Impactful logos that leave an impression on the viewer

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Kathryn Faulkner

12th November 2018

Kathryn Faulkner

Logos are a form of art, one that set a product, service or a brand apart from the rest. However, this piece of art is also a systematic approach of telling a story, the story that connects the viewer to what you want to communicate using just a visual. To design a logo that is impactful enough to leave an impression on its viewer, the logo designer needs to lay focus explicitly on what the target audience is. In order to create something extraordinary, the logo maker needs to focus on many aspects such as color, shape, font, etc. At the end of the day, the creation of a logo takes place after making all the right decisions. Just one wrong one, and even though you’ll have a logo at hand, it just won’t leave a lasting effect.

This is why there are many logos that we remember. Logos that have us thinking of them, even when we might not at all be their target audience. In order to get started with getting your very own logo designed, you need to analyze all the different logos from established brands. Do this to get an idea as to what is that these logos have in them that gets the attention and then incorporate that into your own logo.

Effective Logo Elements

As mentioned earlier, in order to create a logo that casts a spell on the onlooker there are more than one aspects that need to be emphasized. Elements such as color, size, shape, layout, and font are just a few that play a vital role in the creation of your logo. Once you are certain on every element, or then will you be able to create a logo that is powerful enough to grab the audience’s attention. We will be covering some of the main aspects that need consideration to make an awesome logo design.


The color of your logo creates an instant interest to those who see it. If you choose a color that is too bright for a serious toned brand or too subtle for a brand that speaks out loud then the viewer is bound to lose interest and move away. Remember, in the digital world, the attention span has shrunk to lower than 3 seconds. Without a catchy color, the attention will deteriorate and your potential customer will eventually lose interest.

Impactful logos that leave an impression on the viewer

Always choose a color that evokes the right sentiment for your brand, the overall brand appeal is at stake here. Match the colors with that of your brand personality and you will have made it through to level one.


The appeal of your logo varies according to your audience. However how your audience perceives the logo is all in your hands. You can use different shapes within the logo as well as shape the logo in an altogether different shape. There are businesses that use certain shapes within their logo, for example, the NASA logo is a circular logo, however, look closely and you will see the incorporation of an oval depicting an orbit within the logo.

Impactful logos that leave an impression on the viewer

Different shapes are used to provoke varied emotions. Circles are known to advocate community and warmth, similarly, rectangles and squares give away the balanced appeal and are seen as being orderly, and last but not the least triangles being edgy give way to excitement. Skilled designers know what type of shapes to use to garner the right attitude.


Some brands are inclined to use their taglines or slogans as part of their logo. While there are some who try to keep the name of the brand incorporated into their logo (typographical logos). Care should be levied in terms of selecting a fond style that focuses on the readability of the font. A font that looks great yet doesn’t let the viewer make out what’s written is certainly a fail and might get the attention for all the wrong reasons.

Impactful logos that leave an impression on the viewer

Certain logo making companies use plainer fonts to retain their readability and then use icons or elements within the text as decorations. It all comes down to the concept that the designer has in mind and what the brand wants to signify out of the logo. The end result should always lay focus on representing in the best fashion.

Emotional Appeal

This is something that isn’t an element in the tangible sense (something that can be used as an element) however it is one of the most crucial ‘elements’ that need attention. The overall appeal or the emotion that gets conveyed by the logo is what makes or breaks the brand story. Let’s say, for example, you created a great logo with contrasting colors, pretty easy to read fonts and shapes that make the viewer take a closer look but fail to match the emotion that your brand wants to convey. This conflict will work for the worse, and the onlooker will feel a disconnect – this leads to confusion and a total denial.


This article is too short to explore all the elements in detail that make a logo stand out of the crowd. We have only tried a little to explain what you can do make your logo stand out. In upcoming days we will post a sequel to this post with an elaborate study of famous logos that will help you connect to the above discussed concepts in a better way. Until then, cheers!

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