How Long Should It Take To Get An Iconic Logo Design

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Cynthia Moreno

6th January 2020

Cynthia Moreno

Are you psyched to get your brand in the industry, or to revamp its current stature? Getting your business` logo done must be your top priority then!

But how long does it actually take before you can enter the industry with your fiery new brand appearance?

An amateur might craft a quick logo design but take several hours to submit it. The waiting can be endless, and you might be short on time. While many people take advantage of such situations, you need to be wary and aware of exactly how much time you should invest in getting the job done. Which circles us back to the question at hand, how much time does it take for a professional logo designer to get the job done? To put it as directly as one possibly can: it depends!

It depends on the quality, package, pricing, revisions, designs, color systems, and several other undertakings that act as the deciding factors as to how long it will take to create the perfect business logo design for your brand.

In this blog, we discuss all the subtle details that are generally performed by the best logo design firms to design THAT perfect logo, which can prove to be the game-changer for your business.

Let`s get started!

Brief of the Design: 45-60 minutes

Long before the work even starts, the logo designer requires all the details the client can provide. This can be done through a face to face chat, video-conferencing, or even through the exchange of emails, but getting a brief from the client is a must, regardless if the client is not at sure about what they want.

The gamut of the brief can stretch from getting the color palettes, to even trivial information, such as how the edges of the custom logo design should come together.

While every designer undergoes this stage in a peculiar fashion, every single one of them assures that they extract vital information from the client – a prerequisite that ensures that the logo gets designed as per client`s requisition.

Accepting the Proposal: 30-60 minutes

Ionic Logo Design

Although the proposal takes about 30-45 minutes in being charted out, several hours or even days may pass before you get a response from a novice logo designer. This particularly is the case when dealing with cheap logo design companies, as they have a large number of pending orders.

Since the majority of providers of professional logo design services tend to deliver the final logo designs within 48-72 hours, when employing professional designers, be ready to get the proposal within half an hour. The details in this proposal usually include what the logo design package entails (price, timeline, deadline, etc.).

Research Phase: 90-120 minutes

Iconic Logo Design

For the majority of designers, the third undertaking is to go through extensive research about the brand, including its competitors, industry, work, unique selling propositions, and other imperative factors affecting the operations.

Apart from bridging the gaps in information left by the client, the primal concern of the provider of your professional logo design services in this stage is to gain additional information that aids in the process of designing the perfect logo.

Concept Art: 120-180 minutes

Though not every logo designer goes through this protocol, seasoned designers, before designing a custom logo, make several provisional logo designs.

Think of this as a warm-up. Though this activity does take time, it proves to be extremely handy later down the stage for both the client and the designer.

Test Runs and Refinement: 300-500 minutes

A professional logo designer looks for concept arts and other sources of inspiration to get this phase rolling. With enough inspiration on hand, the designer in this stage usually produces vector logo designs, that are later rendered digitally.

Generally, top logo design companies, and even designers who have earned several laurates for best logo designs, design a number of logos, prior to finalizing their project. These designs are later forwarded to the clients. The number of partially-completed logos forwarded is usually based on the provisions, as discussed in the proposal.

Individual provider of professional logo design service might give up to 3-4 initial logo designs, whereas this number can go as far as 3-digits when dealing with a professional logo design company.

Nevertheless, the time taken during this process can stretch up to 500 minutes, as it is one of the most vital stages.

Client Feedback and Editing: 120-200 minutes

Iconic Logo Design

Once the client goes through the initial designs, feedbacks are a must. The majority of the professional designers tend to take notes and resolve any discrepancies that exist in the designs.

Since the providers of professional logo design services are well aware of the fact that any alterations, later on, prove to be extremely difficult, many of them tend to cater as many modifications as possible during this stage.

In most cases, this step, as a whole, takes about 2-3 hours and ends with the finalization of the custom logo`s graphics.

Choosing the Typology: 50-60 minutes

Iconic Logo Design

After the logo design has been finalized, the process of choosing the logo`s fonts come into play. With a cornucopia of options available, professional logo designers tend to select only those fonts that harmonize with the brand and its offerings, and not the criterion established by cheap logo design companies – choosing only from sans, sans-script or other renowned fonts.

Nonetheless, a professional logo designer may offer up to dozens of font choices to the clientele. This process usually takes about 60 minutes on average.

Colorization: 60-80 minutes

Iconic Logo Design

With every element of the logo design in place, the process of colorization begins. Many a time, the color combination is provided by the client, that cuts down the time by about 30-40 minutes.

However, if the color is also to be decided by the logo design agency or the logo designer himself, the process can take up to 60-80 minutes.

Just like the typography and the initial designs, a seasoned designer will offer a number of color combinations to the client, prior to finalizing the logo.

Forming the Logo Style Guide: 30-60 minutes

Though not a necessity, a professional design agency will provide a logo style guide. This guide acts as a precedent to be followed, that helps in recreating the logo with the same specifications.

The primary purpose of the guide is to mention the essentials, such as the color scheming, typology, design, size, etc. so even when some other designer designs the logo, the outcome is precisely the same.

Final Proceedings: 15-30 minutes

Once the client and the logo designer/agency conclude, the entire logo package, including different formats and other requisitions, are forwarded to the client in return for the final payment.


Though in isolation, these undertakings tend to appear trivial. However, as a whole, the entire process of logo designing can stretch up to weeks. However, just like the time taken, the costs of these services stretch beyond the conventionalities, primarily due to the stature of the particular logo design agency.

However, providing logo and branding services to small and mid-ranged businesses for years, the experience and expertise we possess at Uptown Logo Design enables us to provide professional logo design services at minimal rates, that too within 3-4 working days.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at what some of the top brands have to say about our logo designs.

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