Making The Most of PHYGITAL Marketing in 2021: 8 Actionable Tips

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Shannon Robinson

14th December 2020

Shannon Robinson

You may or may not have heard of Phygital marketing before. Going by its name, it is a combination of both physical and digital marketing. In other words, it is a method of merging both the physical and digital experiences during the marketing process.

A perfect example of Phygital marketing is a brand communicating with potential customers who shop online as well as offline. With the rise of mobile shopping, customers prefer improving their in-store shopping experience with the help of their mobile devices.

User experience is what matters a lot, especially for the people in B2B. According to a report, about 86% of buyers say that they do not mind paying more for a better shopping experience. Keep in mind that your B2B buyers are also consumers outside their office hours.

With careful planning, you can use Phygital marketing as a tool to connect with your customers.

What is Phygital marketing?


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Phygital marketing seems to be a prevalent method of branding and promotion in the year 2021 and beyond. As mentioned above, this form of marketing takes the best of digital and physical marketing to improve user experience on the whole.

This year, we have seen physical storefronts getting inactive, shifting the burden to the e-commerce store. Still, customers ask for sensory aspects of real-life shopping experience. The purpose of Phygital marketing is to allow customers to have those sensory experiences without having to deal with an app. This form of marketing will be more dominant in B2B.

A few tips to develop a Phygital marketing experience


Here are a few tips that you may want to consider to build your Phygital marketing strategy.

1.     Reach your audience


If you are an e-commerce brand, you may want to check how many sensory experiences your audience may be lacking. Similarly, brands with physical locations should look forward to using digital technology to ease the shopping experience of their customers.

First and foremost, you may want to ask for reviews and feedback from your customers. You have to encourage your customers to share their shopping experiences and the issues they face while shopping. Remember, your unhappy customers are your biggest asset because they help you improve your services and products.

The average age of your customers and demographics are necessary factors to consider. It will help you see what most of your customers expect when they walk into your store or log onto your e-commerce site.

If you are a B2B company, keep in mind that most of your customers are going to be young. Keeping their age into your consideration will help you formulate a more robust marketing strategy.

Another way to connect with your customers is to make your business easy to remember. It may include working on business website design or designing a more engaging business logo. You may want to get in touch with affordable logo design services to get the best advice.

2.     Stick to the most appropriate tactics


To achieve your goals, you are going to have to develop a few tactics. However, tactics can fail sometimes, or they might no longer remain effective. The strategy that you develop to achieve your goals should be flexible enough to allow you to change your tactics when the current ones do not seem to work.

For instance, if your current logo design is not being effective for your target audience, you may want to change your logo by contacting affordable logo design services. This new design will entice people to pay attention to the sensory experience that your e-commerce brand has to offer.

In many cases, you may need to invest quite a lot in your Phygital marketing strategy. That’s where you have to see if this heavy investment would help you achieve your marketing goals.

3.     Focus on emotions and senses


The reason people want to visit a physical store is not just shopping. They become loyal to a physical brand store due to the sensory experience it offers.

The Internet allows us to see and hear what’s online. So, if you are a fan of shopping from a physical store due to your liking for touching, smelling, and tasting before buying, there is going to be no substitute for that.

Nevertheless, there is a way brands can engage with their customers differently. This way is pretty much concerned with enticing emotions in your consumers. That’s where you might want to get help from affordable logo design services and web developers to make your online store a platform that tends to invoke an emotional response in your customers or clients.

4.     Cashier-less shopping


Cashier-less shopping has been on the rise. This concept has allowed many retailers to change the way their in-store shopping models work.

A significant part of this implementation is to move away from the human resource and using digitized physical systems that tend to provide a more accurate and personalized shopping experience.

The most notable company working at the backend and frontend of this revolution is none other than Amazon, which has done incredible work in the field of Phygital technology. An example to talk about in this regard is the Amazon Echo, which has brought smart assistant, Alexa, into millions of houses across the globe.

The latest development that Amazon has worked on in the field of Phygital technology is a cashier-less experience known as Amazon Go. This shopping experience allows shoppers to purchase and make payments through their mobile phones.

Some retailers have started using Phygital technology to showcase their items. This method allows them to keep only a few items in the rack. The rest of the items can be viewed through an onscreen catalog in the store.

This way of selling also allows business people to show their brand logos at different points. It will be the same logo that you would have got prepared by affordable logo design services, and it will have all the potential to bring your business into the spotlight.

5.     Augmented and Virtual Reality


Augmented reality has become a sensation in recent years. Aside from gaming, AR is suitable for one more thing: shopping. And that’s where the concept of Phygital comes in. You may want to consider the example of a fashion retailer Lacoste, which has introduced an app that uses AR to allow you to try virtual shoes.

Such a virtual experience leaves a lasting impact on consumers’ minds. As a result, they are more inclined to place an order.

With AR in the marketing scope, businesses have started working in a different dimension. Many of them are finding a way to allow their potential consumers to check virtual versions of their brand elements through mobile cameras.

Imagine how would you perceive a brand whose logo shows up on a wall that you look at through your mobile camera? You are undoubtedly going to be convinced. Many affordable logo design services understand how impactful it is to create a logo that looks well through AR-based apps.

6.     Locations-Based Push Notifications


These are the target notifications that brands send to their consumers based on their geographical locations. To get these notifications working, you have to install Bluetooth beacons in your store and other locations to send messages to nearby mobile phones.

Beacon technology is helpful for retailers in many different ways. For instance, retailers can track geographical data to find out how long shoppers stay in a store. They can even have an insight into the store sections that get the strongest traction.

7.     Live chats


The live chat is a classic example of how Phygital has evolved in recent times. According to a report, consumer engagement may grow by 87% in the next year. Another report suggests that about 63% of web users come back to a website that offers support through the live chat. Because this feature has to sit at the bottom of a web page, it necessitates you to work on your website’s design elements to make it more attractive for your audience. You may want to get in contact with affordable logo design services for logo designing and a reputable web design company for a more persuasive web design.

8.     Personalized content and ads


User experience has much to do with how well-connected your target audience feels when they look at your brand content. It also includes showing your customers the relevant ads they like to see.

You may want to look at Amazon as an example. This platform suggests and recommends products depending on what you have been searching for before.

Amazon does it through machine learning to track user data and then use it to personalize ads and other content.

Another way of personalization is through design elements on your web pages. Take logo design as an example here. The more personalized and engaging is its design, the more leads it will generate for your business. You may want to discuss your requirements with affordable logo design services in this regard.



Although the concept of Phygital marketing is not old, it has started gaining more traction recently. The main reason for its rising trend is the availability of equipment that brings life to this concept. With consumers wanting to have a mix of physical and digital experiences while shopping, it has become necessary for brands and marketers to formulate a Phygital marketing strategy to beat the competition.

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