Step by Step Guide to Set Up Your Website Design

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Cynthia Moreno

1st February 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Internet and The Contemporary EraBarak

The contemporary era is based entirely on online media. Today you can find anything and everything online. Starting from grocery shopping to buying heavy machinery, to reviewing the tiniest or even the most significant things, booking cars and hotels. Everything is controlled by the internet today.

In such days a person or a business which is not online is bound to fail because

The first thing people are going to do right after they hear about your business is to search you online!

And consider the disappointment it would be if they couldn’t find you online.

To have a successful business, two things are the most vital; first, an iconic logo design and second a professional website design.

Some companies offer logo and branding services at affordable rates; however, if you are more inclined towards professional design and want to create a customized web design, then this is the blog for you!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of professional website design, let’s briefly talk about why there is an imperative need for an iconic logo design and a custom web design.

The Need for an Iconic Logo Design

Iconic Logo Design

Many people may question the need for a logo. To start with the former idea, an iconic logo design is necessary for any business because it is that logo design your consumers are going to associate you with. All famous and big-shot companies have their customized logo design that are stamped in the mind of many.

Ever seen an apple product without having its iconic logo design on its product?

Obviously never! The reason being that the custom logo design you see on their products signifies the brand. It shows that the Apple company has manufactured that product. This simple technique of having your custom logo design on your products and other accessories like flyers, etc., is the best marketing and branding strategy!

Once the potential customers see your product with your custom logo design on the stand of several products, they will definitely not go for any other brand. For this purpose, you must get your iconic logo design customized in a way that it looks decent, elegant, and graceful, all at once. Such that a customer should see it once, and the unique logo design makes a home in his mind forever!

We understand that an iconic logo design makes home in the mind of the consumer, but it is imperative to make it a permanent resident there. Once the custom logo design is permanently imprinted in mind, it will ensure customer loyalty and customer retention.

The Need for A Website

Website Design

An iconic logo design helps customers to identify your product in the crowd of many products. But you have to have a strong presence in order to get recognized. Makes sense, right? When it comes to Generation Z – whose life starts and ends with technology – for them, it is a must to make everything available online!

These people aren’t going to buy your products unless they do not verify them from your website and read the reviews online. Now imagine how off and shady your business would be perceived if anyone tries to search your product online, and they are unable to find your website.

However, setting up a website is not an easy job. It demands creativity, extensive knowledge relating to web development and SEO, and vigorous determination. Web design needs to be appealing to the eyes but it has to make sure to include everything that is important all the while ensuring there isn’t too much information clutter present. As easy as it may sound at first, website design is not a simple task and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, there is no need to worry. No matter if your business is a small or a big one, if you want a custom web design for a personal blog or full-fledged business. We have got your back! In this blog, we are going to guide you step by step on not only how to build your website, but all there is to know about custom web design as well.

8 Easy Steps to Design Your Website

Grab your pen and notebook and start noting the key points. Here you will get all the details you need to know for a website design.

Steps to Design

Doing Homework for the Web Design, You Want

The main task here for you is to find an alluring layout for your custom web design. But that’s not the only thing.

Before you embark on your search to find an attractive and engaging website design for your business, you first need to do some homework.

However, the question is what and how!?!

 First of all, make notes on why do you need this custom web design. What is your vision and your goal for this professional website design? What is going to be the purpose of this professional website design?

 Once you have a clear idea in your mind, now the second thing is knowing the personality of your custom web design. Just like you have a personality of your own and based on it, you talk, wear clothes and hang around with people. Similarly, your professional website design must have a personality too. It is crucial because this personality trait is going to differentiate your website from others!

 Third is you need to know your audience. Decide who will be your targeted audience, then think of a creative design accordingly. For instance, if your website targets children or teenagers, choose vibrant colors and appealing theme.

 Now comes the primary step. Once you are done with sorting out background knowledge, you are ready to search different platforms for a decent website design. Look at Pinterest dashboard; they offer a massive list of all-time hit custom web designs.

 If you find nothing of your interest, check the web portfolios of Uptown Logo Design. They offer the best services and affordable packages!

“Understanding your users is essential to the success of any business. It means you can customize and improve the experience you deliver and better serve their needs. Doing that has a direct impact on the bottom line.” – Wolfgang Bruns, CRO Manager

Get A Domain Name

Does this sound familiar? A domain name is the name that you will decide to use for your custom web design. For example;,, Here, Facebook, Google, and Apple are the domain names of world-famous websites, and .com shows their Top-Level domain (TLD).

You can always choose one for your website, too, like Make sure you choose a domain name the same as the title of your business. As people search for your website with the name of your company and keeping a different web domain may look unique to you, but it’s a complete fail idea as it will not show up on the search results.

Buy A Web Host

The third step is to buy a web host. The novice ones here must be wondering what the web host is and why do we need it. A web host is necessary when you make a website design because without it, your custom web design will not be visible on the Internet. It is used for storing images, content, and website files that you will need to display on your custom web design. It is a platform where your site will work and exist. To make it more transparent, consider this analogy.

When you buy a phone, you need a sim to connect with people. This sim also has a service provider that keeps all the details – though they are tiny or crucial ones – check and imbalance. Similarly, a domain is like the sim, which will connect you with your audience. A web host is the service provider of that sim, which will give connectivity to your domain and keeps all the check and imbalance.

Some of the most effective web hosts which you can use for your website design are:


InMotion Hosting









“If you’re trying to disrupt, then you want something completely different to what the sector is offering. But if you’re trying to fit in, there are clear patterns.” – Alex Vasili, Brand Manager

Choose Your Template

Before you even started, you must have had a plan. This plan is going to help you to draft a structure in your mind for your custom web design. Now go on with choosing a template or a theme. It is basically a layout of your site. The template serves as a structure of the house. Based on this template, your website’s basic appearance will be designed.

You can always choose a template according to the personality of your website. Mostly the platforms offer a range of templates that you can choose from. The plus point is that these templates come pre-filled with example content. Pre-filled content makes it easier for the novice and newbies to understand and gain perspective as to how and what they must fill in.

Usually, the templates are divided into the industry categories. These available templates make it super simple to sort through them and choose the most relevant ones according to the needs of the website design. Each of the category contain templates with the built-in features that are relevant for that industry, which saves your time and effort of adding them in later. For instance, for a coffee shop, browse through the templates that are listed under the category of cafe.

Most of these must be readily having a menu page, contact form, and contact details built into the template, related to all the requirements of a cafe website design. You can always preview templates before you begin with your editing. This will help you to get a clear idea of what would go best for your professional website design.

Decide on Your Branding

Once you are done with choosing this template that would go best with your professional website design. Now it’s time to start branding. Every single thing is going to play a role in attracting your clients and making them stay. Be it the custom logo design, the color combination, the font type and font size you choose, or the imagery everything is crucial.

However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind is that your theme must go along with the iconic logo design of your brand. If the logo theme and website design won’t go along, this mismatch is definitely going to be a turn off sign for your existing and potential clients.

Color schemes

Color Schemes

It might look like an easy task, but this is the point where you are required to be very careful. It is a must to do some research before you choose the color combination for your site. As mentioned earlier, just as the custom logo design is crucial to attract an audience. Similarly, designing an appealing website is equally vital.

Will you buy a product from a website which has complete off color combinations?

The answer is definitely no! It’s imperative to invest some time in researching. Look at your competitor’s website design; you will surely find something interesting and worthy there.



Typeface is like a catalyst. It can amplify or compress the theme of your professional website design. Choosing the right font type that goes in congruence with the web theme is a big task within itself. A perfect typeface will give your website design a professional look. It will show the clients that you actually value their opinion, and will build credibility.

Add in and Optimize Your Content

After you are done deciding the theme, template, and custom web design, it is time to move on to the next step. Now there are two things that you need to take care of;

positioning and optimization

Positioning determines the placement of your content and how it is laid out. On the other hand, optimization is the process of tuning content to help it rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo,, or Bing.

To further elaborate some technicities of positioning and optimization, we categorized the two below:


Once you research into reading patterns, you will find that the most commonly used content format is an ‘F’ format. In easy words, an F format means that the website users can scan the web page in a shape that resembles F.

Ever noticed the navigation bars on websites? They are always displayed across the top of the page. The reason being so is that it is the first thing people are drawn towards when they land on your site.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing content means you make changes to a website to increase the quality or quantity of traffic on your pages. Your website may look similar to others, but optimizing it according to SEO will create a massive impact on how high it can rank in a search engine’s results.

It’s Time to Publish

By now you are done with;

 An iconic logo design

 A complete background check of how you want your profile to look like

 Sorting out the best template or theme for your website

 Deciding the positioning and optimization of content.

You are all done with the drafting here. Now go and publish your website and see the results, OR you can simply hire Uptown Logo Design to get professional logo and branding services at affordable rates!

Do not Forget to Analyze and Improve

Google Analytics

The work here is not entirely done yet. Once you are done with publishing, you must keep track of your professional website design performance. Mostly the platforms contain their built-in analytics, or they provide apps for it. Also, you can connect your site to Google Analytics, to keep track of things like:

 Pageviews that you get

 The quantity of time users spends on each page

 Your bounce rates

These stats will tell you the areas that you need to improve. Use them and see your professional website design growing.

Wondering What’s Next?

You are all done here! Now go on and make a website on your own. Remember to take your time and adequately check your website from each and every aspect before you set it to go live. The process won’t be as easy as it looks, but it won’t be difficult too. Though it will be time-consuming, but the results are going to be worth watching. Go on and create your own custom web design. Best of luck!

However, if you have decided that professional website design is not your piece of cake, don’t fret. Take a look at the vast portfolio of Uptown Logo Design and hire the best logo designers and professional website designers to get not only your custom web design but an iconic logo design as well!

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