Reasons Why a Custom Business Logo Design Is Important for a Small Business

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Kathryn Faulkner

6th March 2020

Kathryn Faulkner

This capitalized world of ours produces a dozen brands every passing minute. Thus, in this over-crowded milieu, the million-dollar question is: How does a small business thrive in this highly globalized market? Believe it or not, as numerous studies conclude, it is the individuality of a custom business logo design that makes this all happen!

A logo is the visual presentation of the company, and visual presentations are 43% more persuasive than their counterparts. An in-depth study from Psychological Science demonstrates how logos impact the buying behavior of customers. Various other studies deliberate how branding, underpinned by business logo designs, influence the decision making of customers. Have a look for yourself.


If getting your business transmuted into a brand and the domination of the global market don’t serve your appetite, herasda list of THE 8 TOP REASONS why custom-made company logos are a must for small businesses

Bolsters Brand Image


Any notion that gets associated with a business is said to reflect its identity. Take Nike`s swoosh, for instance.

NIke Logo White Background

Despite being a generic word in the dictionary, search “swoosh” on any search engine, and the 1st page laden with “Nike” won’t even come as a surprise to you… Why?

Because the brand image maintained by Nike around the globe is so closely linked to its swoosh that prior to fetching the tick marks teachers used on our notebooks so blatantly, our brains associate it with a brand that always inspires us to “just do it!” Have a look for yourself.

Presence of Nike on Search Engine

For small businesses, the challenge is twofold. Not only they need to bulge their way out of the noise generated by the competition, but also need their logo implant a solid image in the minds of their customers.

Thus, the first and foremost value that a logo adds to the business is that it gives the business identity and rallies it towards the route that leads towards acquiring an eminent position in the global marketplace!

Fosters Professional Outlook


While it still may be debatable whether the customer is always right or not, one thing is for certain – Customers never prefer fledglings over professionals!

Visuals are amongst the first thing a customer observes in a brand. And even if the business is small in size, and might not even offer the services it so vehemently claims, a reasonably designed unique logo suffices to portray a professional outlook that proves to be the basis of future engagement from the customer.

Bull Logo with Black Back Ground for Small Business

Take for instance, “CUTZ.” Not only the graphic design is openly depicting at first glance that the business is an eatery, but also clearly demonstrates how beef is the star attraction at the place.

The entire setting of the classic black and white combination, in addition to the hint of red and the right set of typography, sets forth an image, which despite without any previous eating experience, engenders a feeling that the place is free from the chicken and the egg problems!


Likewise, for small businesses that are looking to cancel out the noise generated by the competition, and are looking to make a name for themselves in the industry, getting a label created by a professional designer is an established marketing-practice that even the big businesses do not dare to tinker with! I suggest you do the same!

Generates Emotional Value


Humans are emotional beings. And nothing appeals to anybody more than something with which they can relate to!

Emotions play a vital role in marketing. If correctly capitalized on, they can prove to be a solid bedrock for building a business that thrives on the support of its customers.

According to a study in Harvard Business Review, rather than focusing more on their satisfaction, customers look to form emotional bonds with brands. The study was substantiated by Nielsen that demonstrated how advertisements having above-average emotional content resulted in a 23% increase in sales. Tempkin Group worked on similar bases and demonstrated the increase in prospects and numbers resulting due to emotional value.


Impact of Emotional Marketing on Businesses

While forming such emotional relations is tremendously tricky, a logo having all the persuasive elements in it can make the job exponentially easy.

Company logos, fortunately, for business owners, are a combination of colors, themes, images, fonts, ideas, and art. Even if the target audience connects with a single element from this assortment, it can be assured that the business has tapped into the emotions of its customers.

Professional Tip


In order to demonstrate the components of persuasion, Aristotle, the renowned Greek philosopher, laid down the basis of notions of persuasion, that in the modern-day act as the cornerstone of emotional branding.


Uptown Logo Design - Tools of Emotional Branding

A business logo that strikes a balance between all three persuasive elements (Logos, Pathos & Ethos) can only generate emotional value for the customers.

Take Ferrari`s logo for instance.


Ferrari Logo for small business

The colorful theme embodying red, yellow, green, white, and black symbolizes emotion and balance (Pathos). The rearing horse denotes power and pace (Ethos). Lastly, the stallion is an analogy to horsepower (Logos), showcasing the speed and the ferocity of the cars manufactured by Ferrari.

In a very similar manner, small businesses can focus on balancing each persuasive element in the design in order to create logos that engage customers year in and year out.

Distinguishes Competition


How can your customers remember hundreds of identical products in the market? While the answer is extremely simple. Many business owners fail to reach its crux.

For many, a business logo is limited to only being the visual identity, while at ground zero, this is never the case!

A Logo isn’t only the face, heart, or soul of a brand, it is the primal notion that differentiates one business from the thousand others in the same industry. And THIS SIMPLY CAN’T BE REITEREATED ENOUGH!

A small business necessitates a great logo, that as expressed in the beginning, adds individuality to the offerings, while simultaneously denotes what makes your brand superior from others in the industry.

Small Business Photography Logo - Custom logo design

Take the example of Mini Mama for instance. While the business utilizes a simple theme with fresh colors and minimalistic imagery, it clearly demonstrates how the business specializes in child photography.

This individuality is exactly what you want when operating a small business. With time, when your brand becomes more visible and the product/service line extends, this individuality can be used as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP).


Engenders Ownership


While there are numerous other examples that can define how logos give rise to ownership, the job that Apple Inc. has done with its logo tops the list.

There is no doubt that iPhones carry remarkable specifications and utility. Still, one thing that even the staunch iPhone users won’t be able to deny is the fact that if the Apple logo is removed from the back, the same smartphone will never remain the same!


Iphone with and without Apple logo

The phenomenon is mainly due to the fact that the Apple logo itself has acquired such an imperative position in the minds of the customers that along with the tangible existence of the phone, the logos to are an integral constituent of the ownership.

Though, established businesses to strive for such incredible brand affinity, for businesses that are new or relatively small, this manifestation can come to pass if, from the very first day, they assure that their logos are marketed and strategically branded.


Underpins Marketing Strategy


Logos spearhead almost every, if not every, a single marketing effort that is undertaken for any business.

For advertisements that run on the TV, the logo takes center stage. For promotion that occurs on the web, the logo occupies the frontal position. Even for meetings that are held to discuss the future marketing direction, the stationary logo imprinted on every pencil, notepad, and business card implies that the logo is present at every stage of the marketing process.


Leasing Company Logo and Branding Accessories

Since the image of the brand is to be demonstrated across all the avenues, it is essential that a vector logo is designed in the initial phases of the business. Since vector files are high definition photos that can be readjusted to any size required, they save a considerable portion of the money, as well as the ruckus of investing resources later on in the brand`s lifecycle.


Fosters Customer Relations


Customer, as a matter of fact, people get attracted to a sensation that they find odd in a setting. Pro tip – Apply this the next time you are creating a logo!

Play with vivid and bright color themes, choose fonts that attract at the onset, think of the ideology behind your business, and imbibe it in to produce the type of logo you want your audience to feel.


Media Agency Logo is a living example of how to perfectly execute this phenomenon. The play symbol showcases the stream of graphics flowing in the design studio. At the same time, the remarkable interplay of red, cyan, yellow, black, and blue gets the job done of making customers remember the name for a long time.

However, one thing to be wary of is the aspect of not overdoing it. A reasonable approach is to include the customers in the process. Since the logo is what the customers are going to feel attracted to, feedback or a survey form, whether digital or tangible, can go a long way in assuring that your logo comes out just right.

Custom Logo Encourages Brand Loyalty


Establishing long term customer relationships is what the brands live for and for customers, such links are only possible when brands depict consistency (in their offerings as well as their presentation) 

Corporate changes, while may be acceptable in certain business circles; for customers, uniformity, if not in products, then at least in custom logo design is mandatory. 


Quick fact: Paramount has always had a mountain in their designs. Universal studios have never discontinued using Earth. MGM has never withdrawn the lion from their logos.

Uptownlogodesign - Empower Your Brand With Custom Logo Designs

Imagine the years of wonders these brands have produced and how they`ve come to acquire the stature they hold today. Yet, to ensure that their customers easily relate to them, all these businesses have stuck to the emblems they so proudly instigated the first day the business actually started. Pro tip – You can do the same!

Empower Your Small Businesses With Custom Logo Design That Inspire


The entire market is your canvass and your brand`s emblem, the brush, with which you will imprint your mark! The million-dollar question is – Why not leave a mark that the customers will remember for the rest of their lives?

Want something extraordinary for your small business right at the onset? Visit Uptown and check out pocket-friendly custom logo design services that can transmute the small in your business into huge in no time!

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