Setting Up An Online Store From Scratch: The Ultimate Guide

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Shannon Robinson

8th October 2020

Shannon Robinson

We all could do something productive with a little extra money – and setting up an online store is the perfect way to bring in some additional or side income. In fact, eCommerce sales are expected to make up 17.5% of retail sales > worldwide by 2021. Therefore, it is now important for owners to create an online store to sell products. With retail sales surging up really high in 2021, every owner should hire custom web development services to create an aesthetically pleasing and highly functioning website.

Despite knowing how fast e-commerce sales will shoot up, half of the American businesses still don’t have an eCommerce website which means now is the perfect time to sit down, power up, and get building. An estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. E-commerce has given rise to thousands of new digital web stores that sell both physical and digital products to a global marketplace.

For an online buyer, the most crucial aspect of an e-commerce website is authenticity and security, as there are new frauds and scams every other day, people do feel scared buying stuff online. Setting up an online store requires careful planning and guided installation with hardened security in mind. Therefore, many companies prefer to hire custom web development services. The professional developers have the ability to create a seamless user experience for online buyers. The main aim to hire custom web development services is to maintain the online store. These custom web development services include website updates so that owners can take care of their businesses while the custom web development services will take care of their website to uplift their online store to its peak in the digital market place.

Building an online store has become easier with eCommerce builders like Shopify and WordPress plugins like WooCommerce. Web hosts such as Bluehost has also made building with WordPress faster and more beginner-friendly.

WordPress faster and more beginner-friendly

To begin with, before you starting setting up an online store, the web store must have a logo design.

Actually, your company’s logo is one of the most important aspects of branding. A logo design should be consistently visible on the online store, offline properties: receipts, letterheads, t-shirts, banners, as well as every page of your eCommerce website. Many people consider logo design useless and so small, however, the impact that a professionally designed logo has on your target audience and online store cannot be overstressed. Therefore, it is important to hire professional logo design services. Professional logo design services will help you to get familiar with some basic aspects of online store logo design. Saying that a logo design builds brand awareness is really just the tip of the iceberg when understanding its importance.

Professional logo design services understand that versatility is supreme when considering logo design. The logo will be seen at many different sizes, and you will probably need to have copies in different file formats. Professional logo design services will make sure that your logo will be visually readable at all sizes and colors. An effective logo is one that is fresh, simple, meaningful. Designing a logo can be a very challenging task. These tiny logos create a strong brand identity in the digital marketplace. The expert logo designers working at professional logo design services in Chicago can create an impactful logo design. Understand that it’s necessary for the logo to stand out, but you don’t want to create a logo that is too busy or has several elements. This is when the best logo design company in the USA can help you, they will not let you be stuck with a logo design that limits your marketing efforts.

Further, the experts at professional logo design services in Chicago have knowledge of color psychology. The use colors in such a way that evokes emotion from the user. Scientific studies have shown that people have cognitive and emotional responses to colors, and the color of a logo can actually influence whether or not a user makes a purchase. Color choice plays an integral role in communicating and reinforcing the identity as a company.

Apart from eCommerce web development, another key feature that will attract the customers to your online store will be the web design of your online store. Many largest retail chains like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, are focusing on how to build effective eCommerce website design. Therefore, hiring web development and designing services is important. Custom Web development services can create custom platforms as per the requirements of the companies. Custom Web development services make sure that your online store is not only visually appealing but also has fast loading and easy navigation for customers. Further, web development agencies provide branding services in the USA which are not just important but they are extremely valuable for online stores. These branding services in the USA will promote the store over social media which will eventually bring more customers to your store.

If you’re taking your first steps into the world of eCommerce with your first ever store, this guide will explain to you how to build an online store from start to finish.

This guide will explain to you how to build an online store from start to finish

Choose your domain name and hosting provider.


The first step and most basic step to set up an online store is a domain name. This will become the address of your future online store. A domain name is what you enter into the address bar of your browser to access a website.

Having a domain name is worth it, as having your own domain name creates a professional impact on customers rather than having your name on someone else’s domain. further, to set up an online store, you will also need a hosting provider, a service that will host the online store on the Internet. You have the choice to choose a shared or dedicated host. Although having a dedicated hosting provider has its own perks such as the online store will load quickly and will not suffer from extended periods of downtime.

Meanwhile, a shared host will keep the website on the same server as several other websites, however, this is cheaper, but it often provides you with less control over your website as well as potentially smaller storage and bandwidth availability.

Select an eCommerce platform


There is a variety of CMS that creates high functioning online stores

There is a variety of CMS that creates high functioning online stores. WordPress, Shopify, Magento< big commerce. Zen cart, Shopify, and many others. Select the platform, which according to you has all the basic features, including product pages, shopping cart, and checkout functionality, and comes with excellent data reporting capabilities and inventory management.

Set up the product pages


While setting up your product pages make sure it contains details about your saleable products and services. Images, descriptions, prices, users’ comments, ratings should all be included for guiding customers. Make sure that your online store showcases your products perfectly so that buyers never miss anything. Here are a few things that should be in consideration while setting up product pages.

Titles: Your product should always have a title. Many custom web development services use SEO tools such as Yoast to determine the best title for your product based on SEO.

Create catchy product descriptions: Don’t copy descriptions from the product’s manufacturer. Be unique and creative with your descriptions.

Quality of your images: Use large, high-quality images to attract more customers.

Categorize and tag accordingly: Place your products under categories and tags. This way, customers will feel easy to browse items

Set Up The Payment Gateway


An online store must have multiple payment options available for the customers

An online store must have multiple payment options available for the customers. The custom web development services have the tools that can set up these functionalities to your online store. Custom Web development services ensure that the customer is able to make payments via credit card, debit card, online wallets, net banking, etc. here are three things to consider while choosing a suitable payment gateway

eCommerce compatibility: Make sure that your payment gateway of choice is included in the list of extensions of your eCommerce plugin.

Mobile compatibility: choose a payment gateway that supports transactions over mobile as more and more online transactions are taking place over mobile devices.

Security and support: make sure that your payment gateway features encryption, support for SSL certificates, and anything else to do with the protection of data.

Secure Your online store by Installing SSL Certificate


For all the online stores

For all the online stores that have a transaction going on them must make sure that their connection is protected by a Secured Security Layer (SSL). The SSL certificate keeps your website secure and builds trust among your customers. Even Google recommends having an SSL certificate for every single website.

Launch the online store.

You are all set to launch your online store. Make sure to get your online store updated and checked by custom web development services to avoid any inconvenience.

Little surprise…


some free tips that you can use

Here are some free tips that you can use to attract more customers to the online store.

  • Bestseller Products On Homepage

The customer always looks first for the bestseller products. Thus it is quite important to showcase your top products on your front page. It saves your customers time.

  • Zoom Option For Pictures

Your product photos are a key factor in your store engagement, conversion, retention.

Nobody buys a product without looking in detail into it. Therefore, add the zooming option for pictures so that the customers feel comfortable about what they are buying.

  • Sharing Option

Add short links with the share option, this will allow your customers to let others know about your product listings.

  • Price Filters

You have to make sure that you offer your customers the convenience to sort out products based on their price.

  • Format (desktop and mobile)

Unfortunately, many eCommerce websites and platforms are built with only desktop browsing in mind. This can result in a fair number of lost new sales. Make sure that the online store is responsive to mobile phones as well. Further, ensure that the site adapts to different devices and screen sizes, whether customers view it on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

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