How is The Digital Landscape Changing in Nashville?

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Shannon Robinson

26th November 2020

Shannon Robinson

Digital marketing, ever since its inception in 1990, has evolved at a significant rate and now encompasses various channels, including video content, social media, SEO, and paid advertising. Nashville is no exception when it comes to attempting to capture a lucrative and growing marketplace by changing business models to an online one or beef up existing marketing efforts with social media marketing.

In the digital field, where commerce and businesses are heading, digital marketing tools and strategies are providing business owners with the best chances for survival, competition, and growth. No matter it is some fancy apparel firm or a professional custom logo design services provider in Nashville, organizations must keep up with the analog to digital shift.

People are consuming more and more digital content on a regular basis on smartphones, desktops, and computers, while the companies that have yet not recognized and implemented this in their marketing efforts need to start working on it to stay afloat.

In this blog, we will look at 8 of the biggest ways digital marketing has changed how businesses in Nashville operate.

Sounds interesting? We bet so. Let’s get started then!

1.    Hordes of Data


The updated tools and technology have allowed marketers to gain tremendous amounts of information about their potential customers. For instance, if you are an affordable logo design company operating in Nashville and have a lot of data about your potential buyers, you can leverage this data to your benefit. Not every company knows what and where to use all the customer data. Are you also wondering how, when, and where to use it?

Any professional custom logo design services providers will give you the following tips to achieve this:

Analyzing which customer platforms are going to give greater results-the set of channels and technologies is such that companies need to emphasize the ones that their buyers engage in a meaningful way. While comments, likes, and shares on social media might seem significant, which no doubt is, but what matters the most is engagement building and sustaining a relationship between brands and customers.

Generating content that is customers-oriented and personalized-the gigantic amount of information in cyberspace makes it difficult for brands to make a real impact. The key is knowing who to target for which product or service and creating content that not only tends to drive their attention but appreciate them to engage as well.

Discovering which metrics are crucial to the organization’s success– the only way to achieve influence from information is knowing what your company wants to get from it. All you need to do is be specific about your business’s outcomes and objectives and how it impacts business on the wider edge.

Enough details? Let’s move on to the next point.

2.    Instant Communication


Communicating with potential customers in this tech-driven era can be like spinning a roulette wheel. The ball of this roulette wheel represents the brand’s marketing message, which will keep on spinning and bouncing until it lands on a space that is your buyer. Today, social media acts as the roulette wheel and allows brands to interact with their audience in a public venue. This, as a result, provides a channel to promote services and products along with transparent and exclusive brand messages.

Uptownlogodesign - Custom Logo Design Company Nashville

This is, however, not as easy as it sounds. Companies need to explore and find out how to jump on the legendary boat before it leaves the harbor. According to a recent study conducted by the Economist, a quarter of all the apps downloaded are abandoned right after a single-use, with only instant messaging rearing the drift.

Private chat groups and one-on-one messaging are on fire right now, especially in a web designing and Custom Logo Design Company in Nashville. The Messenger App by Facebook now has over 900 million users worldwide, and teenagers spend most of their time on messaging apps than other actual social networks. Moreover, to tap into this competitive market, many brands are initiating methods of connecting with and marketing to potential buyers via these social networking applications.

3.    Demand for Transparency


Customers in today’s digital world want to explore more about the companies they communicate with and buy from. To build loyalty and strengthen it further, brands need to be transparent and prove their personality online and the brand’s ethos. Of course, this will not be that relevant to a Professional Custom Logo Design Services provider, but it does relevant when it comes to food items with potential consumers wanting to know what are the ingredients of the things they consume.

According to a study by Label Insight, only 12 percent of buyers trust companies when it comes to food packaging and instantly look for information about the item somewhere, while 67 percent believe it is the brand’s responsibility to provide that information.

Companies that ensure to stay transparent and converse openly with customers get a loyalty reward that goes a long, long way. 94 percent of customers claim to stick to such products and brands that give a transparency rate of 73 percent and are willing to buy it even if the rates slightly rise.

This need and demand for transparency in businesses in this digitally dominating era extends to many aspects of business, from how to treat its workers to what it gives to society.  All the digital leaders and  Professional Custom Logo Design Services providers out there will surely understand this and make sure to keep their customers informed with every piece of relevant and significant information.

4.    Content Overload


Do you know how much content is distributed through social media on a daily basis?

Well, it is HUGE! So huge that it eventually brought content shock to existence. More than 3.3 million people every 60 seconds make a Facebook post, while 29 million text messages and videos are distributed through WhatsApp. This means marketers and entrepreneurs can have their work cut out if they are going to get their brand and message noticed by people utilizing these apps.

UptownLogoDesign is a great example of a classic brand and Custom Logo Design Company in Nashville that is making the perfect use of creativity and innovation to get its marketing message across various prospects and customers, not only in the USA but worldwide. As a brand with more than ten years of history, this could somehow pose issues in keeping the brand updated and trendy. However, it has managed to overcome this by creating top-notch quality and alluring product service images; whether showcasing its Professional Custom Logo Design Services or web, the images have a curated feel and emphasize the classic nature of their services.  In short, using minimalistic and stylish images in photography, editorial work, and videos, it appeals to potential customers by highlighting its timeless and scalable logo designs.


5.    Intimacy Fostering


Custom Logo Design Company Nashville

Many companies can learn a great deal about their potential customers on the basis of the data they gather. The smart ones among these tend to use this data for creating extremely personal marketing messages. The younger generation, as expected, is eating it all up.

Social goings-on and the discernment of others might seem to be a driving motivator among millennials, which makes personalization a very powerful tool. More than 85 percent of the users are expected to purchase products and services if the message is customized and supported by social media.

For instance, let us consider EasyJet, a company excelling in this area.

In order to celebrate their 20th anniversary, the company analyzed their data to figure out what insights could be collected from the potential customers and found some surprising and interesting information about the brand’s journey so far.

The result was that they ran an email campaign using links, images, and dynamic copy to tell every customer a customized story from their first flight to the ones in the future. They obviously added some fascinating facts about the customer’s travel behavior and future recommendations for future flights. Now, that certainly is a LOT of work and effort, but look at the creativity; it is beyond AMAZING.

As soon as they implemented this marketing strategy, the audience went crazy. They reacted to the posts in just a matter of a few minutes, which was too overwhelming and positive. EasyJet managed to make it to 685,000 people and more than 1.1 million impressions for this email marketing campaign. Moreover, all the markets receiving this message made a booking in the next 30-35 days.

To conclude,


If brands today want to get successful in the foreseeable future, they need to invest in digital marketing while staying updated with the evolving technologies and tools. Companies must stay in a communication mode with their customers, understand their needs and wants, and interpret relevant information to create informative perceptions. All the brands that understand the significance of staying digitally updated can, without any doubt adopt and adapt to the competitive market out there.


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