Improvising Social Media Strategy

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Shannon Robinson

12th February 2019

Shannon Robinson

Let’s throw some statistical cards on the table before digging into the importance of Social Media for businesses, big and small.
Did you know, as of January 2019, the total world population is marked at 7.7 Billion? Out of whom, about 4.2 Billion people are internet users and 3.397 Billion actively use social media.
That’s a huge market already available for your business to explore.
Today, internet is reshaping the world. We are able to connect with people regardless of which corner of the world they belong to in different ways such as blogging, chat apps, photo-sharing and or Vlogging. In short, the world of social media is dynamic and the audience huge.Improvising Social Media StrategySo how does that effect your business marketing strategies?

It is essential to understand that social media platforms are always changing their algorithms, there is no being a pro when it comes to social media. The minute you think you have mastered the art, there is always an upgrade that affects the way you reach out to your targeted audience.
Regardless of how the algorithms keep enhancing, the audience remains on the platforms, ever increasing in numbers. As the stats state clearly, social media users grew by 320 million between Sep 2017 and Oct 2018.

Here I have gathered few stats to keep in mind when planning out your social media marketing strategy:

Work on your Social Media Service

Regardless of your niche, word of mouth matters a lot to improvise business standing. To ensure your target audience gets to hear a good word, work on your social media customer service. About 71% of consumers who have had a good experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend others to your business.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience makes all the difference, if your audience is most likely to follow and stay in touch with your brand through Instagram or Twitter, investing your time and money in Facebook will bear you no fruits. Take this stat for instance, about 95% of 18-34 aged adults are most likely to follow a brand through social media.

Take Reviews & Upgrade
Improvising Social Media Strategy
Did you know about 80% of companies are under the impression that they deliver excellent customer service through social media, while only 8% of their audience agrees. This is huge gap, so it’s necessary to understand what your competitor have to offer, take reviews from clients and work to improve.

Why does it matter?

Because one negative review from an influential person can ruin your reputation in the market for good!

Keep an Eye on All Platforms

According to stats, about 96% of people discussing about a brand do not follow the brand’s own profiles. Which creates a gap between your brand and the audience you are trying to target. According to Radium One, 84% of content sharing occurs outside of the social profile of the concerned brand.

Hence, get your marketers to keep a track of reviews from your audience on different social media platforms, SMS, email or say instant messenger.

Improvising Social Media StrategyKeeping a track of tricks to improvise your social media skills needs considerable amount of invested time. These are just a few point that are sure to help you beat your competitors by simple implementation.
I know there are more tricks that help businesses upsurge, got a few on your mind? Drop your ideas below!

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