How to Get a Logo Made The 2019/20 Way?

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Shannon Robinson

11th November 2019

Shannon Robinson

The year 2019 is all about new trends and innovations which is bound to continue in 2020 as well! The world is always changing, and changing with it are the logo designing trends. As new technologies come out every year, and the world still can`t get enough of it, Logo designs in 2019 have also changed in comparison to the previous years. And we bet that the trend is going to be followed in 2020 as well.

The designers today are catching up with the latest logo design trends – obviously, for the new digital landscape. Futurism has started to penetrate in the contemporary logo designs. Designers’ focuses are shifting more towards the modern trends. Rather than following old complex designs, this digital era seeks simple designs that are strong enough to hold the consumer’s attention at the very first glance.

Logo design of an organization can make or break its business prospects. A perfectly designed logo establishes a good rapport with the audience that a company and its business is trying to achieve. But an imperfectly designed logo will fail to communicate the message and ends up harming the business of the company, even if it has an excellent website!

Contemporary business depends a lot on making effective communication with their customers. Strategies are made to ensure that people can engage with a company in numerous ways. On that account, business owners spend quite some money on creating visual tools to capture people’s attention and interact with them. In modern times, a logo is not just a business symbol of an organization and its products or services; instead, it makes a strong brand identity.
Here are some useful tips for designing a powerful logo in 2019.

Know the Brand

Before you go for setting out the design of a brand’s logo, study the brand. Research the target market and target audience. Look for the brand’s ideology is inspirations for future goals. Know the brand personality. What does it want to project to its market and customers? Learn all details as they will serve as a guide to design the logo. Pick your logo elements based on the information about the brand.

Reflect Nature of the Company

A good logo is always fully capable of representing the business. The colors and images used in the logo would align the market, and the products or services it delivers. When a logo aligns with the nature of the company, it will create a brand identity for the organization in the competitive market.

The customers or targeted audience will understand the message when the design would reflect the business and its values or attributes.

Make a Crucial Impression

An effective logo design must be able to make a lasting impression on the market and the customers. Only a single glance at the logo should be enough to mesmerize people. The logo functions for a company in a certain way. It enacts the customers again and again once they have got a good impression of the design.

To create an impression, make sure that the logo is unique. The design of a logo should be based on a new concept. This strategy will help it to stand out in the market.

Use Colors In A Planned Way

Colors play a significant role in communicating a brand’s message. For instance, the usage of red as a primary color in the logo will send the word of the brand being passionate, aggressive, and energetic. This concept would mean that the brand intends to target young customers. If blue is used as the primary design-color, it will evoke feelings of togetherness, socialization, and intelligence. It is one of the reasons that most social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter has its logo in blue color. If you are planning on creating a social media page or service, think of having blue as its primary color in its design.

Remember to use bright and bold colors to grab people’s attention. The colors should speak about the brand’s personality. Know that every color evokes an emotion, which becomes the message of its viewers or customers. There is a science behind colors, which the modern graphic designers use effectively.

Pick Fonts Carefully

At times, designers do not pay enough attention to the selection of typefaces and choose them randomly. Fonts, too, speak about the personality of a brand. For instance, a toy company’s logo will most likely be a handwritten typeface kind. The reason will be because the children are the target audience, and the project pf the brand should be child-friendly.

If the logo is for a rock music band, pick bold fonts that create a strong personality of the brand. Make sure that typeface and the brand personality are not a mismatch. The logo will send wrong signals to potential customers if the choice of font does not speak for the brand.

Choose the Type of Logo

If a brand wants a logo that has its company’s name as a central feature. Such an emblem is called a logotype. Some of the famous logotypes include the logos of RayBan, IBM, and Coca-Cola.

If the brand wants a logotype (which will have its company name visible to the customers immediately), it signifies that the logo will become the brand’s advertisement as well. If the logo tells the company name to its audience, then the brand will not have to spend much to generate publicity. Small business of little marketing budget, benefits from logotypes.

Brands (that choose to have a symbol as their logo), will require to spend a lot of funds on generating awareness about their name. Another form of effective logo design is a combination logo that has symbol and company name both. Such logo will speak about the company name along with the business message from the symbol.

Keep It Simple

Every expert logo designer lay extra emphasis on creating a simple logo design by their graphic design services. A simple logo implies that there should be the use of one or two colors, fonts, and some other elements. The viewers should get the message of the brand by looking at first glance of the logo. If will be many confusing colors and fonts or the shape of the logo is involved, then it will end up sending a mixed signal to the viewers.

A simple logo is also easy to remember. Simple logo designs represent most of the global business. Take the example of the Nike logo. It is a simple swoosh logo. The emblem of the Pepsi logo is made of two colors only. Samsung’s logo has one color. Apple’s logo is used as a symbol of its business. Simplicity of design is not just restricted to the logo. Instead, all the graphic design products such as brochure design, etc. should also be neat, clean, and straightforward.

Many companies use their name in the logo, while others only use illustrations. Both of these are simple logos and are fully capable of catching the attention of the targeted audience.

A logo can have colors and images, but it should be able to communicate with the targeted audience. Try to avoid creating a complicated logo which has a storm of colors or fonts or web of lines. Such form of designs will be too ambiguous. See the logo of Google; it is the most uncomplicated logo all over the world.

A simple logo design quickly becomes part of memory, and it gets easy for the audience to understand the company and its product behind the logo. Always remember the simplicity of a logo will go a long way in creating a brand identity, as it helps the customers to remember the company and its product easily.

Make It Scalable
A great logo design is easily scalable. A logo features on variety of advertisements. It must appear as an impressive logo on all media sources. This also means that when scaled up to more immense proportions, like on a billboard, the logo must look impressive and appealing.

If the logo loses its sense of dimensions, some of its design elements will look odd on billboard, turning out to be failed logo design.

On the other hand, if there appears a need to print logo on a smaller surface, such as a product like pen, the logo design must still be visible there too.

It Should Be Impressive in Colorless Version

Most designers do not pay enough attention to this point. A robust logo design is the one which looks equally impressive in black and white. There can be many times when a logo will have to appear without colors. It may be on documents, fax, newspaper ads, stationery, or another item.

The logo should be able to make an excellent lasting impression on viewers, when printed in black and white.

A tip to create logos that look impressive in black and white, is to make sure that they are looking great at the sketching stage. Do not rely on colors when you draw a pencil sketch. A good logo is the one which is memorable without colors too.


The bottom line is that in order to design a good logo, a designer needs to learn about the brand inside out. An effective logo is designed in a unique but more straightforward pattern. It has the strength to convey a brand’s message clearly and is versatile and scalable enough. The use of fonts and colors must have the ability to specify the brand personality. Always remember, a logo communicates with its audience, and by observing these little factors, a designer will create a passage for trending, effective and powerful logo designs.

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