meaning is to start with systematic, creative thinking. Extracting concepts and ideas from different logo designs, mapping out the various details like symbols, icons, and establishing a visual language will enable you to create a theme for your logo design.


Human brains are hardwired in a way that processes shapes before words and color. This works as an advantage for the logo designers as using and creating the right symbol will boost the business and may take it to a point where the logo itself will be enough to recognize the brand.

You need a fundamental knowledge of human behavior to create something that is impactful and has a powerful influence on the target audience. The importance of the shape, the colors,and the fonts used in a logo design all symbolize the brand image and are of crucial importance.


Iconic Logo Design

After you are done researching the company, the fun part of the job begins! This step involves building your concepts and generating ideas for top logo design. You have to let your mind run free and jot down the ideas on a piece of paper as you allow the inspiration to flow. This is the time to develop theright blend of graphics that shape up your plans perfectly.


By creating multiple concepts, you allow yourself to have a bunch of options as you try to encapsulate the complex and diverse nature of an entire business into a small, unique logo design which will be used in a mountain ofareas and circumstances. Be sure to create concepts that are consistent with one another. Too much diversity in your ideas will not only confuse you but willperplex your client as well.

When you create a concept, as yourself, if the logo design resonates with your client’s brand and values, think about how the design ideas and concepts that you have created will perform in different areas. A good logo design is always of a flexible nature; it can look good in tall and skinny places, in color and in black and white, in shadowy areas and up high, stitched on clothes, or printed on balloons.

Creating some rough mock-ups at this stage will help you createthe logo design of your dreams.Mock-ups lend a helping hand to not you and your client to conjure up an image and envision the potential of your logo design ideas that go beyond a single image on the computer screen or a piece of paper.


Iconic Logo Design

Take a deep breath, step back from your work station, and relax. After investing hours of your time, energy, efforts, and creativity, it is time for you to take a breather and relax your mind for a bit. Taking a break will help your brain recharge and give it time to start anew and fresh.

If you have come up with a bunch of logo design concepts, shortlist your ideas by focusing on the stronger ones, and discarding the ones you find weak.Analyze your concepts, be your critic, and make changes accordingly. After you are delighted with your work, try to get feedback from your colleagues and friends and possibly from your client to gain some fresh insights.

Keep an open mind, be tolerant, and experiment with different ideas that you get, step out of your comfort zone and your preferred tastes and prioritize the requirements set by your client.

Once you make all the necessary changes, after the feedback, finalize your designs and prepare to present your ideas formally to your client. Try to keep the amount of logo designs to as minimum as possible. Present your ideas by explaining them thoroughly and with confidence.


When push comes to shove, there is no sure-fire, concrete way to come up with an iconic logo design every time. But you can try your best by tailoring your process to best suit the goals of the project, all the while blending in your ideas to give it the creative edge it requires.

Iconic Logo Design

Follow the work process, tailor it according to your needs, get feedback, and put in the work, and you are on your way to crafting the perfect logo design!

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