Impact of Coronavirus And Post COVID-19 Marketing Scenario

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Cynthia Moreno

3rd June 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Communities around the world have been hit hard due to the coronavirus pandemic. From students facing uncertainty about their education to businesses dealing with the threat of a shutdown, almost everyone is struggling to adjust and keep themselves afloat in these unprecedented times.

There’s a long list of problems companies face right now, including but not limited to piled-up merchandise, low demand, customer safety concerns, and whatnot; however, fighting for survival is the biggest one. Marketers are doing their best to keep the attention of their customers even during the crisis, but things aren’t as easy as they may look.

Social distancing and country-wide lockdowns everywhere have led to major changes in behaviors and responses of customers toward buying. People are watching more TV, listening to broadcasts for reliable and timely information, and spending time on social media more than ever.

Customer safety concerns have also lead to changes in the way consumers interact with a business. Frictionless payments are becoming common, and people are relying more on delivery services for buying essential items such as groceries and medicine. This puts pressure on e-commerce and convenience stores that have to deal with anxious customers, inconsistent supply, and inconsistent demand. Some of these changes may be temporary, but three months into the lockdown, many are expected to be more permanent.

While lockdown has been great news for entertainment, media, and gaming companies as consumers continue to seek escapism—as a remedy for the boredom of being stuck at home,—it hasn’t been the greatest for many others.

Despite the lockdown and demand falling, the need for physical goods hasn’t disappeared. Even though many global brands have declared bankruptcy due to a sharp and unexpected decline in resources and assets, there are many businesses still competing to grow bigger. Now, more than ever, businesses need to employ proactive approaches and out-of-the-box marketing and branding strategies to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

With so much happening, brands have to eventually come out of the survival mode and rethink their branding and marketing strategies as well as capital infusion, while taking novel approaches toward risk mitigation.

As businesses try to move past the mode of survival and adjust with the shifts in momentums, here are some actions they can take to grow and keep serving their customer base hands-on.

Realignment of Marketing Strategies

Even though many companies will come out of the pandemic

Even though many companies will come out of the pandemic—if it ever happens—stronger than others, most will still be hard-pressed for cash. The next few years are going to be tough, which is why branding approaches must be readjusted and realigned to meet customer expectations.

Companies must understand that everything they do from here on out must be customer-focused—starting with brand awareness.

Personalized interactions are going to be the key, as customers also struggle to face financial restrictions due to an increase in unemployment. A mass targeted campaign isn’t going to cut it anymore, because not only will it be more costly for your business, it’ll also be unable to resonate with the audience.

The new adjustment is to reach the audience by segmenting them instead of applying a one-for-all strategy.

Another key change is the addition of animation and video marketing into the mix. Animation and video are some of the most valuable resources for the audience to collect information from and learn about your products without getting distracted or wasting valuable time.

Keep an animation and video-centric approach in your next branding strategy to amplify your brand’s face value in the market.

If you’re new to the animation world and need some expert help without breaking the bank, we can help you get started.

Contextual Branding


Your audience and customers are feeling uncertain right now. Their vulnerability calls for an empathetic approach that lets them know you care and are there for them in all circumstances.

Your audience and customers are feeling uncertain right now

Many companies have already taken actions to show their commitment by offering free delivery of essential items. Banks all over the world have made an effort to waive transactions and overdraft fees in light of hardships their clients face. Similarly, companies are offering employees a chance of working from home without docking the pay and are offering several tools to make these transitions successful.

Understandably, many businesses can’t afford to show humility and have to make critical decisions just to survive. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be commercially exploitative, because while that may lead to profits right now, it won’t fare well in the long run.

The most important thing to acknowledge is that no one has all the answers right now, and everyone is struggling just the same. The goal is to stay true to your customers, be transparent, and avoid to be tone-deaf as much as possible.

Take the example of Nike: the brand has long been associated with outdoors and sports, but now it has quickly adjusted it’s branding message to “Play inside, play for the world.”Not only this promote social distancing and a commitment to safety, but it also aligns with their brand image.

Tracking and Assessment


Customer requirements are changing every minute and will likely to continue doing so in the next few months. Apart from consumer behaviors, human behavior is also changing, and brands have to stay alert to gain insight into these trends.

A constant reassessment of strategies will become the new normal where marketers track and measure consumer-sentiments regarding products, services, promotional messages, and advertising techniques.

This can help adopt new practices avert any looming crises while also enable businesses to look for new opportunities regarding product launch and upgrades. All of this can be achieved by tracking customer activity on community platforms, social media sites, product review pages, and feedback on e-commerce websites.

Another way companies can stay in touch with their customers is by building dashboards on the websites and use the responses to fuel new decisions.

The most crucial thing here is to remember that we’re in the middle of a global health crisis, and markets will continue to experience rapid changes. What worked a year ago stopped working a month ago, and what was working a month ago didn’t seem applicable a week ago. You have to continuously look for context and make appropriate decisions that reassure the customer as well as help you assess the roadmap of future campaigns.

The Conclusion


Businesses that want to stay at the top of competition while being favored by the customer must subject themselves to public and self-scrutiny. Nothing speaks for your credibility better than when you’re open, transparent, and forthcoming about the decisions you make.

Start actively working on your tone, product placement, imagery, graphic design and logos, keywords, and media placements. If your brand was built on slapstick humor and had a dark or witty social media presence, now is not the time to continue on the same lines when people are losing their loved ones and are afraid for their own lives every second of the day.

Many brands showed this commitment to change by abandoning their April Fool’s ads and posts despite planning for months ahead of time. With the Independence Day arriving, you’ll have to be even more careful about celebrations and festivities in regards to the health crisis.

If you’re a brand struggling to keep the lights on, Uptown Logo Design can help you modify and change priorities in accordance with the needs of the time.

From logo design to website development, we offer an extensive range of services to clients all over the world.

We can help you quickly establish the reputation of your brand in the market through curated content, visual aesthetics, and design elements that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

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