The Daunting Process of Choosing Your Custom Logo Designer Explained!

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Shannon Robinson

26th December 2019

Shannon Robinson

The best logo designs serve as visual calling cards and are memorable depictions of the brand that are plastered across a variety of not only digital but physical formats. A single logo represents the company to the entire world and thus should be crafted very carefully and creatively. A professional logo works as a trigger for the services your brand provides and engages the consumers with the brand. Ipso facto, according to studies, people only remember 10% of the information they hear, 20 % of the information they read, and 80% of the information they see. So, the million-dollar question is

How Do You Find The Best Way To Get Your Logo Designed?

The internet is full of answers to possibly every question, and it has a solution for this problem as well! There are a few ways to get the iconic logo design for your company, but it may get confusing and hard as the choices are simply boundless, while other constraints are constricted. The lack of budget may lead a brand to opt an affordable logo design company. While in the short-run the option may seem feasible, in the long-run the cheap logo design backfires. Similarly, while choosing the best logo company in the world may be the best resolution per se, the pecuniary constraints act as a bulwark and let the notion be nothing more than just a pipedream. Thus, to balance the resources and the constraints out, one must dig deeper into this subject, as the devil is in the details!

Question Yourself

The first and most critical step in selecting a custom logo designer is to set your goals. When you place your goals, you know what you need and are looking for, which makes it easier for you to find a designer. When seeking for the perfect designer, you must keep all the details of the brand in mind. The brand identity plays a massive role in defining your company, and remember that iconic logos help create this identity. Once these parameters are set, only then can you start the hunt for a logo designer.

Logo Design

To ensure all the details and requirements, you need answers for following questions:

What is the budget?

What is the timeline?

What is the scope of the project?

A financial blueprint of the project is what paves the way towards your perfect platform. Once you have decided on your budget, it becomes easier to find a designer. Determine the timeline of the project and link it with your budget. Lastly, the scope of the project should be clear and specific from the very beginning. Once you know all these details, your search will be more accurate and will be of immense help to you.

Do Your Research

Logo Design

The entire game-plan revolves around this step. After determining all the nuts and bolts of the project, the hunt for the perfect professional logo designer begins!

Before you select the perfect platform to find your logo designer, you need to do your research. All these platforms have their own merits and demerits that need to be thoroughly researched and carefully considered.

Opting Freelancers

There are millions of remarkable professional logo designers working in the freelance industry with significant portfolios and skills that set them apart. The competition in the freelance industry is high, and it can get challenging to choose the best one amongst the pool of freelancers. While a freelance logo designer`s role is quite varied, clients hire freelancers when needed to create a plethora of work at the tightest of deadlines.

Freelancers jump from client to client and change specialties quite often to diversify and expand their portfolios. Working with a freelance logo designer may prove to be beneficial when you have a small budget and time. The open communication helps in determining the exact needs to clarify all the requirements directly, which leaves very little room for errors or mistakes.

Freelance logo designers are not committed to a regular 8-hour job, which gives them more time to devote themselves entirely to the project, and thus they can deliver to tight deadlines. The online freelance market houses freelancers from the entire world, which gives a lot of options to find a logo designer as per your preferred time zone.

Each freelance designer works differently and at his own pace. You have to make sure you understand the number of revisions of a design a freelancer allows you with, the timeline set by the freelancer, and the rate of the work done. The best way to do so is to communicate appropriately.

Every freelancer has a different way to get paid, which includes an upfront payment, issuance of an invoice when the work is completed, and some establish different plans with their clients like ‘in-between’ payments or an advance at the beginning of work and rest at the end.

There is a pool of online marketplaces such as Upwork, Freelancer, Behance, Fiverr, and many more, which house different freelancers of many categories, providing several services and features to make it easier to find and hire a logo designer. Since a freelancer works as an individual, these online markets show you all the ratings and reviews they receive, which reflects the mirror image of their performance and work.

Design Contests

A design contest is a platform for designers to showcase their work for a prospective buyer. By launching a design contest, you can get you a wide variety of perspectives and inspirations for your brand`s logo design.

To launch a contest, you have to fill out a brief of your design to let the entrants know your ideas and requirements. After that, you receive a number of submissions from designers from which you choose the best plan. Design contests also allow you to give feedback.

Keep in mind; design contests are best for projects that require a single and specific design like a logo or a book cover design. These design contest features all sorts of logo designers, which, however, increases the risk of hiring the wrong person for your work.

With a design contest, you get to see a lot of options for your logo design, which provides several perspectives and may inspire you to find even better ideas. The biggest drawback in a design contest is that the process is time-consuming, and to get the best results, you have to spend a lot of time giving feedback.


A professional logo company will employ many designers and will work with you to determine your needs and the best way to visually communicate your message. The downside of an agency is that you’ll be one of many clients. Agencies can also be a costly solution.

Agencies are the best option when you have ongoing work, need quality work, and have a big budget. Working with a logo design agency is always a good option for those with an intensive marketing plan and strategies as agencies handle all the logistics of your project. Finding the perfect designer becomes their headache. All you need to do is brief your requirements thoroughly and expect your work to be done skillfully and then sent to you when completed.

If you are seeking a more organized approach to get your work done, agencies are precisely what you are looking for. The best of the best logo designing firms ensure quality as their brand name and image is at stake. For long term commitments and professionally designed logos to give your brand a sense of steadiness and professional identity, an agency is the right choice.

Choosing the best option

Logo Design

After determining the requirements of the project and conducting thorough research, it will become quite clear which platform to opt for a creative and an iconic logo design.

Viewing different portfolios is by far the best way to select a designer. By scanning through different portfolios, you can find designers who show great experience and required skills that are concentrated within your brand’s industry.

To select a professional logo designer, you need to ensure if they have the relevant experience, check their reviews and recommendations, and be clear and specific with your expectations and goals.

Logos help set a desired perspective and image of a brand in the clients’ mind. These are what makes the identity of a business, and are the most important investment a company can make. So, you have to be very careful and choose your designer wisely.


To summarize, in simple words, logo design is an essential part of creating your business. A logo is a concise and efficient way of engaging with your client base, and thus, you need to go all-in when working on your brand`s logo design. Mapping out the needs and requirements set according to your brand identity helps you decide which path to choose when opting for logo design services.

If you are still confused, let us take care of it. At Uptown Logo Design find packages for your specific project. We offer one of the best logo design services to help you create a logo according to your brand image to set your business apart from your competitors. See our portfolio and decide for yourself!

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