Most Profitable Online Businesses to Invest in Before 2021

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Shannon Robinson

1st January 2021

Shannon Robinson

Do you want to make money without any significant investment? Starting an online business may be a step in the right direction. Utilizing this option allows you to establish your business with minimal investment or workforce.

The most critical part of this process is the idea. You will need to make sure that your business idea doesn’t force you to set some unrealistic objectives. Setting attainable goals allows you to have a complete grasp of the process, which takes you to business success. For instance, you may want to start providing logo design services in Chicago if you are good at using graphic designing tools. The range of online business ideas is as wide as the internet itself. You only have to figure out what you are good at and start working in that direction.

That said, let’s now discuss a few online businesses, which you can start to make 2021 the start of a new era of your financial endeavor.

Dropshipping/e-commerce store


Starting a dropshipping business is a perfect idea to start earning large profits with minimal investment. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment process where the seller doesn’t have to keep any products. He or she uses third party suppliers to get the product shipped to the customer. If you are a seller, you are going to have to display products on your website or a profile in an online store.

The process of setting up an online store starts with searching for the most profitable and trending products. You will then need to find a reliable supplier to source the process of shipping. Then you will need to buy a Shopify plan, which could cost you $29 per month.

After setting up the online store, now you are going to have to run digital marketing campaigns to get online traffic. You may want to set up a website to make the information about your products more accessible. You may need to contact the makers of the logo design in Atlanta to have your brand logo prepared.

The reason you need to pay attention to your brand logo is that it will transmit your brand message, which can bring a lot of business leads.
Running some offline campaigns will also bring a significant amount of web traffic to your website. SEO and paid search are preferable options. Additionally, you can run some social media ads to reach a new audience.

Earning from affiliate and Google AdSense


If you want to earn passive income for years, you can consider starting a niche website. Now, you may wonder why you would need to build a niche website when you could establish a blog and monetize it more easily. The problem with a blog is that it might take forever to get your blog posts ranked on particular keywords. With a niche website, it is easier to get traffic on your website.

Another most significant benefit of starting a niche website is that it allows you to stay on a specific topic, meaning that you will be able to provide extensive information on what you offer. Although you can start a blog on a niche website, your primary focus will be on web content, which is going to be your main asset. The blog posts will play a supportive role in the overall ranking of your website.

While building a niche website, you will need to pay attention to your website logo. Although it is going to be a niche website that you will use to run affiliate marketing campaigns and ads, you never know if you find a way to turn it into a brand. Your website logo will earn you that reputation beforehand. You may want to contact logo design services in Chicago to get the most appropriate website logo.

Instagram account flipping


You can flip Instagram accounts to earn significant amounts of profits. How does it work? You have to create an Instagram account and work on it for a few months to increase its followers. Then you can sell it for a higher price. You will need to work on the content of your Instagram page to make it an attraction for the audience.

While creating an Instagram page, make sure to select the right category. Then you will need to start posting on the page. Adding at least 15 posts a day will increase the reach of your page significantly. You may want to create a template for the posts to make the process quick and easy. You will get followers during the process. Once you touch 10K followers, list your account for sale on social trade websites.

Domain flipping business


Domain flipping business is quite similar to Instagram flipping. You will need to purchase a cheap and unique domain name then put it on sale for a higher price. Nonetheless, you will need to do a bit of research on what kind of domain can help you earn a better profit.

For this purpose, you will need to keep an eye on trends. If there is any chance of something going viral in the upcoming days, be the first to book a domain name related to that trend. You have to use different phrases containing the trend name to find the domain name that is available at a low price.

You may want to use a website that generates business names to get an appropriate domain name idea. To add more to the sale price, you can offer your customers a website logo along with the domain name. For this purpose, you may want to contact logo design services in Chicago.

Starting an affiliate business


Starting an affiliate business is the next step that you would like to take if the idea of building a website for affiliate programs works out well. Using this performance-based marketing strategy, you will get paid depending on the number of visitors or customers. What you earn will be the commission of promoting someone else’s products. The concept of this business is not different from that of the niche website business.

The first thing that you are going to have to do is to create a platform to build a fan following. Your authority will be the point of attraction for the brands willing to promote their products among your audience. If possible, you can create your own logo by working with logo design services in Chicago. You can use different platforms, including your website, Instagram page, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms.

You will only have to make sure that you are promoting only those products that match the concept of your niche. You can get affiliate links from different resources, including Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Aliexpress Affiliate Program, and ClickBank.

Selling your art at Etsy


If you are interested in selling homemade or vintage items, you may want to expand your business by selling these products online. The best platform that you can use in this regard is Etsy, which has emerged as one of the most trustable e-commerce marketplaces to sell art.

You can source products from any craft supplier and sell them through your Etsy profile. To enhance your reach, you can build a website and show the Etsy products along with their images on its pages. Since it is going to be a website to sell art, you will need to design it that way. Make sure to use a good-looking logo for effective branding. For this purpose, you may need to contact logo design services in Chicago and get your brand logo prepared.

You can use the same logo design and overall design pattern across different social profiles. Make sure to link those profiles to your Etsy account.

Starting an online agency


You can start an online agency if you any of the skills related to content writing, web development, and web designing. While this business idea has become more cliché, it is still popular and profitable because it involves collaboration between several individuals who provide different services under the umbrella of an agency name. Whether you are a freelance worker or you want to work with other freelance workers, you can establish an online agency.

The best way to do it is to start a business website. That website will become your agency’s face on the internet. Make sure to create a nice website logo. Logo design services in Chicago create good-looking and balanced brand logos that tend to deliver brand messages in the best possible way.



The fact that people with the highest earnings run their businesses online is enough to elaborate on the power of digital media. While the competition in the online arena is fierce, and so you have to work exceptionally well to make your online business authority, all these efforts are worth the reward that you will get in the end. Even if you do not plan to become a top brand, online is the way to have decent earnings.

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