The 7 Deadly Sins of Logo Designs You Need to Avoid

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Shannon Robinson

11th March 2020

Shannon Robinson

It is human tendency to err. By nature, it is the ethos of the human spirit to follow a path not inscribed in the original and the true scripture. While this manifestation fundamentally comes to pass as far as religion is concerned, even more so, this is the case when designers get to work!

Like every other industry, the designing industry is on the continuous verge of engendering new concepts. And while some of these might transmute into trends that are categorically followed by a myriad of designers all over the globe, there are always some heretics that despite wanting to be on the right path (of following trends and succeeding) end up committing the 7 deadly sins of logo designing, which eventually ends up in the designer having to design again or getting revisions for a project he/she so vehemently worked on.

Solution? Avoid The seven deadly sins at all costs!


If you aren’t accustomed to these sins, have a look hereunder.


The Spacing Greed – Let Negative Spacing Rule


It is believed that the average person is exposed to almost 3500 to 20,000 brand messages every day. And in such a time of maelstrom media, we have to make sure that the face of the company communicates its meaning to all those people in just a matter of a few seconds. More than ever, simplicity and clarity are essential elements to incorporate in your logos.

An easy way to make your design simple is to stop being greedy about space and not put too much stuff into it. When you tend to cram too much information into the design, you start cramping your own image.

Professional Tips To Avoid Spacing Greed


Professional Tips To Avoid Spacing Greed

Never end up filling all the spaces. You do not have to put up everything you can find on the internet. Leave some space to breathe and try to avoid cramped and tight elements on the design canvas.

Avoid increasing the space between the script fonts. If you happen to increase the spacing a little too much, you will end up making the letters too apart from each other as if they are separate words.

Adding extra space between the letters of your design is always a great idea. This will help you enhance the design style, leaving more breathing room with lots of negative space.

There is no need to bash the borders. Do not try to cram your text up against the edges, as this will make the text hard to read and process.

The Sizing Sloth – One Size Doesn’t Fit All


One Size

When it comes to size, a lot of designers slip into becoming a lazy person thinking it won’t really make a difference. Well, it surely does make a difference. As a matter of fact, it is one of those elements that differentiate good custom logo designs from a bad ones.

Many entrepreneurs are under the wrong impression that custom logo designs, which are big in size are the most effective ones in grabbing customer attention. However, this is not always the case.

Yes, such logos might catch the viewer’s attention but maybe in a bland manner. You have to make sure the logo size is appropriate according to the industry you operate in, needs to be designed based on its utility.

Professional Tips To Avoid The Sizing Sloth


First of all, know what the ideal size ratios are. For every platform you use, there is a standard logo size that gets the perfect fit. For instance, if you are to post to Pinterest, the ideal size is 600 x 900. Similarly, for Facebook, it is 180 x 180 pixels, and that of Instagram is 110 x 110 pixels.

Make sure to have a proper file format. It is best to go with PNG and JPG for any digital or screen project. However, PDFs are often suggested for print. You can use it for a brochure, stationery design or a business card.

Do not make the images too small. Before you finalize your design, make sure the pixel dimension of the image matches the size you try to fill. For instance, if you are posting on Instagram, try using the full recommended 1080 x 1080 pixels, as if you drop it back to 400 pixels, Instagram will stretch it to fill the remaining space. The result would be loss in quality or pixelation.

In other words, it will leave a terrible impression of your brand. If you are unaware of the size dimension for every platform you represent your brand on, look upon the internet as there is literally nothing you cannot find there!

The Color Gluttony – Never Overdo Colors


Color Gluttony

If I ask how many colors should a custom logo has, what would your answer be? Maybe 2 or 3? Or is it more than 3? Well, there always are exceptions, but if you are planning to use more than three colors in your design, you are simply overdoing it.

Some of the world’s most recognized brands only use a single color for their logo, for instance, Nike, Starbucks, and Apple, while others prefer two or three colors like New York Knicks and Orlando Magic.

Though there will be exceptions to the rules, you have to be as simple as possible. The fact that different colors connotate different meanings, while triggering different emotions, are for one and one reason only – You choose colors that you think will help you communicate with the audience.

Professional Tips To Avoid Color Gluttony


Avoid using colors with low contrast for text. If there is no contrast between your text and the background it is written in, the text will not be readable. This element becomes even more important in the case of signage that needs to be read at a quick glance.

Go for a color palette. You can then pick a contrasting color for elements you want to stand out.

Have knowledge of societal and cultural meaning. There are certain colors that have a cultural connotation attached to it, for instance, Red is a symbol of luck and prosperity in some countries, while in others, it is a sign of danger. Be aware of which color is to go in your design along with the meaning it reflects.

The Filters Craze – Simplicity is The Key


Your Instagram and Snapchat filters might make you look cool, but maybe that is not a great idea with your brand`s logo. Freehand, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other such graphic designing programs are powerful tools you can use for filters, but always remember not to get carried away as then you would complicate the overall design.

You would want to add every beautiful color going with your brand or the products you sell, but keep in mind that you have to filter out the best from them. Simplicity is the key, after all!

Professional Tips To Avoid The Filters Craze


Professional Tips To Avoid The Filters Craze

Ask yourself if you even need filters. The fact that all the pictures you are to use are already supplied by a professional photographer, there is no need to add more filters to them.

Use a Subtle Filter. If you are sure you need to add a filter or two, go for a subtle one that does not overcomplicate your design.

Filters with intention are the best. Filters become a necessity when there is an intention behind them. Maybe you want your image to go black and white because you are to add a vintage tone to the design. That is acceptable.

The Drop Shadow Rage-Easy on The Drop Shadows


Drop Shadow Rage - custom logo designs

Another deadly sin many of the designers commit is over usage of drop shadows even when there is no need. You want your logo to be clear enough to be recognized from a distance, and adding drop shadows would not only make it hard to read but also can affect the legibility of your custom logo designs.

Effects like a drop shadow add a blurry 3D effect to your design that would make eye strain to process what they are seeing. So, there is no need for experimenting with effects and drop shadows.

Professional Tips To Avoid Drop Shadows


How about using a template instead? Find a template that already has a drop shadow and use that to start designing the face of your company. Only then will you be able to see how designers add drop shadows without ruining the design.

When using drop shadows, use them sparingly. Try only to use a drop shadow when you have a solid reason as to why use them. For instance, if you are to mimic multiple polaroid pictures, you definitely will have to use a drop shadow in your custom logo designs.

Drop shadows on text is always an excellent idea. You must have noticed drop shadows on text adds style to the design. For instance, the drop shadowed letters on Word.

The Proofreading Pride – Recheck, Recheck, Recheck!


Proofreading Pride - Custom Logo designs

You might be the best designer out there, but that should never give you the pride not to proofread your work. There is a reason they say, “To err is human.”

So never be overconfident about your design as it is better to recheck then facing embarrassment. If you are done skimming through it once, go through it again. Going through your work multiple times not only helps you point out the mistakes but also gives you ideas to make it better.

After all, there always is room for improvement, right? Do not fall prey to this deadly sin, which will not even take more than thirty minutes of your precious time.

Were you looking for tips to proofread your work?

Well, that certainly requires no tips. The only advice/suggestion/tip we can give you is to PROOFREADING THE DESIGN OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Falling for the Wrong Designer – You Sow As You Reap


Professional Tips Why You Need To Avoid Hiring Amateurs

Never get your designs from a nonprofessional amateur who is not familiar with this line of work. That is the worst thing you can do for your business. You might at first feel great about it thinking you have saved a lot of time and money, but in the longer run, this manifestation takes a turn for the worst.

Professional Tips Why You Need To Avoid Hiring Amateurs


  • Your design will never look unique and memorable.
  • There are chances of the amateur designer to copy somebody else’s work.
  • The custom logo designs will not have a longer lifespan as amateurs often forget to research and keep an eye on the latest trends before designing.
  • It might not be scalable and you cannot separately get it designed for every social media platform and website

And the list goes on and on, but we do not want to scare you, so let’s just stop here and give you the solution for this deadly sin.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. It is best to invest in a great logo company because eventually, you will be getting double in return. And if you are wondering where you can find such a company, then Uptown is the perfect place for you. The best part about this company is that the designs are affordable yet professional and iconic. What more can one ask for? Check their website now and get amazing deals!

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