How to Transform Your Dull Logo into An Iconic Logo Design?

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Shannon Robinson

24th December 2020

Shannon Robinson

Even the dullest of logos can become something… Iconic.


But before answering the “how,” let’s briefly discuss “why” you need to create an iconic logo design for your business.

At a glance, a logo is the captivating visual element of your business. It’s like your brand’s first impression on the customers. Moreover, the design also sets you apart in your niche and represents what your business stands for. It creates a long-lasting brand recall for the customers and gives them the idea that whatever they are buying is genuine and legitimate.

Today, the attention span of the customers has dwindled drastically as they become more digitally alert. The shortened attention span thus gives brands only a couple of milliseconds to create a lasting impression. The problem, however, isn’t the attention span but how to capture it. This is where designs come in.

Take McDonald’s, for instance; whenever you hear the brand name, what’s the first thing you recall? It’s their iconic logo design, the “M.”

Mc donalds

It’s a little too much for a new brand to achieve ’instant recognition.’ But it’s possible. After reading this article, you’ll know how to transform your logo design into a remarkable wonder. One which genuinely stands out.

Circling back to the real question,

How to transform a dull logo into an iconic logo design?


Listed below are a few tips to follow for giving your brand the design it deserves. So, without further ado, let’s begin your logo transformation journey. Always remember, a logo should:

·       Be minimal


The visual representation of your brand, like the logo, should be simple enough that the customer instantly understands it. You don’t want the customer to spend any time deciphering what your logo is.

The saying “a picture paints a thousand words” stands true for iconic logo designs. Show the customers what your business is about, communicate who you are. Take this as an example,


bird paradise - iconic logo design

The logo design above clearly tells us that the business is a pet store. Simple logos like these can make it easy for the customer to understand what your business is about. Let’s take another example,


lola garden

This logo design clearly tells us what the business is about (Hint: Flowers? Florist?). Simple logos such as these are comfortable for the brain to absorb and customers can recall them at a moment’s notice.

Did you know?


Nike, one of the most prominent shoe manufacturing brands today, uses this minimal iconic logo design.



Less is more,


The most efficient way to describe your business is by creating a straightforward logo design. It defines a ‘focused’ approach of your brand towards customers’ needs. These days, majority of the brands prefer a minimal logo design.

·       Be memorable


Logos instantly remind the customer of your brand by creating an imprint in their minds.

Now, what makes a logo memorable?

It’s scientifically proven through research that most memorable logos are, in fact, straightforward designs. Giant companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Google and so on follow the philosophy of simplicity.

However, you can’t just be drawing a memorable design without a few key aspects in mind.

The ‘Key aspects,’


You can’t just be creating a design with no purpose or meaning. What you should do is to think of your brand as an entity. Give it some personality. What vibes does the brand give?

You must understand these details before creating the logo.

Ensure that your design is unique and straightforward. If it conveys the brand message without overdoing any aspects, it will become a unique design that customers will memorize.

·       Be appropriate


Not every simple logo design is iconic. The design must resonate with the target audience and be appropriate for the current era. A can even be as “literal” in design as the company name. Take the iconic logo design of Target, for instance,


Target - iconic logo design

The “bullseye” logo is a prime example of how literal designs can become iconic. It ingeniously represents the company’s name and business.

Logo designs are targeted towards the intended audiences. Like, compare any restaurant’s logo design with a gym, for example. It’s appropriate to use themes that represent strength and health on a gym`s design. However, this wouldn’t be appropriate for a bank because a bank’s logo will consist of money and business themes.


Toys rus

A fine example of a kid store’s iconic design, Toys” R” Us, will help you understand what it means to be appropriate. Their logo design,

It is a hand-drawn font with a backward R and an amusing color scheme that looks like a kid’s drawing. It sits right with children as it attracts them to the store simply because they can relate to the logo design.

Logo designs are an identification of the brand. Ensure that your designs resonate with the audience in order to create resonance.

·       Be distinct


If your logo design is so distinct and iconic that it commits to memory, customers will be able to describe your brand to other potential customers.

The root of something being memorable is when it’s unique enough to stand out even in the clutter. Many companies are overcompensating in their designs by targeting specific elements such as colors, fonts, appeal etc.

Brands understand how important it is to have a distinct logo design. Iconic logo designs are so precise and recognizable that people can draw them on a piece of paper. They can even be remembered without even stating the brand name.

Despite the benefit of recognition, customers familiar with a logo design tend to attach positive traits with the brand. Distinct logos will also entice customers to learn more about your brand.

On the flip side,

If people cannot memorize your logo design when it’s not in front of them, then all your efforts go down the drain. This is the reason why you need to transform your logo into an iconic one.

Further expanding on the McDonalds example from earlier. Their logo design is so simple that it can be quickly drawn on a piece of paper at a moment’s notice. The golden arches of the “M” sign are also easy to identify from a distance all around the world.


mc donalds

Hey, are you taking notes? Good, let’s move on.



·       Be flexible


Iconic logo designs are flexible and versatile. It means that the logo should look equally good at different sizes, across various apps, embossed on a variety of product packages etc.

To create a versatile logo, you must ensure that it works everywhere you want to use it. Think about how it will look on your website or a giant billboard, for instance. Having flexibility in size can help you create a logo design that will be both impactful and understandable.

When adding details to your logo, it is essential to note that some elements can suffer when looked at different sizes. For instance, colors can get lost in smaller sizes, which is why you must transform your logo with the right color combination.

If the logo design is created using the appropriate color combination, it can even work on black and white surfaces while staying perceptible.

The other option,

A flexible logo is also known as a responsive one. These logos can shift sizes and even harbor colors that adapt to different screen sizes.

Today, there are more places to use a logo than ever before; all these places also have different sizes. To truly create an iconic logo design, you should ensure that it’s adjustable and noticeable even when it’s on something as small as a favicon on the browser.

A prime example of a flexible design is the Apple logo. It looks pleasing on both black and white surfaces, smaller or larger sizes etc.


apple logo iconic apple logo iconic


·       Be eternal


Logo designs are not bound by time. They live as long of a life as the brand.

Achieving eternity in the logo is perhaps one of the most challenging traits to achieve. When compared to the key points mentioned above, this one is deemed impossible to achieve.

Why is it hard to achieve?

It’s because designing trends don’t last for long. There is always an inevitable trend shift, which is more of a test of time that your logo design has to pass. But you can make it happen with an iconic logo design.

An eternal logo design is not something that withers away with time. On the contrary, a timeless logo should always remain consistent with its brand vibe.

Iconic logos dan stay in use even after shifting trends. If the logo doesn’t remain effective after some time, then redesigning it time and time again can cost a lot of money. However, this is something you can avoid by focusing primarily on these key pointers:

Key pointers of an eternal logo design


  • It can’t be stressed enough to use simple designs that eliminate any and all complex graphics.
  • The simplicity shouldn’t just stay in the design but also the color of choice. Using the right color combination is the way to go.
  • To achieve a timeless iconic logo design, you must make it so that it’s recognizable even when scaled up or down.


Do not follow the current logo designing trends. Logos that depend on short-lived trends will always fail to become timeless. The most common mistake that many designers make is to think that basic designs and fonts are not unique.

This is false! Classic fonts can make your logo design eternal. The more color you add to your design, the higher the chances that they will wash out with time, and your logo, with them.

While on the topic of timeless logos, one example that comes to mind is Coca-Cola. Their iconic logo design is truly timeless as it has stayed the same ever since the early 1900s. It’s also one of the many eternal logos we have in history.


Last but certainly not least,


The “where?”

It’s also crucial to discuss “where” to get your logo designed.  There are many options out there that can create the logo design that ticks all the right boxes for you. However, why go with just any?

You want an iconic logo design that goes right by your business and keeps all the points mentioned above in check among other things. Consider creating these logos if you want to create the best impression for your business.

If you are working with a designer, you must know that they never present one option. It would be best if you considered different options. Take advice and ask for opinions for the ‘before and after’ designs of your logo.

Pro tip: It’s much more beneficial to reduce the number of elements in the logo design than add more. It does not mean that you remove everything from your logo. Think more about what’s needed and how the communication is coming through to the customers.

How would you go about creating an iconic logo design?

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