How to Design A Brand Concept from Scratch?

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Shannon Robinson

18th December 2020

Shannon Robinson

Often do people confuse the logo design with a brand. However, a logo is merely a symbol that is used to epitomize a brand. Having said that, we cannot negate the influence of an iconic logo design for creating a discernable brand. It plays a vital role and is considered an integral part of branding in 2021.

We all have a unique name, style, tone, and other specific traits that differentiate us from our peers. Likewise, a brand has its own unique identity: a blend of name, trademark, communications, typography, web design, logo, and visual appearance makes it a distinctive one. The audience perceives a brand as per the characteristics exhibited by its logo design and marketing materials.

Prior to concocting a branding strategy, it’s crucial to analyze and determine the image you want to reflect through your brand. Thorough and in-depth research regarding brand positioning plays a critical role in creating an exclusive and riveting brand image.

Keys to a Strong Brand Identity


A strong brand identity is supposed to work with both the internal and external people who interact with you. Before diving deep into the key aspects of branding in 2021, let me inform you that your brand identity must be distinctive, memorable, scalable, and cohesive. In order to formulate a branding strategy that encompasses all these qualities, you need to be conversant enough with all the steps involved in branding.

It’s not an easy task to build a brand identity that stands out and captivates the audience. It requires a well-thought-out strategy, coupled with a nicely documented creative brief.

Devise Your Branding Strategy


An iconic logo design is a fundamental fragment of an effective branding strategy. An eye-catching and spellbinding symbol makes it easy for the brand to stand out. Besides that, the company’s vision and mission are the heart of branding in 2021. A clear and attainable vision and mission help the branding specialists adopt a voice that resonates powerfully with the target audience. Resonation is the key to build a long-standing relationship with the audience.

Iconic Logo Design - branding in 2021

Brand messaging is an indispensable chunk of brand strategy. There exist various features that play a vital role in conveying the brand message. The tagline of your brand, combined with the value proposition, reflects the brand’s voice, personality, and positioning truly and wholly.

Creating a lasting image in the marketplace to make your brand recognized is all about branding in 2021. Your brand’s positive image, paired with a striking personality that stands you apart, assures the brand’s success.

The sole purpose of branding is to map out whether your brand is different and highlight the features that give you a leg up over your competitors.

Build Your Brand Persona


The assortment of personality traits is a brand persona. Your brand interacts and communicates with the primary and secondary audience persistently, reflecting your brand’s personality. An iconic logo design contributes significantly to devise an overall branding in 2021 and create a persona that resonates with the larger audience.

The demographic and psychographic information of the target market helps you connect with the audience more effectively. Showcasing the segments associated with the target audience will instill familiarity among consumers and make you trustworthy.

In a nutshell, the brand persona is your business’s character, and the audience determines the kind of charisma you need to embody. Your brand’s persona must resonate with the target audience’s tastebuds, preferences, and psychography for successful branding in 2021. The persona of your brand outlines how people will perceive you.

Research and Monitor Your Competitors


No matter how effective strategies you concoct and implement to attain the branding objectives, branding in 2021 goes incomplete without studying the competitor’s approaches. Monitoring competitors’ tactics, analyzing the ever-evolving market trends, and devising modern strategies is paramount for positive branding in 2021.


Iconic Logo Design - branding in 2021

A plethora of things could be watched out for to understand your competitors’ branding philosophies and methodologies. The list includes but is not limited to reviewing their website, scrutinizing their social media profiles, PR coverage, email marketing, and paid ad campaigns. Swatting competitors will ameliorate your decisions pertinent to creating a great brand identity. The success rate of data-driven decisions is much higher than the decisions made based on instincts or presumptions.

Analyzing their blogs and social media posts helps you understand their content marketing tactics. The content details, along with the publishing time or days, can help you crack their marketing strategies. You can also assess if their structures are working out or not producing the desired outcomes. With all these details in hand, you can devise a pragmatic plan for your business branding in 2021.

Learning from your competitors’ failure and success makes you avoid committing the same mistakes that didn’t work for them.

Build your Brand’s Visual Identity


Visuals speak louder than content, and in today’s fast-paced world, visuals play a vital role in grabbing the viewer’s attention. According to Venngage, visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media.

Creating perception through visual elements is more persuasive since images are a powerful form of communication and emotional connection. However, it functions as a double-edged sword; a little negligence or inappropriate visual representation can hurt the brand beyond your imagination.

All the acquired data, such as competitors’ approaches, market trends, audience psychographic information, demographic dynamics, etc., must be translated into visual concepts adroitly. Know that communicating the brand message, brand persona, and vision excellently through visuals is paramount for prolific branding in 2021.

Develop a Responsive Website


The purpose of building a brand identity is to attract the audience and persuade them to visit your website. A website is a place where consumers meet and communicate with the brand. Your website must respond to users as per their devices, screen size, and orientation for ensuring an excellent user experience. Without a responsive site combined with an easy-to-understand navigation process, you cannot devise a successful branding strategy in 2021.


responsive website

The use of mobile devices and other gadgets continues to grow at an astronomical pace for surfing websites. To control the webpage dimensions and for scaling, your website must be a responsive one. If not, users will click away and go to your competitor’s site. The color palette on your site and other materials should be consistent since consistency makes a brand trustworthy and memorable. For active branding in 2021, your brand needs to comply with all these tips and tricks to gain the user’s attention, confidence, and trust.

A visually aesthetic web design coupled with a seamless navigation process and responsiveness benefit the brand in many ways. Firstly, online users feel at peace once they land on your site. The less convoluted processes and aesthetic layout please both their eyes and mind, enhancing their satisfaction level. Customer satisfaction and revenue graph go hand in hand. Secondly, search engines will reward you by ranking you high, enabling you to attract more online users, and ultimately boosting your sales and profit.

According to medium, almost 50% of eCommerce revenue comes from mobile devices, and 60% of users refuse to go back to unresponsive websites. Devising a successful digital branding in 2021 is not an arduous task, but thorough research and appropriate branding strategies are inevitable.

Create an Iconic Logo Design


Brand identity is all about the visual elements: brand color, webpage, social media profiles, logo design, or anything representing your brand. One of the brand elements that are most viewed or interacted with is undeniably the logo design.

An iconic logo design tells it all about the brand; hence it must be simple, unique, and captivating. People judge a brand within the first couple of seconds after clapping their eyes on the logo. If your logo doesn’t radiate positivity, optimism, and your business’s values, then it will fail to leave a lasting first impression.

The first impression builds the perception of viewers about your brand. Therefore, a logo should be striking enough to catch the spectators’ eyes for successful branding in 2021.

While designing a logo, make sure it is original and straightforward as simple symbols are easy to recall. If you look around, you will notice the sheer fact that most famous brands worldwide have simple and detailed designs, and they are well-known.

The selection of color palette is the most critical aspect of a logo since you have to use the same color in your website and other marketing materials. Each color tends to evoke certain feelings among the viewers, and choosing the right colors will produce the right emotions. An iconic logo design is an amalgamation of all the correct elements representing your brand and making it a discernable brand.

Stand Out Your Brand with Compelling Content


Content is still the king and a brand deprived of compelling and convincing content is likely to go unnoticed and unappreciated. Like a logo design, content represents the brand on various channels, including social media, website, blogs, or any other marketing material. Know that it’s not the product or services that represent you but what you stand for. Content is the best way to communicate with your audience, and well-thought-out content could be a cherry on top of your brand’s identity.

Creating compelling content frequently is cumbersome and time-consuming, yet it is the core of your brand identity. Repeatedly expressing your brand identity’s unique traits through content connects you with the audience and helps you build a long-standing lucrative relationship. According to Content Champion, articles with images get 94% more views, and 84% find infographics a very effective way of clear communication.


content competition

While jotting down the website content, make sure to incorporate the industry-related keywords that will help your site appear on the screens of like-minded users. With the incorporation of SEO friendly content on your site, you can attract more online users, and the higher traffic your site receives, the more conversion you will attain.

Besides that, writing blogs regularly on your site will set you apart from your competitors, and the audience will start perceiving you as a leader in the niche market.

Updating your consumer on the latest industry-related news for branding in 2021 does not only keep them up-to-date, but also, they will trust you more than your peers. According to SmallBizGenius, 82% of users feel more optimistic about a brand after reading customized content, and 61% of users are more likely to buy from brands that generate unique content.

Provide Outstanding Customer Service


Remember that to earn a customer’s trust and loyalty, demonstrating excellent customer service is crucial. When they pay a visit to your brick-and-mortar store or land on your site, make them feel welcomed and heed attentively to their concerns. And ensure to address their queries promptly and effectively to earn their satisfaction and improve your retention rate.

Customer service of a company is the keystone for effective branding in 2021, and the more loyal customer you produce, the more they will do the word-of-mouth advertising for you. If you get your customer service right, it will lead to a whopping increase in revenue, repeat customers, and above all, customer satisfaction.

Point to Remember

Creating a great brand identity today doesn’t mean you sit back and relax tomorrow. Your brand needs to be shaped and evolved consistently. To stay afloat and up-to-date with the current market dynamics and consumer preferences, you must keep modifying your brand elements. People’s perception never remains constant; hence, to meet their standards and penchants, conducting market research and adopting the recent technological changes is crucial.

Over to You

Devising a discerning brand identity from scratch requires skilled resources paired with a knack for determining the target audience and researching competitors’ approaches. But before that, discovering the purpose of your brand and forming the brand’s voice is paramount to resonate with the audience for building long-standing connections.

If you have any queries about successful branding in 2021, connect with us, our branding specialists at UptownLogoDesign will be more than delighted to assist you.

Are you ready to start a new brand or looking to rebrand your existing brand? Please share with us your take in the below comment section.

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