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Dawn Santos

29th August 2018

Dawn Santos

As the world goes mobile, technology keeps developing into an even more hands-free zone. Mobiles keep adding up features that allow people to focus on using their phones for just about anything. With Apple introducing Airplay to use your iPhone on the Apple TV or having your screen mirrored on a smart TV via your android phone. The purpose is to do more than just use your phone- well on the phone.

The possibilities just seem to keep adding up. And one such possibility which has been the every tech person’s favorite is Apple mobile wallets. Services that help you make payments just with a swipe of your phone on a terminal and you are good to go.

We are sure there are people who have been doing this for as long as the first beta service came into existence and they would be like “been there done that”, we understand. But the general public isn’t all too familiar with the service and haven’t adopted to the use of mobile wallets. Well, the matter of the fact and the reason for this blog today is that all of it is changing.

Tech giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung are bringing substantial technological advancements into their payment systems that are grabbing people’s attention and adding to their trust. This past week saw news headlines from all three when Apple added a smart donation making option for National Parks on their Apple Watch. The move garnered much appreciation from people as National Parks deserve to be looked after and everything has costs associated that needs your donations to keep everything running good.

Google on the other hand merged Android Pay and Google Wallet to help people using the Google Wallet service make easier payments from one point, online and in store. Moreover, India being on top of Google’s list being one of the emerging technological markets saw Google buy its top selling mobile payment app called Tez. The great thing about this acquisition is that it adds great usability options for Google Wallet around the world too.

Adding to Google Wallet, Samsung which happens to be the biggest Android phone manufacturer and one that has its own share in the phone industry as opposed to Apple. Brings its own payment option called the Samsung Pay. In built in all phones that are updating to the latest Oreo update, Samsung Pay allows users to record/store their credit card information on the app and allow for the app to make payments using predefined permissions. Moreover, phones with NFC get the added advantage with Samsung Pay allowing for the phone to be swiped over terminals and passing the payment in just a blink.

As a bonus to this blog post, here is yet another update from a tech giant that has been reshaping shopping around the world – Amazon Pay. With the service growing and acquiring emerging technologies such as Tapzo it is also redefining itself as a contender for the digital payments industry.

It is only a matter of days when a full fledge payment war shall ensue with more apps and solutions entering the payment sphere. One thing is for sure, people will have more options to choose from to make payments and policies raised by app stores will guarantee payments are safe and secure from origin to end. Do you have a payment app idea that can revolutionize the digital payment industry? Get in touch with for your mobile application solution development.

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