How to Make Your Logo Design A Nation-Wide Phenomenon?

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Shannon Robinson

18th November 2020

Shannon Robinson

It seems quite a simple task to create a logo design. A little bit of sketching emblazoned with the brand name and color hues, that’s it. However, it’s not as simple as it appears to be. Remember, all that we assume, perceive, or see doesn’t mean to be true always. Similarly, logo creation isn’t this uncomplicated or effortless process but a daunting job if the intention is to create an iconic logo design. From Florida Logo Design to Custom Logo Design in California, all branding aficionados believe that logo is the cornerstone when brand identity is concerned.

Cultural values and social norms of a particular region shape the inhabitants’ tastebuds, and their actions and decisions reflect their unique choices and preferences. For instance, warm heaven may not attract someone living in Arizona, whereas one living in North Dakota will pray for heaven to be a cool place. Therefore, it could rightly be said that what you find appealing may not be the same for others.

The logo design binds the customers with the brand and makes them think of you when the need arises for a certain product or service. Creating a space in the consumer’s mind is critical for a brand to become a part of their life. And to occupy a room in the consumer’s head instantly, a logo design must be unique, vibrant, and strikingly different.

From Eyes to Mind and Heart – Brand’s Endless Journey

A brand’s journey from the conscious mind to the subconscious one becomes seamless when represented by a well-thought-out emblem. Know the sheer fact that the subconscious mind plays a vital role while making decisions. It puts perceptions and things in our conscious mind and keeps communicating with us without we realize it.

Do you have any idea of the track your brand is supposed to walk on to reach the destination?

Experts at Logo Design Texas conducted comprehensive research on the impact of logo design on consumers’ psyche. They revealed that if a logo cannot reflect the brand’s core values and story, expecting it to resonate powerfully with consumers is utter folly. Resonance is the track a brand must continue the walk on to get to its target audience’s heart. Shaping the customer’s perception through an iconic logo design is practical, pragmatic, and well-practiced by many brands.

Remember that resonance is the key to brand loyalty

The Introduction Serves as the First Interaction, And It’s Logo that Introduces


In a true sense, a logo is supposed to introduce the brand to the target audience. A robust introduction provides a reason for listening to the brand’s story; hence, experts from New York Custom Logo Design agencies recommend choosing the logo design wisely. A wise decision can help your brand rise like a morning sun, whereas a bad one can drop you down like falling rain.

Who Are You?


As per the pro-industry specialists at Custom Logo Design Company Nashville, the essence of a company symbol is to convey the brand’s message accurately. An iconic logo design helps the brand distinguish its product and services from competitors in a competitive market. In a nutshell, the logo’s primary objective is to promote the business and create unique brand awareness.

Brand awareness is all about the amount of familiarity that your target audience feels about your products and services. Also, it symbolizes the knowledge about the distinctive attributes of your brand that sets it apart from many others in the same niche market.

Know that the price of a product does count, but familiarity outweighs the price factor. People don’t mind paying a few cents more for a product instead of putting their trust in a cost-effective yet non-familiar brand.

 Uptownlogodesign - Professional Logo Design Agency Florida

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Once your clients get familiar with your products and the brand values, it behooves them to prioritize you over the rest for future needs. At Miami Logo Design, a team of design experts goes the extra mile to reflect the brand’s personality through the logo design. They believe that a meaningless logo design can never create an emotional connection with consumers.

What Are You?


This phase is all about how the target audience perceives your brand. Logo plays a crucial role in creating the perception of a brand. Connoisseurs at Logo Design Chicago are with a thought that not only the symbol but the brand’s performance also counts a ton for creating a perception. A brand’s image is not developed overnight, but constant interaction with its products, combined with the overall experience, gives birth to the brand’s perception.

Author of the New York’s bestselling the 7 Habit of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey says;

To change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perceptions.

This quote reflects the power of perception; once perception is changed, the rest follows next. If your brand’s logo design embodies the ability to change consumers’ perception, your brand shall be perceived as the market leader by the masses.

Your logo must have an influential personality and ooze out positive vides, whereas the products should be good enough to enrich consumers’ lives. Subsequently, your brand’s positive perception is bound to permeate within the inner walls of the consumer’s head.

The crux of perception is to create a differentiation in-between various products and services in the same niche market.

What About You?


The feeling and emotions that your logo design develops within your clients’ inner realm fall in this domain. The attachment with the brand is possible if there are feeling deep down inside about the brand. To achieve this emotional connection, Riverside Custom Logo Design Company emphasizes using certain colors in the logo design to evoke specific feelings. Each color tends to express and arouse definite emotions, hence bringing the colors philosophy into consideration while creating a logo is indispensable.

Uptownlogodesign - Logo Design Company in California,

Image Source: UptownLogoDesign Portfolio

Not that only the logo design functions as a driving force for creating an emotional connection, but branding, as a whole, is all about making connections. Since the emblem greets all the spectators before showing them the way inside. Hence specialists at Florida Logo Design firmly believe that the logo should also encompass the attributes necessary for developing relationships.

Emotional reactions symbolize the influence on the hearts, whereas rational responses are more connected with the minds. The connection could easily and quickly be established with the consumers’ minds and hearts if the product quality and logo standards are kept above par.

What About You and Me?


All that’s been discussed above encircles around a single point of creating a resonance with the target audience. A stable relationship in-between a brand and the client is possible only through resonance. All the efforts of branding specialists are designed to achieve this single most crucial aspect.

Once the brand story starts resonating with its customers, loyalty follows next from the customer’s end. Commitment has many windows; the first one leads the company to increased ROI, following by the second window that shows word-of-mouth advertisement. The next window blows the goodwill winds, and the breeze of the other one pushes the brand to stand apart from many others. And so on so forth. An endless list of benefits loyal client base unfolds for the brand. Custom Logo Design California thinks of resonance above all the other factors for a brand’s success.

“Resonance is the Essence Behind Every Great Brand’s Presence”

Some Other Elements for Making a Brilliant Custom Logo Design




A logo design should be creative yet simple enough, so it becomes easier for the eyes to catch the and brain to memorize. All that we memorize becomes familiar, and you know what familiarity is a prelude to trust, which engenders the teeny-tiny specks of loyalty. Simplicity attracts, and all that attract are mostly turn out to be plain and simple.

One of the most-read Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho says;

“The simple things are the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

Animal care

Image Source: UptownLogoDesign Portfolio

What makes a logo successful?


  • If the logo design is meaningful
  • If it conveys the brand’s message with clarity
  • If it is recognizable for consumers
  • If it can elicit an immediate emotional reaction
  • If it radiates aesthetic appeal
  • If it shows relevance to the industry that it is associated with

According to Logo Design Company Nashville, Logo design is successful if it fulfills all the points mentioned above. Tell you what, it gets hard to reflect the brand’s message and all that discussed earlier through a complex and complicated logo design. But a simple logo makes the comprehension process much easier for onlookers. Remember that simplicity is peerless and priceless.



The charisma of a logo design should last for good. We see various trends grabbing viewers’ attention and interest for some time and then fades away, just like the bout of good moments. Jumping on the bandwagon of contemporary trends and creating something alike as a company logo won’t do any good to a business. Trends are provisional, whereas a business is permanent. For a logo piquing the curiosity of spectators is silver, but upholding the interest is gold.

Nike Official

Image Source: Nike Official Website

It is important to note here that a logo design’s timelessness is not associated with any particular logotype. It could be a wordmark logo or letter mark, a combination mark or a mascot, an abstract logo design, or an emblem design. As per design specialists at Logo Design Chicago, no hard and fast rules apply to blend the flavor of agelessness into forming a symbol. Mere a simple, versatile, appropriate, and memorable design could live longer if it resonates with the target audience’s lives.

Consistency breeds familiarity and trust. Hold it in your mind that a timeless logo design remains constant and consistent.



In today’s digitized era, the company logo is not only used on business cards, brochures, and banners but also on various online platforms. In order to make the logo adjustable on all the available platforms, it is inevitable for the design to be versatile. Designers at New York Logo Design put extra emphasis on the versatility of the logo design to make the marketing efforts fruitful and result-oriented.

Uptownlogodesign - Custom Logo Design Company Nashville

Image Source: UptownLogoDesign Portfolio

To reach the maximum audience, a brand must have a strong presence on social media platforms. And to uphold the quality of a logo design on these platforms, the logo should be scalable as per the requirements of social media. Also, print media advertisements demand the logo design to look good on black and white surfaces to keep the aesthetics of the symbol.



A logo design is a simple visual mark to introduce and identify your brand, product or service. It is used by the organization on its advertising materials, letterheads, and various other materials; hence it must symbolize the industry. Design connoisseurs at Custom Logo Design Texas conduct frequent training sessions with the in-house designers to ensure relevance through the logo symbols.

Uptownlogodesign - Professional Logo Design Agency Florida

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A brand with perfect visuals creates a powerful symbolic association in the mind of the target audience. The deeper it goes into the memory lanes, the higher it will impact on their decision-making processes. As they advise fiction writers to show the characters instead of telling about them, likewise, the logo should reflect it all about the company.



All that we incorporate on the Custom logo design, be it the color palette, font size or style, or any other aspect of the symbol. All intend to drive the logo towards the achievement of the single most desired dream of memorability. Know that once a logo becomes memorable, the brand is perceived as durable.

One of the famous authors and branding coach Bernard Kelvin Clive recounts that;

“What makes your brand stick and tick is your ability to make it memorable.”

An iconic logo design is essential for a great brand identity. To explore more on the iconic logo designs, read this article on 10 Iconic Logo Designs and Their Awe-Inspiring Stories.

Over to You


To look different from the pack, you will have to more creative, and your logo must be appealing and resonating with the audience. Winning the battle against the rivals may not sound like an easy task, but our design experts at UptownLogoDesign can assist you with all your design needs. We can assure you of lasting and resounding success by creating a unique brand identity for your business. To learn more about our design and development services, feel free to contact us back at 1-888-420-8889 or email us at

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