Revolutionary Changes In the Logo Design Industry Only Experts Are Aware Of

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Shannon Robinson

26th November 2020

Shannon Robinson

When it comes to explaining contemporary and trendy business logo designs, gathering information about them to put in front of the readers is quite a hard task. Every year, people expect to read something new.

Although the industry experts and leading corporate logo design services do their best to present all the right information, but sometimes it becomes hard for them to pinpoint the right changes that logo designing is going to experience in the coming year or so.

However, one thing is for certain, the logo design industry is headed towards simple, minimalistic, playful and reductive designs. The best thing about these logos is that they can be scaled according to the needs like screen sizes.

One important thing to remember here is that the logo design process cannot be defined specifically. Every company or individual specializing in business logo designs has its own way of tackling the process.

Some get their inspiration by watching TV, listening to music, while others who are more disciplined and methodical may spend a couple of hours in developing the right idea and then enough time to execute it while having a cup of coffee beside them with their feet up. Everyone has their way of getting their creative juices flowing.

Why businesses prefer flat logos?


Flat logo design services

Let’s not divert from our main topic which is revolutionary changes in the logo design and why people are businesses are heading flat logo designs.

The reason why experts and businesses prefer flat designs is that they reflect simplicity. Gone are the days of complicated 3D logos, now is the time of simplicity. People love it and are more attracted to them. The simpler your logo, the more people are going to love it. This is what we have learnt for the logo industry specialists.

Top brands preferring flat logos


Take the example of Taco Bell; they changed their 3D logo decades ago into something flat as a tire. Apple’s logo, which is one of the most expensive logo designs, is sophisticated but flat. Other tech giants that have tapped this trend are Google, Amazon and Netflix. They stated that this transition from a complex design to a minimalistic one allowed them with better connectivity with audiences.

For instance, Netflix uses its new logo, which is flat, on different channels like mobile, TV and website without and the issue of compatibility. Instagram also heeded to the trend and wasn’t behind. Do you want to know why companies are heading towards flat logo design services providers? Let us tell you more.

Flat Vs 3D


Flat logo designs are not only simple and minimalistic but they serve the purpose of memorability very well. The use of decent color schemes and typography makes them the real deal. Until a few years ago, skeuomorphic logos were considered a big thing but not anymore. The inclusion of real-life things like eating objects, a building miniature or any living things has become outdated now.

This is the reason why marketers have turned their attention towards flat logos and icons. According to experts, these brands seized the opportunity to revive their old and big brands. Some brand representatives stated that flat logo did the job superbly as they were easy to grasp while some were still reluctant and talked in favor of the 3D effect and more complicated designs.

They added that 3D designs allowed them to connect with their consumer base in a better way. Although some of the top flat logo design services providers have ruled 3D logos, at least for some years, and voted in favor of the simplistic logos and icons as a way to enhance brands all over the world.

Revolutionary changes in the business logo designs


Reasons, why large brands are preferring flat logos over other types of logos filled with different elements, are many. Some of these are explained below.



All leading and big brands are trend followers and they don’t miss any modernistic trend on which they can leverage. One obvious reason for moving to flat icons is that many others are doing it. And when one thing becomes the norm, you as a brand cannot afford to lag behind.

All companies and business like to appear updated when it comes to marketing essentials and this is why changes in logo designs became inevitable. If you as a brand do not pay attention to trends like flat logos, you are playing with fire. You may be whipped by your competition from the market. Can you afford that? Certainly no. So why not contact a reliable flat logo design services provider now.

Flat logos mean minimalistic design


Running behind flat logos is not only due to trend, in fact, there is a technical aspect to it as well. Flat logos make their presence felt among many others. Being simple and minimal, their appearance is distinctive when they are displayed on flashy banners and showy ads etc. You know that in the design industry, the banners and ads need to be loud so that that they can make their mark.

So, chances are that your highly complicated logos may get lost in all the glitter. This is where flat logos come on their own. Their minimal design and the distinctive elements used help them retain their significance and are more under the focus.

Flat logo designs are easy to use on multiple platforms


Another reason for the popularity of flat logos which experts talk of publicly is that 3D business logos involve several design elements like shadows, gradients, gloss and other things which result in an impossible situation to display them on various platforms. These logos are always placed with some alterations to best fit the medium.

However, this isn’t the case with business logo designs that are flat. The reason being they their simplicity and colorful appearance which means they look good on all platforms with no or minimal changes.

Flat designs save battery


One reason why businesses are falling for this revolutionary trend is that they save battery. Now you must be asking how? Let us tell you. They involve fewer colors, gradients and other details as compared to 3D logos, hence they are considered good at saving battery.

The saving of space can be used to showcase other related things and more appropriate items.

They are easy to design


If you are in search of cheap logo designs that are modern and fulfil the criteria of a fantastic representative symbol for your brand, go for flat logos. Designers love to design flat designs because of the reduced clutter and sophistication it involves. Whenever a customer approaches a flat logo design service provider, they can sense relaxation, ease and comfort.

This is why flat designs are special. They are not only high quality, but it also takes less time and effort to make them. They are loved by the client, they serve the purpose well and designers too breath a sigh of relief. They are attractive enough to steal the limelight but simple enough to make the mark in a fraction a second.

Flat logos are cheap as compared to 3D logos


As we’ve discussed that flat logos encompass only the most important features and aren’t too heavy when it comes to design, typography and use of gradient, so they take less time to complete. This is the reason why designers do it easily in less time as compare to 3D logos, which means you as a business are going to have a trendy logo at the most affordable rates.

No need to spend a hefty amount at your logo when you can take advantage of the latest logos in the fraction of a cost. So, contact your nearest flat logo design services provider and make the most out of their expertise, knowledge, profession and skill. A brilliant logo design awaits you.

The bottom line


Above mentioned were some of the compelling reasons signalling towards the importance of flat logo designs and why the business fraternity is shifting from all other types of logos to flat design. One thing is certain that this trend of flat logos is here to stay for a few years. However, as with all trends, we can’t say with surety that it will be there forever as the design elements keep on fluctuating with time.

But for the time being, you can enjoy flat business logo designs from any of the corporate logo design services provider until a new thing hits the market and forces us to make changes to our already designed logos.

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