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Cynthia Moreno

2nd April 2020

Cynthia Moreno

A lot has changed for all of us in the past 30 days. With earth fighting a global pandemic, ithas changed quite a bit from how it was before.

The whole world has pressed the pause button;however, that hasn`t stopped Facebook from letting out what was stuck in the pipeline!

With nearly 1.5 billion people logging into Facebook every day, Facebook has a vast global market to cater to.especially in times when its audience is practicing social isolation.

Keen on enhancing the user-experience, and at the same time, focused on spearheading the initiative of responsible use of social media, Facebook brings to the store updates that not only focus on UI and other elements, but also those that curtail the spread of misinformation and other news that can cause panic amidst COVID-19.

We’re here to discuss it all, so let’s get started.

Exciting Update Features:




Facebook has redesigned its desktop UI, which is less cluttered and uses brighter icons.

Users can access this new feature by signing in to Facebook through desktop. When they do, they’ll see a pop-up inviting them to switch to what the company calls “The New Facebook.”

Once the user agrees to switch to the new Facebook experience, a pop-out displays the key features of the latest update, which includes the dark mode, faster loading times, and bigger and better texts.

Facebook light and the dark mode

Image Source: Facebook

Once the user clicks next, Facebook asks them to choose between the light and the dark mode.

Image Source: Facebook

Facebook also allows users to switch back to the older, standard look they’re used to. People can also give feedback, pointing out what can be fixed, made better, or simply their general thoughts concerning the website redesign.

After pressing the “Get Started” button, the users are directed to the new Facebook experience, which looks like the image as shown below.

easier to Facebook navigate

Image Source: Facebook

The new layout, somewhat similar to the previous update, aims to make it easier to navigate to elements, with tabs along the top of the screen, and a more compressed view.

Each tab will take you to a dedicated experience centered on that aspect like Home, Friends, Watch, and Groups, respectively. As opposed to the previous update, the new layout has two columns with contact or friends list on the right side and the entire left dedicated to the news feed.

The UI redesign has also reduced the iconic Facebook blue color scheme, which we might be an effort to change perspective and start a new leaving behind the recent scandals.

Several users are now seeing and using the new layout. If you don’t have it yet, it will likely be coming soon.


Want to go back to Classic Facebook?


Facebook users who have tried the new UI design may want to go back to the classic version. It is possible to shift back currently, but we believe it is very likely that Facebook will remove that option eventually from the site.

Switch to Classic FaceBook

Image Source: Facebook


If you happen to be one of those users who would rather restore classic Facebook, do the following:

  1. Select the down arrow on the upper right corner to display the menu.
  2. There you will see a “Switch to Classic Facebook” option.
  3. Activate to go back.




The new Facebook includes an exciting addition to the Facebook Stories camera. It now offers a new “Mood mode”, which allows the users to create a GIF for their Facebook Stories.

Users can now choose a GIF of their liking and frame with statements they like underneath them.

Facebook Story

Image Source: Matt Navarra


Facebook Trends

Image Source: Matt Navarra


Here’s how the new Mood Stories look like.


swift and easy to create

Image Source: Matt Navarra

These are designed to be swift and easy to create, and they’re utilizing the popularity of GIFs in Stories right now.

Users can add their favorite GIFs in their stories representing their current mood to their following base.

Even brands can use them to explain their feelings or excitement about the news they want to share,like product announcements, customer reviews, etc.



The world of social media is going dark.

Famous applications like Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, and even WhatsApp all offer a ‘dark mode’ to their users. Why shouldn’t Facebook jump on the bandwagon as well?

In its most recent desktop UI update, Facebook now offers dark mode to site users, and this is how it looks like.

Facebook Dark Mode

The dark mode can be applied to the site either at the very beginning when Facebook asks for your permission to switch to the new Facebook experience, as mentioned above.

However, you can also switch to dark (or light mode) easily after you have changed to the new update. Simply click on the down arrow, and you will see a drop-down menu, as shown in the image below.

Facebook 2nd Dark Mode

As you can see, the blue button enables you to switch to dark mode. If pressed again, your Facebook site will be visible in the light mode, as per your preference.



Facebook’s 3D photos feature now lets you convert static, flat 2D pictures into 3D images.

Okay, so the pictures aren’t actually 3D, but they do create the illusion of 3D, making them more attention-grabbing and enthralling.

Facebook’s 3D photos feature can now evaluate any image and simulate depth within it.Users can use their mouse to “tilt” the image, similar to how you can tilt a 360-degree photo.

Facebook 3D posts Option

Image Source: Social Media Today

Therefore,users and brands alike can now use Facebook to create actual superior quality 3D posts to give their images a quick new look.

Facebook Announces Changes Related to COVID-19



Work from home has become a collective practice as the world shut down from the fear of coronavirus. These changes in the workforce have given rise to a few problems in conducting day-to-day operations.

Facebook, too, has been a victim of issues arising due to changes in their moderation process. Thereby Facebook has announced that due to changes with staff working from home, a delay in ad reviews is anticipated.

If you are someone who has an online business, and frequent the use of running ads on Facebook, this delay is sure to impact your campaign

So, if you want your ads to be approved in time, you better start creating and submitting them for approval long before you actually need them. In this way, you will have time to adjust, edit, or appeal them if and when required.



We see a lot of articles, posts, even some group messages being forwarded on not only Facebook, but WhatsApp, promoting and selling, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, test kits and whatnot.

To keep these practices from getting out of hand and prevent exploitation, Facebook has created a ban on any ads and business items that seek to capitalize on fears related to the COVID-19.

Any supposedly cures, sanitizers, test kits, and anything related to the virus cannot be advertised at this point on Facebook!



In addition to banning profiting from the virus, Facebook is also taking measures to fight the misinformation about the virus spreading online like forest fire.

Facebook is currently testing new features not only on Messenger but WhatsApp as well. According to TechCrunch, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is going to launch a new feature enabling its users to immediately search for additional context on a message via a Google search prompt in-stream.

You can see what this would look like here:

Facebook is also testing out a new limit

Image Source: Social Media Today

Facebook is also testing out a new limit on how many group chats a message can be forwarded into in Messenger, to control and reduce the dissemination of misinformation as much as possible.

Facebook Chat Option

Image Source: Social Media Today

Some of these misinformation campaigns, including “cures” and rumors about government actions and conspiracies, have garnered excellent traction in messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp.

To control these campaigns, Facebook has given users the ability to quickly research claims seen online before believing in and resharing them.

That is about everything concerning the COVID-19 updates and announcements.


Final Thoughts


Facebook’s marketing campaigns are always up to the mark!

Right now, the COVID-19 has us all on edge, slowing down development in many aspects. However.It’s good to see that even a little,Facebook is using its platform for support and development.

Moreover, the new features and site-wide revamped UI design with constant updates and changes to their algorithms are something to be appreciated. We are anticipating a full Facebook dark mode for iOS and Android to arrive soon, and we will keep you updated as we find out more!

What do you think? Which updates are you most thrilled about? Share your opinions and queries with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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