How Websites and Logos Help Your Business

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Michael Lopez

15th April 2018

Michael Lopez

Logo is your brand/company’s identity. This is what your brand is recognized by, and in often cases people proudly wear your logo to show off what company they have been associated with. While a website plays a role of optimizing your digital presence.

If you have a company, a logo and a website, is in one word… a necessity!

Getting a logo and a website designed is the most powerful way to get your audience attention and building an identity for your brand in the consumer’s mind. Brand recognition is the most important factor by which one can get complete awareness online and a solid fan base.

These few tips will help you in getting a strong brand for your business.

Creating a Logo for Your Brand

Before you indulge in the thoughts of how you want to portray your brand through your website, get a logo for your brand.
How Websites and Logos Help Your Business
A strong and a memorable logo is what a brand needs to get itself noticed in the first place. Logos play an important role in brand recognition, so investing the right amount of time and money in this, will take your brand a long way.

There are several MNCs who spend millions to get the right logo option. Create and recreate till you are satisfied. Conduct feedback researches among your target audience to understand better what they might prefer.

Creating Brand Personality Through Your Website

Once you are sure about the logo design, put all your thoughts into how you can portray your brand’s essence through the website design.

This not only ensures that your brand will stand out from the competitors but also increases your chances of attracting the right customers to your brand. With good SEO integration your brand is bound to get the desired place in local search results.

According to a research, an average website visit lasts less than 60 seconds. Therefore, it is important to grab the consumer’s attention in the first 10 seconds.

You need to ask yourself:

  • If your website is clearing the first impressions test?
  • Is it aligning with your messages?
  • Is it reflecting your brand’s unique voice?
  • Is it resonating with your audience’s personality?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Is it authentic?

All these points must be taken into consideration while getting a website designed for your company.

Let’s Take You From A Company To A Brand!

Know what you want in your logo and website. To take the burden off your shoulder, take advantage of the professionals at Uptown Logo Design. They will conduct the researches for the industry norms and latest trends and ensure your brand gets the recognition you desire!

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