How to Uphold Brand Image in Atlanta? A Marketer’s Perspective

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Shannon Robinson

9th December 2020

Shannon Robinson

According to Nielsen’s Global Innovation Survey, “Around 60% of shoppers said they buy from brands they trust, and 21% said they bought because they liked the brand”.

Establishing a well-reputed brand image in the market is like committing a long-term promise to your customers for providing the best products and services. It’s a crucial thing for both new and old businesses to discover the entire personality of the brand and convey the same to the target audiences.

Hence, upholding your brand image requires more dedication than creating a brand identity where you have to create brand awareness for your target customers. The onus is on you to create a positive perception for your brand in the minds of your potential and existing customers.

Whether you choose a Logo Design agency in Atlanta or creative services for your brand image, you’ll need to see things from a marketer’s perspective. Here are a few guidelines to help you figure out how to strengthen your brand image in Atlanta.

1.    Revamp Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy


It’s time for your brand to revamp its brand image and make it come to terms with the new and latest business trends. For new and existing businesses, developing a brand marketing strategy is the key element that shapes the future and enables the business to see the bigger picture.

How can you create an effective brand strategy?

First of all, ensure that your business can convey ‘Why and what they are doing.’ The next step is to create a sustainable brand presence. Is the website design good? Is the logo design attractive? Do these designs attract customers?

The brand has to answer all of these and hire a professional logo design agency in Atlanta to create a stunning logo and website design. It’s essential for both of these designs to define the brand’s core values and its vision.

The case of Apple



If you see Apple’s brand strategy, it focuses on providing innovation and a customer-centric approach. The customers perceive Apple to be a technological giant known for its excellence and quality of products. It mentions the needs of the customers over time and provides unmatched customer services. That’s why the brand enjoys the trust and loyalty of its customers.

If the core of the brand is strong, and its presence is well-maintained, it ultimately builds an exceptional brand persona for customers. If you’re thinking about changing your brand’s marketing strategy, now is the time to act on it and start with a logo design agency in Atlanta.

2.    Create High Social Engagement


According to Lyfemarketing, “71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family”.

These days, marketers have to monitor their social media strategy now and then. As a brand owner or logo design agency in Atlanta, conducting a sentiment-analysis on your audiences can help your brand create high social media engagement. Connecting the sentiments of the audiences with your brand’s message on social media can make your brand a huge success.

With positive experiences, your brand can transform its image and emerge as a global brand if it continues to receive high recommendations and engagement. Better if your brand offers to transform it into a personalized experience for the customers.

How is a personalized experience possible?

By creating a unique social media image. Start with uploading high-quality images, custom videos, and content on your website and social media pages. If you’re a logo design company in Atlanta, ensure that your clients get a customized logo that is scalable and flexible with every platform.

The case of Google



Do you know what brand image Google carries for its customers? Their customer friendliness and easy accessibility are two things their customers can vouch for! The super-intuitive company creates personalized experiences for customers through their search-engine and Google Analytics. With wide-ranging products, it has become one of the biggest brands on the planet.

You can create a well-differentiated brand image for your brand by providing personalized experiences to your customers through different social media platforms. To catch your customers’ attention, hire a logo design agency in Atlanta to initiate a custom logo design, and then follow the next steps.

3.    Build Trust and Credibility


All the brand evangelists and loyal customers want one thing from their brands- Reliability. Many brands provide authentic products and services. However, they fail to portray the same authenticity with their brand image.

Customers instantly put their trust when they hear the names of renowned brands like Apple, Google, Toyota, etc. It’s because they are strong brands that have pulled off everything to build credibility for years, and now their customers trust them blindly.

Wondering how to make your brand trustworthy as a logo design agency in Atlanta or a brand owner?

You’ll have to understand these few points to build your customers’ trust and brand reliability.

Social Proof– A social proof is like a credible document that exists to build your customers’ trust with time. Make sure that your website and social media pages have honest client reviews and testimonials. This will allow you to generate loyal customers and better customer experiences across multiple marketing channels.

Media Exposure- The more the exposure of your brand, the better its potential to make long-lasting customer relationships. If you own a logo design agency in Atlanta or any other business, you can reach out to mediums like YouTube and create personalized videos in your niche.

Guest-Blogging– Another way is to get visibility through guest blogging and writing guest stories related to your brand. Try a publication niche or website and pitch in your products and services. It can help you create more exposure through guest-blogging.

Co-branding or Influencer– Collaborating with other known brands can also build your brand’s credibility and portray positive associations. You can partner up or sponsor celebrities that share similar values with your brand to spread your brand’s message and voice.

Exceptional Customer Experiences– Most importantly, your customers should see your brand as promising as possible. Whether you’re a logo design agency in Atlanta or any other service provider, ensure that you fulfill your customer expectations effectively. Creating delighting customer experiences goes a long way and helps your business earn more referrals.

Remember, the most challenging part about developing a brand image is to build credibility among the target audiences. It’s a grueling process that generates more sales and revenue for your brand if it successfully creates happy customer experiences.

4.    Follow the Right Marketing Channels


Marketing through the right channels and following a proper channel strategy is essential to solidify your brand image. It’s similar to choosing the traditional form of media where brands had to choose a relevant channel for displaying their ads effectively.

In today’s times, brands have to choose from multiple online channels with their own features and distinct audiences. The right platform benefits your brand as a logo design agency in Atlanta to target the right audiences and generate more leads.

For instance, a social platform like LinkedIn allows brands to share infographics and host webinars to target a more professional audience base. On the other hand, Instagram is a different world where brands can share their food, fashion, and travel stories to create better engagement.

It’s vital for your brand and logo design agency in Atlanta to spread its voice over these platforms. However, you have to be specific about choosing what to show and post on these platforms based on your target audiences.

The Case of Coca Cola


coca cola - logo design agency in Atlanta

Coca Cola- a distinctly millennial brand, always targets the youth and millennials to create a powerful brand image. The brand utilizes the right marketing channels globally to reach out to millions of its customers effectively. Although it spends more than a considerable amount of money on its advertising and marketing campaigns, it successfully sparks curiosity and excitement among the audiences. It has overcome the competitive pressure and enjoys a strong brand image, which is growing with time.

Whether you own a logo design agency in Atlanta or another brand, focusing on your channel strategy can help you achieve faster results. If you haven’t thought about strategizing your marketing channels, well, think about it now for your brand’s growth.

5.    Carry out Emotion-Focused Branding


Communicating your brand’s emotional value is essential for building a powerful connection between you and your target audiences.

For instance, Nike’s advertisement campaign “Just Do It” featuring Colin Kaepernick created much well-deserving hype in 2018. Colin- a former American football quarterback, is known for its peaceful protest against racial injustice during NFL’s national anthem ceremony.



Nike’s powerful campaign and image received more impressions and gained social mentions by 135% to support the same cause that Colin intended to do. The image sparked an emotional spur among the audiences, which increased Nike’s income by 10%.

As a logo design agency in Atlanta or any brand, it’s essential to communicate the brand’s emotional values through a website, logo, blog, social media, paid campaigns, images, posts, and videos. It can affect your customer’s emotions and generate brand loyalty for your brand.

Marketers and brand owners also need to carry the same emotional message relevant to their brand’s tone and voice. At the same time, consistency is a key factor that strengthens the brand’s voice and image. If your brand voice is strong, it helps your target audiences create a refreshing persona regarding your brand.

The Case of Dove


Another example is Dove’s campaign video that follows a tagline, ‘You’re more beautiful than you think’ while portraying real beauty sketches of women. The skincare brand features ‘Gil Zamora’- a renowned artist in its campaign that tells women acceptance is important, and it’s ok to be different.

These emotional brand messages appeal to customers more than anything. A study by Carnegie Mellon University states that logic is important for making wise decisions, but emotions are more important for driving bigger actions. Hence, your brand needs to have an emotional persona to appeal to a vast crowd of audiences for its success.



Whether you’re a logo design agency in Atlanta or a brand owner, if you offer ground-breaking quality products and services, it’s unimaginable for customers to overlook your brand.

In this digital era, it’s essential that you create a brand persona that challenges the old beliefs and conquers the new ones. Moreover, understanding your customers’ needs and preferences can help your brand strengthen its brand image through the right channels. If you aren’t following any of these brand-building guides, well, it’s time for a change!

Let us know what you think about hiring a logo design agency in Atlanta for your brand image in the comment section.

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