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Robert Hall

30th July 2018

Robert Hall

After the IGTV (Instagram TV) rollout last month the parent company, Facebook, is back with something of the similar sort up on Facebook. Beta testers for the Facebook mobile app woke up to the new feature updated on their mobile apps (or those with auto update off got an update notification).
So this new update rollout testing adds a tab dedicated to videos between the already existing tabs for “Notifications” and “Friend Requests”.

Once on the tab itself, you see the “watchlist” at the top of the tab where top videos from across the platform appear for you to watch. Now since this feature is still in beta, it is safe to assume they will update the “watchlist” to videos posted by related groups/influencers. Still have doubts on that though, since Instagram never did any of that.

Right after the “watchlist” is the “top video for you” which has been populated by videos posted by groups and friends together with the videos that are related to those videos via the social graph (hope you get the connection).

Stop Doing – Just WatchThere’s a lot more to come for this tab though, have all the high hopes for it. Like while watching a video on the tab, a tapped the video and it opened up in the regular video stream completely missing the 10-second moves, both back and forward. Here’s hoping to see many more features with the same tab to come. We will keep you posted on it for sure.

P.S.: While trying to get a screenshot of the app descriptions, noticed that their app screenshot on play store is missing the “Friend Requests” tab with a new layout and an addition of an icon similar to a shop. Maybe their next beta update will bring about nearby businesses, you never know.

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One Response to Stop Doing – Just Watch

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