Motion Graphics for Beginners: Comprehensive Guide with Illustrations

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Cynthia Moreno

12th August 2020

Cynthia Moreno

If you are a newbie and find motion graphics fascinating, you should pursue it as a serious profession, this is what at least we would recommend you to do.

While some enthusiastic individuals try researching themselves, others fail to do so. The technical jargons used in animations and complex courses sometimes become too overwhelming for them.

In simple words, motion graphics are also known as animated graphic design, and often called ‘Mographs’ by some industry experts. Graphical elements are animated and turned into something creative. Designers sometimes breathe life into simple images to create the illusion of movement.

But if you’re here, you’re not here for the mere bromide. We know that, and for this particular reason, by the end of this blog, you’ll have a solid foundation on which you can base your motion graphic career.

How Is Motion Graphics different from 2D & 3D ANIMATION?

Motion graphics is animation, but with major components of the text. Put simply; it’s animated graphic designing.

Since the inception of graphics, there’s been a never-ending debate about the difference between Motion Graphics and Animation. The controversial topic was exceptionally explained using sound, and graphic design in the movie Psycho which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock – one of the top directors of the 1960s. The movie gave valid justifications to the arguments raised.

While graphic designing and motion graphics are majorly used for commercial purposes, art and animation are more inclined towards entertainment. However, that doesn’t mean that graphic design doesn’t have that entertainment aspect. Robert M. Ball’s Beautiful Death is a classic example of graphic design combined with entertainment.

Motion graphics give a new dimension and help to communicate ideas in a unique yet entertaining manner. Combined with mellow music – that well get you hooked with itself, and captivating copy, they convey a clear message.

Businesses cleverly use them to provide exceptional video marketing services to share large chunks of information entertainingly. Some businesses incorporate this in various product animations, title sequences for movies, etc.

Renowned graphics designer Jared Flynn succinctly explained that an animator narrates and conveys ideas through engaging characters; however, a designer focuses more on communicating through the fundamentals of color, space, and typography.

To give you a more clear idea, we highly recommend you to watch the Basics of Motion Graphics Design . The 23-minute video is packed with valuable information and is definitely worth watching.





Motion Graphics play a pivotal role in making your brand a success.

The correct usage of Motion graphics – combined with relevant colors, layout, and design can totally turn the tables for your brand.

A major aspect of Motion Graphics consists of interpreting a brand’s core values and representing it uniquely. With the incorporation of 2D graphic animations, customers can be easily allured and can be pushed down the sales funnel quite easily.

The creation of relevant 2D and 3D animations to represent the business’ core objectives can prove to be extremely beneficial at the branding stage. Take Google, for instance, the vibrant colors combined with motion graphics perfectly describes its fast and reliable services and playfully conveys the message. This helps the businesses to stand out amongst its competitors.

The incorporation of motion graphics into a branding strategy can help businesses beef up their visual and auditory game to another scale. This means a better way to prove that your brand is the best without being too pushy.


Stories evoke emotions amongst people and encourage brand loyalty. And that’s how it plays a significant role in marketing a brand. Storytelling is not just about how your quality products or services will benefit the brand; it’s about how you communicate your values and persuade prospects to make a purchase.

When devising a marketing strategy, don’t forget the fact that humans are sentimental. Relevant stories are more likely to stimulate interest amongst potential buyers and turn them into successful conversions.

2D Animation and 3D Animation adds value to the storytelling process with the correct tools and formats to make everything visually pleasing and engaging. Visualize a static image and a visual portrayal of something. Now compare both of the things. Which one is more likely to generate a huge impact?

Even though images entice people and evoke emotions instantly, motion graphics tend to make an instant impression and leave the viewers awestruck.

Concepts Made Easier

Explaining the complex procedures of various products and services sometimes become daunting for the brands. That’s why they prefer conveying information visually instead of verbally.

Let’s take an example. A brand will most likely explain the uses of its technical product using a product animation. Why? Because that would be easy to digest. Besides, the engaging graphics will interestingly explain the procedure – enabling viewers to retain the information for a long time.

Motion Graphics is extensively used to create compelling educational videos. The interesting illustrations enable the viewers to understand concepts with more clarity.

Apart from the animations that include characters and bouncy text, the audio helps the brand to communicate their side of the story and allows them to enlighten their prospects in their own unique way.


Raising Awareness

Brand awareness is significant, especially during the incubation stages.

It plays a crucial role in influencing customers’ buying decisions. A positive word of mouth can encourage them to make repeat purchases – leading to increased market share and incremental sales.

Businesses must identify their customers’ pain points and combine them with their values to encourage positive brand awareness. But how can we make it more effective? Here enters Motion graphics!

Motion graphics contribute immensely and greatly helps businesses to make themselves noticeable in the market. Intuitive tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Nuke help enhance the message with the addition of emotions, value, and power. Don’t stress if you have just started your business and want to penetrate the market; Motion graphics have got you covered.

Motion Graphics Origination

The inception of Motion Graphics goes way back to the 1940s. Movies back then used to rely on motion graphics for the creation of opening credits heavily. Few of the iconic names, who extensively designed and used it in every movie include, Oskar Fischinger, Saul, and Elain Bass.

Elain Bass respectively designed the iconic movies opening credits i.e. Psycho and North by Northwest. This style became a benchmark for many designers to come, and even today, designers use this style as a tribute to the 1940s era – where the motion graphics were first originated.

These styles were also heavily incorporated in the abstract designs – which were often seen in almost every James Bond movie. Motion graphics also made a memorable mark in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the classic title credits made using this technique include this iconic movie, The Archer.

Apart from being a part of movie credits, Motion graphics have also been used for the revelation of logos for various TV channels and movie production companies. Animations can be applied to almost everything today. Motion graphics plays a pivotal role in the digital marketing of businesses and helps them boost sales and increase conversions instantly. Many websites are using this technique to instantly draw the attention of the visitors and turn them into loyal customers.


Try Motion Graphics Yourself

As a newbie in Motion Graphics, it is imperative for you to get expertise on the fundamental concepts. Basic concepts include getting introduced to video editing and animation software and technical jargons. A strong base will enable you to learn advanced techniques efficiently and quickly.

Another important thing you need to excel in this field is staying up to date. Technology is evolving and advancing with every passing day. You need to be familiar with the latest animation trends and techniques to stand out and get an opportunity in your desired studio.


So what are you waiting for? Get started today!!!

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