The Different Types of Logos to Choose From

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Cynthia Moreno

31st January 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Regardless of its small size, a logo never goes unnoticed and is responsible for various functions that tend to determine the success of your business or brand. It is undoubtedly the first thing people see when making acquaintance with the products you have launched or the services you offer. There isn’t a thing known as a second chance or impression; therefore,

It is imperative to make sure you have come up with the best visual representation of your thoughts in the form of a logo design.

A good logo does not only gain customer attention by its colorful designs and typography but also ensures that the products you create stand out from the crowd for their unique features and benefits. This logo design will serve you in many ways, from being your company’s identity to helping you get through your competitors. So, it is essential that you do the required research of what type of a logo will best suit your business, keeping in mind all the products, services, as well as the overall ideology behind your brand.

An aptly designed logo

The fact that not every logotype will represent your business in the most effective ways, it is imperative to have enough knowledge of all the logotypes, so that you can get to filter out the suitable one. An aptly designed logo not only adds a professional appeal to your corporate documents but also will make it easier for consumers to recognize you, which in turn enhances brand image and brand loyalty. Before you start creating the logo design for your brand, which definitely will go a long, long way, here are the types of logo designs you should know.

Types of Logos

Logo designs can be crafted in almost all imaginable shapes and sizes. You might think the dozens of logos designs that you come across every day look the same. Well, that is a huge misunderstanding, and, today, we will talk about all the types of logo designs you can choose from.

There are five common types of logos, which are:


Abstract Logos


Logotypes or Wordmarks

Symbols or Pictorial marks


This logotype features a word with a symbol, an image, or a geometric shape. All the stamps you see in offices and coats of arms, and other similar designs fall in the emblem category. This type of logo design is usually used by schools, hospitals, and government agencies.

These logo designs are often considered more detailed than other types as they include delicate linework and small, yet detailed imagery with some meaning hidden. The old logo design of Starbucks with the boundary surrounding the image can be an example of an emblem.

company logo design

Why is it a good idea to go for an emblem?

Well, there are two main reasons for choosing an emblem as your company’s logo design:

o Your brand or product tends to convey a sense of tradition or permanence.

o You will convey a sense of solemnness through an emblem.

Why isn’t emblem a good idea?

Remember that your logo size will have to be modified according to the products and services you offer, and emblems do not look great when shrunk down small. You will not even be able to read well from a distance, especially when put on a billboard.

Abstract Logo Designs

logo design features

This type of logo design features several geometric shapes, such as triangles, lines, squares, rectangles, and many other ones that you can think of. The only thing that limits an abstract logo design is your imagination. Other than that, you can come up with whichever shape or combination of shapes you wish to have in your company’s logo design. Adidas is the best example of an abstract logo design brand.

Why is it a good idea to go for an abstract logo design?

o This is an excellent idea if you want to add a pictorial element to your logo but are looking for creating a more serious tone than other graphic logos through an abstract logo design.

o You want to be creative and unique.

Why isn’t abstract a good idea?

o Since abstract logo designs reflect emotions, be sure of what exactly do you want to portray, or people might confuse it with some other emotion. Think as many times as you can before you decide to choose this logotype.

Mascots as Your Logo

Do you have a favorite cartoon character? Well, I am sure you do, and we all loved cartoons, at least at some point in life. Mascots are pictures and drawings of a person or an anthropomorphized character. Colonel smiling from the KFC logo design is an example of a mascot. These logo designs flexible and can have different representations and emotions according to the context or occasion. Mascots are used by sports brands, food companies, and other service companies.

KFC logo design

Why to choose a mascot for your logo design?

o Mascots are considered great to gain attention from children and families.

o It shows that your brand is friendly, communicative, and cheerful.

o The target audience will connect on an emotional level

Why not choose a mascot as your brand logo?

o If you want your brand to give off a serious vibe or is offering such a service, then choosing a mascot would not work out for you.

Logotypes or Wordmarks as Logos

The logotypes, also known as wordmarks, are logo designs that feature the company name. There are no symbols, graphic patterns, geometric shapes, or emblems in this logotype. The focus on such a logotype is entirely on the typography. A logotype or wordmark will tie a company’s identity and ideology to the name of the brand.

Logotypes or Wordmarks as Logos

The fact that you will only have a word or words to grab customer attention, the font and size and color of the words should be carefully chosen. It not only should be able to look and sound appealing, but also effectively convey the meaning. Google is the best example that has used wordmark as its logo. The reason why Google is so impactful and tempting is because the colors, font, and style best represent the whole business.

Why not choose a wordmark as your brand logo?

o If you are a start-up and want people to recognize you, then it is a wise idea to go for a wordmark. This will make it easier to memorize your company name.

o Logotype or wordmarks are considered to tie and enhance the visual memory and name.

Why should one avoid a wordmark or a logotype?

o If the name of your company is long, then it is not a good idea to use it as your brand logo because then it will look dull and boring.

Symbols or Pictorial Marks

Symbols or Pictorial Marks

Using symbols and graphic signs is a central brand element that gives a unique personality to your brand. What comes in your mind when you hear the word Apple (IT company)? An apple? Of course not! It is instead a bitten apple. The logo design of such top companies have now become standalone images or symbols that make the brand identifiable by only looking at the bitten apple.

Why should you choose a pictorial mark or a symbol for your company logo?

It will reflect the idea that your brand is as creative as your logo design.

Symbols are easy to get attracted to and memorize.

Why not use a pictorial mark?

If you are not sure of your future products, then better not use a symbol for your logo design as it could lock you into a particular way of marketing your product and services offered.

Do you need help with your logo design?

Have you decided what logotype will best suit your company? Well, if you have, then let us get to work!

As your logo design will follow your business anywhere and everywhere, it is immensely important to make it worth it. Whether you do not have a logo still or looking for redesigning it uniquely, Uptown would be just the right place for it.

Uptown Logo Design will assist you at every step of your journey because they are the best in town!

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