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Shannon Robinson

16th August 2019

Shannon Robinson

The influence and prowess of the digital realm has been growing even decades later. It’s a no-brainer – if you wish to stay modernized and streamlined with the latest innovation and news, you need be a part of the fast-paced internet world. Everything is being digitalized and monitored through cyberspace across the globe. Now, more than ever, consumers find the need to stay updated about each and every contemporary phenomenon. It’s almost revolutionary!

If you want to find out where people are, what they are doing or what are the latest media trends, you need to be online! The digital landscape is transforming into a virtual community where people interact as they would, in real life. Except you are miles apart glued to your computer screens, phones and tablets.

Digital trends continue to grow at a stellar speed. Take TV commercials for instance. In the golden days, masses would head-over to their Television screens to look for latest news and entertainment. Slowly, but surely, this trend is changing and a lot of the entertainment and content space is being over-taken by the Digital Marketers and Content developers.

In this article, you will identify the top trends that will dominate the urban-rural media landscape.


Instagram is becoming a progressively popular place for brand and consumer interaction. Brands like to adopt engaging digital marketing strategies to attract and influence an increasingly active user-space. Marketers gladly turn their backs on Facebook and are pulled towards an aesthetic user-friendly Instagram feed. The engagement levels on the seamless photo-sharing platform have sky-rocketed following 2018. This makes it an attractive space for advertisers. According to socialbakers, the overall ad spend on Instagram has been continually increasing and has attained a growth-spiral compared to its former counterpart Facebook.

Although Instagram boosts a smaller audience compared to its parent company, its users are far more engaged and the interaction is higher. Brands, when approaching social-media-influencers are fixated on their engagement rates. Followers, in hind-sight, are of lesser importance unless they offer maximum quality engagement for brands investing to enhance their PR Outreach.  Several brands invest in Social media campaigns that provide a staggering turnover and a good ROI.

Instagram Stories have created a fresh hype and will continue to dominate the digital landscape throughout 2019. Brands have been investing 212% more in Instagram stories compared to traditional posts. About a quarter (25%) of Instagram’s ad spend goes on Instagram Stories. For example, users can buy products just by swiping up on the stories or by clicking a photo. Brands are inclined towards amplifying user experience and Instagram’s promising e-commerce features are currently the best bet.

Video Digital advertising

The demand for content creators and videographers continues to peak as users provide better response-rates for Digital Video Advertisements. Also known as DVC’s or Digital Video Commercials. Video Advertising is an affecting medium for brands to convey difficult concepts in easy-to-understand video infomercials. There’s a growing acceptance by users, that believe quality media content is worth paying for. Marketers, on the other hand, find the visual medium to be a highly-stimulating and engaging playground – Video Content is favored by marketers and consumers alike.

It can be said that video content offers the best of the both worlds. The medium has been available from the early 20th century in the form of black-and-white cinema. The recent advent of Digital Media makes the integration of video content and virtual realm possible.  Data is made available to measure the effectiveness of your digital video campaigns. Several video-sharing mediums have sprung up, including the cult—favorite, YouTube and YouTube red. Netflix is another big player in the game with an awe-aspiring digital success.


Increased user interaction calls for essential measures that need to be taken into consideration to counter response and communication delays. Primarily, as a marketing-tactic brands divert traffics towards their inbox to generate leads. This option is available on all social-mediums such as Facebook, Instagram and also websites. Chatbots come into play when Brands need to cater a substantial amount of user traffic. To avoid excess costs of hiring admin to handle consumer queries, brands make use of pre-programmed chatbots to keep the flow of communication as steady as possible.

Chatbots are used extensively as a radical marketing tool.  From circulating content as clickbait to performing various customer support functions, chatbots have taken over! There usage is likely to grow through 2019.

What’s our take?

At uptown, we are constantly keeping up with the newest technology and trends to befit your lifestyle. Choosing to stay updated with the latest trends is as simple as it gets. Consult our top-experts to devise the most modern, and digital-era-appropriate marketing strategies for your brand!

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